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Bad Blogger!!

Yep, that would be me. No updates ALL week! I should be ashamed of myself... okay, I admit it, I am! Nope, I don't have any good excuses other than I was feeling LAZY this past week. I AM going to do better this week though! I AM, I just know it! LOLOL

I was reading on another stampers blog that she is going to make a bunch of cards up this weekend and then post one a day, isn't that a great idea? I just may have to do that myself. Cause I have to tell you, I get so bummed when I visit someone else's blog and they haven't posted in a few days or a week or whatever. So if I feel that way, then other people must feel that way, right? Of course, I don't know if anyone other than Dana visits my blog. My family? My friends? Where are these people? They certainly aren't leaving any feedback/comments for me. (That could be a good thing though, huh??? Ü)

So, tomorrow is my Happy Birthday, yeah for me! Hubby & I are planning on driving out to the East Valley tomorrow and looking at some lots. After that I think we are going to catch a movie and go to dinner to my FAVORITE place... Claim Jumper. YUMMMM! Did I tell you that they are building one close to my house? YEAH BABY... YEAH!! Love me some Claim Jumper!! Ü

Alright, well, my eyes are getting droopy, I better hit the sack. Until tomorrow... sweet dreams everyone!! Ü

Sunday Stamping...

What a day! I thought for sure I would pump out at least 5-7 sets of cards (I like to make two of each design) but I only finished four. BUMMER! The cards turned out okay. I liked them all but nothing really WOW'd me today. Ever have those kinds of days? Kinda frustrating, sigh...

My girls, Dana & Tara got some cards done. Dana made the cutest gingerbread man card, darn her! I should have taken a picture of it. Hopefully she will post it on her BLOG (hint, hint Dana Ü). She also made the following card (although I had to change a few things, to make mine Ü):


Isn't it cute? She is soooo talented! Dana, if you are reading this, YOU ARE TALENTED!! VERY TALENTED!! Ü

Here is one of my own creations:


I love this Snowman stamp, soooo cute! It is from Stamp A Mania in New Mexico. I believe the Jingle Bells stamp is also made by them. I threw the snowflakes in for the heck of it. I needed a background for it, right? Ü Okay, so I was a little obsessed with the snowflakes today as evidenced by this card:


Dana had me going on this color combo and I couldn't stop. I had to make a second card. The Jingle Bells image as going to be used on the snowman card above but it just didn't work out. I used my new Cotton White Staz On pad to stamp Jingle Bells on the acetate. I have a feeling that may be my new favorite stamp pad!! >>> Big GRINS <<<

Now, this next card? It is my favorite card of the day. I used my new Quickutz die to cut the little tab on the side. The Reindeer stamp is from B & J's Art Stamps in New Mexico. LOVE THIS IMAGE!!!


So, what do you think? Are they worthy Christmas cards? I sure hope so! Cause some poor soul is going to get them this year. hahahaha

All in all, I had a great day today. Good stamping, great friends and totally understanding husband (love you Babe!). Oh, and a little bit of this....


My sweet little girls, posing for their Momma. Ü How stinkin cute is that? Now, if only Molly had been smiling! haha

Alright, it is way past my bedtime. I gots to go. Hope you all have sweet dreams! Nighty night! Ü

I love Fridays!!

Yessiree!! Love me some Fridays!! Come 4pm I will be running out of the office and high tailing it to my car where I will rush home and breathe a sigh of relief. Ahhhhh.... NICE!! Only thing on the agenda for this evening it to clean the house and grab a bite to eat. You are probably thinking, clean the house? On a Friday? I know, I know, but hubby and I have big plans tomorrow. We are going to go look at some new homes, bigger homes... as in, I might get my own stamp room. Ü

I guess you could say we are window shopping. Now, I am NOT going to get my hopes up cause we have been down this road before but I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed. You see, we are going to look for homes in the East Valley (where all my stamping peeps live). WOOHOO!

Note to family: Don't worry, it is a temporary thing. Just because we are looking for a bigger house does not mean that the plan to move out of state is not still in play. Ü

So, after we go window shopping for homes we are going to take in a movie and then I have some serious stamping planned for Sunday. Make sure you check back on Sunday cause I promise to have a bunch of cards posted for your viewing pleasure. Yeah baby!!

