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Wanna know who won???

I Do, I Do!!! So I asked my dear hubby to pick a number between 1-45 for the Monday drawing for this set:


And.......... he picked #45!!!

WOOHOO!!! June G is our winner for Monday!! This is what she had to say...

am i too late? i love all the stamps can't wait to order some!

Posted by: june g | August 31, 2007 at 02:40 PM


So then we need the winner for Wednesday's drawing right? Remember this set????


I asked my hubby to pick a number between 1 - 82 and he picked lucky #46!!!

Yeah for Laurie Serino!!! This is what she had to say...

Thanks for the chanch to win some of these stamps. I don't have any yet, maybe if I win I will get hooked !! I live in the Arctic so I am always looking for stamps of eskimos igloos caribou polarbear seal and whale. A cuts christmas set with all of the above, that would be soooo awesome !! Thanks Laurie from

Posted by: Laurie Serino | August 30, 2007 at 10:44 AM

WHEW!! What an exciting week! I had a BLAST! I hope you did too! Anywho, for June & Laurie a big HUGE Congrats on your new stamps!! You are going to LOVE them! And for everyone else? Thank you so much for playing! I really appreciate it! :)

June & Laurie?? Send me your mailing addresses so that I can get your stamps off to ya, okay? Thanks Girls!!

Have a great night Peeps!! :)

Today is the day!!!

Are you ready for the unveiling of the NEW Cat's Pajamas website??? I AM!! Oh my goodness, it gives me chills just thinking about it! And the new stamps? Must....have...all...of....them....!!!!!!! LOL Whatever am I talking about... I already DO!! heehee But, I have to do a little shopping cause, well, 288 TCP images is just not enough for one girl. NOPE! Shhh, don't tell anyone, but I am also doing a little birthday and Christmas shopping today!! Plus I have some special winners to buy for... big shout out to my special card contest Peeps: Allison, Linda, Nancy & Malieta!! Hey Girls!! :)

So, I made a special card last night for another one of my special Peeps... Sharon in NE... get your tissue out honey cause I made a Sprinkle card just for you!! :)

Check it out:


Do you like it Sharon? Cause she will be on her way to you tomorrow. :)

I didn't use any of the new Cat's Pajamas images but the images I DID use? They are ALL Cat's Pajamas!! Aren't they FAB?? Warm fuzzies, yep, got'em! Love, LoVe, LOVE these stamps!!!

Alrighty then, I need to get going now but I will be back TONIGHT to announce our stamp winners!! And, if you haven't already put your entry in for the FREE Cat's Pajamas sets then go HERE and HERE!!

Oh, and for those of you that have mentioned you can't get The Cat's Pajamas stamps in Canada? Well, sorry but no more excuses. Alma ships internationally! Check out her shipping policy HERE.

Now get those credit cards out and get shopping! :)

Have a happy Peeps!

1 more day...

Can you handle it? Such an exciting time. Alma must be going crazy!! LOL

So this is going to be a super quick post as I am totally EXHAUSTED!!! I was at work this morning at 5:30am and did not leave until after 8pm. WHAT THE HECK??? UGHHHHHH.... I know, you are probably thinking, she hasn't even gotten to work yet, well, I have to admit that I type my posts up the night before and then set them on a timer. Such a nice feature with Typepad!! :) So there you have it, my eyes are drooping, I am nodding off and REALLY need to hit the sack! LOL Shoot, by the time some of you read this I will be back at work AGAIN!! Oh joy!

Anyway, here we are, the day before the BIG day...brings a little tear to my eye I am sooooo EXCITED, so proud to be a part of such an INCREDIBLE team!! The Cat's Pajamas Rubber Stamps RULE!!! :) And I have one more stamp set to give away. OH YEAH BABY!!

Check out the sneak peek...


