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October 2006

Happy Halloween!

Did everyone dress up tonight and take their little trick or treaters out? Or did you all stay home and pass out candy?? Me? Well, I didn't do either of those. I know, what a stick in the mud, huh? Yeppers that would be me! Now, just for the record, if I had kids or if my nieces and nephews lived here I would be all over partaking in Halloween! Ü

I did make a Halloween/Birthday card tonight though, so I was there in spirit, right? I, at least, get points for that...RIGHT??? Ü


All stamps are The Cats Pajamas. Pretty cute, huh? I love this little guy!!

Speaking of cute, check out my cute new scissors. I LOVE my original Fiskar scissors that are gray but when I saw these, in these cute colors, I HAD to have them!


I feel like I am cutting in style now. hahaha

Crikey, look at the time, I better hit the sack. Night peeps and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Ü

Happy Birthday Molly!!

Today is my Molly's 3rd birthday. It seems like just yesterday that Robert brought her home. What a cutie she was/is!! She has the sweetest personality. Right now... she is probably snuggled up on my side of the bed snoring. Yes, she snores! It's hilarious!! Of course, it's not so funny when both she and Robert are snoring at the same time... UGH!!!

This is her snuggling in our comforter:


Here she is snuggling even more (I honestly think she wants her own Serta bed & down comforter):


So, in light of Molly's birthday, here is a "girlie" birthday card I make last month:


I promise to get back in the stamping saddle tomorrow. Hope you all have a great evening!

Night peeps! Ü

Is Sunday over already??

Geez, the days are just flying by, aren't they? Before you know it Thanksgiving will be here and then Christmas! Thank goodness I have all of the Christmas cards done! Shoot, I have so many stock piled right now I think I may have enough for next year!! hahahahaha

Jealous??? Ü

Anywho, as you can see from my previous posts I have been making A LOT of cards! Well, today I decided to do something a little different. I was reading on Lisa Strahl's BLOG  where she was encouraging everyone to start a color/inspiration journal...and since I have been meaning to make one for myself I decided to go ahead and whip me up a little somethin' somethin'. This is what I came up with:


Kinda funky, but I like it. I am so glad that I have a place to put all those magazine clippings, sketches, card samples, etc. MY DESK WILL BE CLEANER!! YEAH!!

A couple of months ago I made one for a lady named Betti as a thank you, this is what hers looked like:


So there you have it, two different journals/idea books, what do you think? Something you would like to make for yourself? I say GO FOR IT!!

Toodles peeps! Ü

Tonight, all about Trina...

Okay, maybe not. Ü Can you believe her? The whole demanding blog time thing? I mean really, who does she think she is? Why doesn't she get her own blog? hahahahaha

Just so you know, she is a pretty cool chick. I should know, I grew up with her. She is a wonderful sister, incredible best friend, wild & crazy mom to three kids and SHE DOES IT ALL!! She is a stay at home mom that home schools her kids and her husband? Well, he is a full time job in himself! Just kidding, he is a great guy,  I am glad to have him as part of the family. Ü So, without further ado, here she is, being her normal silly self....




And last but not least...


See what I mean? Total NUT JOB, huh? I know, but you gotta love her! I know I do. I wouldn't trade her for the world! She's da BOMB! Love ya Pancho!! xoxoxo

Okay, enough about her. Wanna see the card I made tonight? My friend Dana said she really liked the little skater girl card I made last night so I decided to whip up another one for tonight. I think she turned out pretty cute, what do you think?


I wish the color would have turned out better but you get the idea, right? So if you like her, make sure to let me know and post a comment below, okay?

Toodles peeps!! Ü

I'm on a ROLL!!!

That's right baby! I am burnin' rubber in the office tonight! Oh yeah! Tonight, the card is a little different but I LIKE IT!! Of course, something had to go wrong. Like securing the card closed with the brads. Uh DUH!! What was I thinking? Oh well, good thing I have plenty of paper cause I am going to have to remake this card in order to use it! Ü

Here it is... my master piece for tonight...


Dad, if you are reading my blog tonight, this is the card I was making while talking to you on the phone. WOOHOO!!

So anyway, the stamps are from The Cat's Pajamas. I did use SU! paper and also one of the stamps from Label Classics (SU!) but I am really trying hard to use my new stamps. I have to say, I am in love with them. Sigh.... so many stamps, so little time. Ü

Oh, before I forget. Have I ever mentioned my sister Trina? Well, the other day when I was talking on the phone with her she informed me that I needed to dedicate some blog time to her. Now tell me, who demands blog time? Uh huh, that would be my sister. What a nut! So tomorrow, it's going to be all about her. Well, not ALL about her because I plan on posting another card but the majority will be about her. Demanding little twit that she is. hahahaha Love ya Sis!! xoxo

Alright, signing off now. Chow babes! Ü

Did you stamp today?

I did! Yep, sure did. Not sure if I like the card I made, kinda out of my comfort zone but hey, doesn't hurt to try something new right? Actually, I think it is more the colors I have a problem with. What do you think?


