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Sometimes simple is best!

Isn't the saying "less is more" true when it comes to making cards? The only reason I say this is because sometimes when we spend hours on a card we are less likely to give it to someone, right? Or is that just me? I am hoarder of all things time consuming. hahaha

Anyway, here is a card I whipped up in less than 10 minutes on Sunday:


This was the first time I used my Trim the Tree set. I will definitely be using it again this weekend. I am thinking blues, pinks.... Ü

It's Tuesday

Do you know where your stamps are??? Ü Mine were getting a work out. Well, a couple of them were. Okay, hardly any. I was using the die cut letters I punched out on Sunday over at Dana's house. The card didn't turn out how I imagined it. In fact, I am not really sure I like it. I may have to yank my hodgepodge goodies off it and throw it in file "g" for garbage. I hate it when that happens. Sigh...


What do you think? Worthy? File "g" worthy? Be honest!

Alright, off to bed to dream about another version of this card!! hahahaha


More from Sunday...

Of course I had to play with my Cat's Pajamas stamps on Sunday, are you nuts? I will no longer leave the house without them! hahahaha


This is Poochie, trying to catch some snowflakes with his tongue. The stamp actually has a snowflake falling onto his tongue but I omitted it and stamped snowflakes all over the white portion of the card. I then took my Diamond Dust Stickles and added some sparkle to the snowflakes. It is pretty cute in real life. The background paper is from SU!'s Holiday Thyme Designer Paper, love that stuff!! 

Long time no post...

Ready to see what I was up to today? Well, I used my SU! Holiday Thyme Designer Paper and my new fave die cutter the Quickutz and whipped up a couple of little diddies! I think my Christmas tree card still need something but I figured I would go ahead and post it anyway, check it out:


See what I mean? It needs something huh? I know, I am going to work on it more this week and then I will repost it so that you can see the changes. Now for my fave of the day!! Ü


Pretty snazzy huh? LOVE IT! Ü

Oh one more thing before I sign off for the night. Check out this little dude. His name is Hudson, he's 10 months old and quite the little hottie!! Ü


Doesn't he bring a smile to your face? So CUTE!!!! Ü

Alright, I will chat with you all tomorrow. Night peeps! Ü

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

So did you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving? Did you eat yourself silly?? Not me! Ü With it only being Robert and I, our day was very quiet. After I made breakfast & cleaned up I felt compelled to start some laundry, clean the house, give all three dogs a bath (that in it's self is HUGE!) and then cut out some new SU! stamps. Lucky for me, my hubby cooked dinner and it was DELICIOUS! We had prime rib! YUMMMMM! I also thought about some of things I am thankful for, what about you?

Here is my list:

I am thankful for,

my husband, my family, my friends near & far, my job (cause there are so many people without jobs right now in my line of work), having a roof over my head and a house full of pets, being able to express myself through my stamping and well, basically having a good life. I feel very fortunate.

Anywho, just wanted to give a shout out. Hopefully you all had a good day today! I am definitely looking forward to this weekend. And yes, I plan on being a stamping fool! Be on the lookout for some new card samples!!

Toodles for now... Ü

Naughty or Nice?

What are you? Naughty? or Nice? Me? Well, we'll save that for another day, you never know who is reading!! hahahaha

So I am playing with my Cat's Pajamas stamps AGAIN!! Are you tired of them yet? Sure hope not, cause I am soooooo diggin' them right now! Ü

Check it out:


This is Poochie & Sprinkle, aren't they adorable???? I think Sprinkle may be the naughty one!! Ü

Do you think the card is too busy? At first I wasn't too sure about it but it is starting to grow on me. I think it's because of the color combo. What do you think???

OOOOOHHHHHHH, John Mayer is on the AMA Awards right now, I gots to go. Love that guy! Ü


B & J Art Stamps

So many people are asking where my cool Southwest stamps came from, the answer is B & J Art Stamps. Check them out, you'll love their images!! Ü

I picked mine up at the Mesa Stamp Convention earlier this month but you can order them online. Sorry for being such an enabler tonight but what can I say??? I LOVE STAMPS!!

Nighty night! Ü

Only one...

Christmas card but I kept my promise! Ü I was playing with my Cat's Pajamas stamps again tonight. Hands down I am addicted to these stamps. I just can't get enough of them! And if you don't know already, they are on SALE!! That's right! They are 25% off right now until midnight on turkey day. Seriously, if these stamps bring a smile to your face then you REALLY need to get some!

Here is what I made tonight. The Christmas presents are from Cat's Pajamas and the other stamps are from SU!.


It's a simple card but I really like it. The red slider is a die from Cuddlebug. SO CUTE! It comes in a pack of four. Definitely a MUST HAVE!

Alright, well, I am going to finish watching Heroes. Save the Cheerleader, Save the World!!  ROTFL

Night peeps!

Sunday Stamping!!

Yeppers, stamping was in full force at my house today! I pulled out my new B & J Art Stamps that I picked up at the Mesa Stamp Convention earlier this month. This is what I made:


Bear stamp is actually from Stamp A Mania, all others are from B & J Art Stamps. Here's my next one:


These are my freaky people. I think this one turned out WAYYYYYYY COOL! Here is my last one:


Well, this is the last one for tonight. I  am hoping to make some more Christmas cards tomorrow so be on the lookout for that post.

See ya peeps!! Ü


My peeps headed home tonight. I am so sad. I love my family and when they leave for home it rips me up inside. So many times I have thought about hubby & I moving to California to be close to them but I know that we would not be happy living there. Whan!! Why can't they just move here? Am I being too selfish for wanting that? My Sis is truly my best friend, having her next door would be the greatest thing since PB & J!!! Love you Pancho!! xoxo

So, since today was our last day together I left work early and Pancho and I got a little stamping in. Did I tell you that my Sis was a power stamper and got all of her Christmas cards done while she was here? AMAZING!! I am so proud of her! She also got some other cards made ie: sympathy, get well and birthday cards.  She was ROCKIN!!

This is what I made today, yes, still working with those cute stick people from the other day!!


On the inside of the this card it says, "feel better?" Get it? Jello? Feel better??? hahahaha I was cracking myself up about this. Okay, here is the other card I made:


I tried to go with clean & simple for both cards, did it work?? Let me know what you think by posting a comment below. I look forward to hearing from you!!

Right now I am going to go hit the sack and cry myself to sleep. Missing my family already.... big sigh...