OH!! Before I forget, Happy Anniversary Dad & Barb! Love you!

Everyone else... Have a great Friday! Ü

It's Wednesday!!

This week is flying by! Before you know it the weekend will be here, YEAH!! 

I am so excited, my sister is getting back from her Anniversary trip today; can I just tell you I have been going out of my mind not being able to talk to her!?!!?? It's driving me CRAZY! We talk almost everyday so to go FIVE days without talking to her is sending me over the edge! The only thing that has comforted me aside from my hubby & furry babies is.... ready for this? NEW STAMPS!

That's right baby! I got my SU! order last night and there is nothing better than tearing open that box and drooling over the new goods. I primarily ordered from the new SU! Winter catty, you can view it HERE , and let me just say, the stamps are great in the catty but even BETTER in real life!! Hello! >>>>>Drooling here <<<<< Ü I also ordered a couple of things from the main catalog ie: couple more Christmas sets, a bug set and a new punch but that's it. And yes, I have already started cutting those babies out! You see, I have a couple of friends (Dana and Tara) coming over for a little stamp get together on Sunday. WOOHOO! Good times will be had, I am sure of it!Ü

Alright, I better get back to work. You guys have a SUPER day! Maybe I will stamp a little tonight after everyone goes to bed and upload a few cards... I hear them calling me (the new stamps that is)... Ü


How funny is this?

So... I just have to share what my stamp room/office floor looks like when I stamp. Every time I look at these pictures it just cracks me up. Anyone who knows me and has been in my house knows exactly how SMALL this room is...

Check this out:


This is my old man Buddy. He loves the Momma!!

Below is Molly & Bailey. Molly is scared to walk on the hardwood floor in our office so we put a dog bed in the door entry way in hopes it would entice her to come in the room. It worked! Here she is sleeping on the bed with Bailey next to her. (These girls are ALWAYS together, you would think they came from the same mother.) Anywho, Molly is now starting to come in the room without the bed so we are slowly but surely making progress with her. YEAH!!

Here are the girls:


Holey Moley! Look at the time, I have to get my booty to work.

See ya later! Ü

Where does the time go?

It seems like I was just doing the happy dance because it was 4pm on Friday afternoon... now it is 5:45pm on Sunday afternoon. What the heck man??? It seems like I didn't get anything accomplished this weekend. UGH!

I was finally able to sit down late this afternoon and whip out a couple of cards. None of them really rock my world but??? I guess we have good days & bad days, right?  Ü

Tell me what you think of the cards... here's the first one:


                   All images Copyright SU! 1990-2007

Second one:                      Inanyevent1

                    All images Copyright SU! 1990-2007

Last one:


                 All images Copyright SU! 1990-2007

Seems like all I do is work in three, huh? Ha-ha Anywho, I was working with the Hostess set "In Any Event." The darn thing is actually really hard to ink up and stamp a clean image! I finally gave up on dye ink & switched to craft ink to get a clearer image. Maybe I was just rushing things...what can I say? It's been one of those weekends. RUSH, RUSH, RUSH! Next weekend will be different, I am going to make sure of it!

Can I just tell you how jealous I am of my family right now? My sister and her husband are off celebrating their anniversary camping at Bodega Bay (by the way, Happy Anniversary Pancho & Rob!!) and then my parents are going to go celebrate their anniversary in HAWAII! What is up with that? Why don't my husband & I do that kind of thing? We never had a honeymoon, shouldn't we start having one yearly to make up for it? You know, so we can re-kindle the spark every year? Ha-ha. I think I am going to suggest that to my hubby, keep your fingers crossed for me!! Ü

Do you ever...

have those days were it starts off good and then you are left wondering what the heck happened? Uh yah, that would be ME!

Mine started off GREAT!! I even got up early, determined that I would make it to work on time. Heck, I even had my lunch packed the night before, pre-ground my coffee for the espresso machine... I was on a ROLL!! I left 30 minutes early! YEAH BABY!!