Is it the orange color? The layout? The whole card? I can't put my finger on it and it is driving me crazy. I will probably dream about this darn card tonight. Maybe something will click in my dreams and I will re-make the card tomorrow. Or, maybe I will just file this one in file "G" for garbage. hahahaha

Alright, well, just wanted to post a quick note tonight. I'll see y'all tomorrow.

Toodles! Ü

Sup? Ü

Me? Well, I've been stamping and watching all those hotties on Prisonbreak. Yeah baby!! Whipped out a Christmas card tonight with some of my new stamps. You know, I have been admiring these stamps for a few years now and I am hitting myself in the head. WHY DID IT TAKE ME SO LONG TO BUY THEM???? Personally? I think because SU! has me brain-washed! Yessiree! So you wanna see it? No? Too bad, I am sharing it anyway...


You know what? I just realized that all of my cards are starting to look the same. I need to get away from this card layout. URGH! Now I am totally frustrated! Tomorrow, I WILL NOT USE THIS LAYOUT! Tomorrow is a different day, different layout! HAHA!  And that's all I am going to say about that!

Sooo, did I tell you all that I switched my hours at work? I am now working 9am-6pm, well, let's be honest, I am trying these hours until the end of the month. But I have to tell you,  I have been exercising every morning, cleaning house, making my lunch, spending less time commuting, more time stamping (in the evenings) and wearing a smile more. Downside of the whole thing? Missing my husband. It seems like we only get about 45-60 minutes together in the evening. But on the bright side? We are not bickering. It's almost like time is more precious together so we are enjoying each other more. Is this because of my new hours? Not really sure, but definitely something to take into consideration when deciding whether to make this permanent or not.

Well, it's that time. Peace out peeps! Ü

I am such a loser...

I promised to upload cards last weekend and did I? No! Did I post one message this past week? NO! LOSER! That would be me! Ugh!

I did get some stamping done today though, not as much as I would have liked but I knocked out a couple of new cards. I was playing with my new stamps from The Cat's Pajamas. They are sooo cute!! I have been admiring them for awhile and finally purchased some last week. I think I may have to go shopping there again soon!! Ü

Check em out:


and how about this one....


Isn't Tinkerbell the Chihuahua cute? Love her! You can definitely look forward to some more cards with these stamps, different images of course. Ü I have temporarily sworn off my SU! stamps to use some of my other cool stamps. Well, maybe not all SU! stamps, I do have to accessorize, right? Ü

Gees, look at the time, I need to hit the sack. On that note, I leave you with this to ditty:


My three sweeties, don't they bring a smile to your face? They do for me. Ü

Nighty night! Ü

Back in the saddle...

Well, I am back from Montana (got back Tuesday afternoon). I had a wonderful visit with my Papa and my Mom. Plus I had a bonus visit with my friend Eliza who I have not seen in over EIGHT years. Now THAT, is just WRONG! We talked for over three hours NON STOP! It was like we had never been apart. Good friends, GREAT friends, are truly the best, aren't they? Big sigh... HUGE smiles... Ü

I have to tell you, I was on the go from the minute the plane set down. Jumped off the plane, grabbed a bite to eat, got my hair cut, stopped at the grocery store, stopped at Papa's house, hit the Garden Bar for a burger and a beer and then passed out from exhaustion. Too funny! Then, Sunday, it was the same thing all over again. Monday, yep, you got it, more of the same. I wouldn't trade it for the world. Four short days in the most beautiful place EVER!! And my Mom and Papa? The best! Take a look:


How cute is this picture? I love the smile on my Papa's face. I don't think I have ever seen him smile that big. Picture perfect! And you know what even cuter? He was actually patting my mom's hand while I was taking the picture. TOO CUTE! Love you Papa!! xo

The only thing that stinks about vacation is having to go back to work. I am so envious of all the ladies that get to be stay at home Mom's. Not that I have any kids, well, I do, but they are 4 legged and furry! Chuckling here <<<< ... but still, I could stay home and take care of them, right?  You know, cart them to the dog park, vet, day care.... Ü Uh huh, like that will ever happen. Okay, maybe it will when I hit the lotto!! (Yes, hubby & I are still playing) You can never give up hope, eh? Just like someday I will have my own stamp studio... ahhhhhhhh.... Okay, so where am I going with this? I have no clue, just random thoughts I guess. Ü

So I survived the rest of the week at work and am sooooo looking forward to this weekend. Definitely want to take in a movie, finish cleaning the house and do some stamping!! As soon as I get the stamping done I will be back to post pics. Check back tomorrow night or Sunday morning, I am sure I will have something done by then.

Alright, I am off to bed with a good book. Catch ya later!! Ü

Taaaa Daaaa...

I didn't get a chance to stamp today but I still have a couple of cards up my sleeve to share. I promised to switch it up today so here is the first one:


I used my craft pads to make some of the colors POP. I think it did the trick, what do you think?

Here is another one, same stamp set, same colors, just mixed it up a bit:


Sorry this is short and sweet but I have a ton of stuff to get done before this weekend. I am flying out to Montana on Saturday and won't be back until Tuesday. I get to see my Papa and my Mom, Woohoo!!

Alright, I better get moving. I will catch up with you later.

Toodles! Ü