Jump in my car and am on my way to the freeway, get to the on ramp and it is BUMPER TO BUMPER! I couldn't believe it. I got on the freeway and then promptly got off. I figured it would be faster to drive through the barrio, right? Uh huh, sure... 15 minutes late to work, yep, that would be me.

Needless to say, my day went down hill from there. Big sigh... I won't bore you with the details, just know that by the time I got home I needed some cheering up. 

So, I watched my tivo'd copy of Prisonbreak, had a little dinner, played with the dogs, put everyone to bed and went straight to the stamp room. I decided to make myself a feel good card...


                    All images copyright SU! 1990-2007

How appropriate was it for me to use a stamp set called "Be Happy?" ha-ha It's a pretty simple card but I think it gets the point across.... SMILE!! Ü  Now I am going to go smile myself to bed.

See ya tomorrow! Ü


Today I want to take a moment and remember all those who lost their lives on this tragic day five years ago as well as friends and families who may have lost a loved one. What a horrific day that was, I will never forget where I was when it happened and all that followed. I still get so choked up. I can't help but get tears in my eyes just thinking about it. Tributes on TV, on the radio, in the paper; all make me weepy. My family would say it's just the sensitive side of me and it's normal. My thought? I still can't believe it happened. That it happened here in the U.S.A. Call me crazy or naive but I guess I always had in the back of my mind that this would never happen on our soil. So you can imagine my shock when they announced over the airwaves that a plane crashed into the Twin Towers. It still makes me shudder. Sigh...

I will never forget that day...

May God bless you, your family & the U.S.A. today & always!!


Christmas in September??

It is at my house!! Ü I don't know what possessed me but I was stamping friggin' Christmas cards today! UGH! I had a blast though! Pulled out my Basic Grey papers (Blitzen & Lollipop) and threw together some super easy cards. Check it out:


                  All images copyright SU! 1990-2007

Wait, there's more!


                       All images copyright SU! 1990-2007

Two more...hang on....


                     All images copyright SU! 1990-2007

And last but certainly not least: (oh and if you are looking at this Pancho, this is the card I think you should make for your Christmas cards!! Ü)


                  All images copyright SU! 1990-2007

See what  I mean? I wasn't kidding when I said these were super easy cards, even a novice could make them. Less is always more, right? Ü

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! How about those Cardinals today? Kickin' the 49' ers butts! Yeah Baby!! Go Cardinals, go cardinals!! I was so proud of them today. I know they have been playing less than stellar the past several years but maybe this could be their year?!? I am keeping my fingers crossed for them. Maybe a new stadium is just what the doctor ordered...snort.... cough, cough.... Okay seriously though, I am wishing them the best of luck this year!! Ü

Alrighty then, I better go spend some time with my hubby. I have pretty much neglected him today. Sorry babe! Luv ya! xoxoxo

For the rest of you? I hope you all have a great evening cause tomorrow is Monday and you know what that means? Work, work, work....big sigh... why haven't I won the lotto yet??? hahahahaha

See ya! Ü

It's late!

And where am I? Sitting at my desk posting cards to my blog. You would think I would be in bed by now but NOOOOOOO.... I couldn't leave a card I started half finished. So I snuck out of bed as soon as I heard Robert snoring and came in here to finish it. Can I just tell you how much better I feel now? Ü

Here are my cards:

This was the first one I made this afternoon while everyone was taking a nap. Everyone but me that is. I was using the "Love It" hostess set. I have to admit, I wasn't sure I was going to like this set but now that I played with it? LOVE IT!! hahahahahahaha


                    All images copyright SU! 1990-2007

On this next one I was using scraps that I had discarded from the first card. I kept trying different things but it just wasn't turning out the way I wanted it to. So I threw the sraps aside and decided I would use them later, this is what came out of it:


                    All images copyright SU! 1990-2007

It's just okay if you ask me. I was hoping for more. Oh well, better luck next time, eh? Ü

Now, this card that I am posting next is the one I snuck out of bed for. I am totally digging it. I don't know if it is the colors I used or the fact that I actually used something out of my Hodgepodge Hardware set (yes, I am a hoarder when it comes to embellishments) but I like it!!


                    All images copyright SU! 1990-2007

Okie dokie, that's it for now. I really need some shut eye. Nighty night everyone. Ü