Do you want this set? It could be yours!! All you have to do is leave me a comment below and tell me what theme/images you would like to see from The Cat's Pajamas in the future. Easy peasy!! The winner will be announced Friday when I get home from work. Shoot, I will be announcing TWO winners! One for Mondays post and one for todays, YEAH!!!

And... last but not least, here is my TCP card for today...


Enjoy Peeps and have a happy!! :)

2 days and counting...

So yesterday was FUN, FUN, FUN!! I love giving stuff away! I only had four participants in the card contest so I decided to make them all winners. Yep, I had one set to give a way but I am going to get the other three girls their own sets. What can I say? I have a big heart!! :)

Want to know what is on the plate today? Perhaps another stamp set? Nah. I think we should wait til tomorrow for that, don't you? Yeah, giving away FREE stamps is getting old, huh? Uh whatcha wanna do? Got anything on your mind? Are you having any fun this week? Excited about Friday? I am, I am!!!

To kill a little time, here is another card I made with the new images from The Cat's Pajamas...


I have to say, I think this is one of my most favorite cards!!

Hope you enjoy it and hey, if you haven't done so already, you really need to enter my stamp set give-a-way HERE. And yes, I will be posting another stamp set TOMORROW so make sure you enter that drawing too!! I will draw both winners on Friday when I get home from work. Good luck to everyone!!

Chow Peeps! :)

We have a WINNER!!!

Step one...

Write down everyone's name on little pieces of paper:


Step two...

Fold all the pieces of paper in half and put in bucket:


Step three...

Shake bucket & pull out the name of todays winner... drum roll please...


OH MY GOSH!!! Did you see that? There are FOUR winners!! Holey Majoley!! Yes girls, you are all winners! Email me your mailing addresses cause you ALL have stamps coming!! WOOHOO!!

And folks, that's a wrap for tonight!

Night Peeps!! And hey, congratulations to all the winners!! :)

No one wants FREE stamps??

I just don't get it. Who can pass up FREE stamps? I have less than 10 entries for THIS give-a-way and less than 30 for THIS give-a-way. Now really Peeps, you don't have a card that you've made using stamps from The Cat's Pajamas? I know for a fact that a bunch of you crazies out there have cards EVERYWHERE but just aren't SHARING THEM!!! So sad... I mean really...we ARE talking about FREE STAMPS but hey, the great news is that that the few people that HAVE entered the card contest have a MUCH chance at winning, YEAH!!! Ü We will find out who one lucky winner is tonight, I am so EXCITED I can hardly stand it!!

As for the stamp set that I posted on Monday? Well, I think I may have to give that one away tomorrow. We'll see though. I haven't quite made up my mind about that just yet...hmmm....

Anywho, I better get back to work (yes, I am posting from my work computer while on lunch)...

See ya later Peeps and remember... all I need is a link to your card... it could mean you WINNING A FREE STAMP SET... Ü

3 days and counting...

Did you know that my fellow DT member TONI is also giving away a stamp set? Yeppers!! She has one up for grabs on her BLOG right now! What are you waiting for? GET OVER THERE AND ENTER HER CONTEST TOO!!!

So I decided I didn't want to wait until FRIDAY to give away that stamp set that I mentioned on my Saturday post, you know the one...where all you had to do was make a card with your Cat's Pajamas stamps? Yeah, well, I am going to be giving that baby away TONIGHT!!! Uh huh, you best be getting those cards made and sending me a link to them cause someone's name is getting drawn tonight at 7pm PST. Ohhhh... ahhhh, can you feel the excitement? I CAN!! I CAN!! I do love to give things away... :)

Want another sneak peek at the new stamps? Toni posted her wreath card yesterday so I am going to post mine today... ta-dah....


I love this wreath! Definitely one of my favorites out of the new stamps. I know, it's not Poochie or Sprinkle but it really is a wonderful stamp!

Alright, that's about it for now. Hurry up and get those cards in cause I really want YOU to have that new set!!

Chow Peeps!! :)

Lucky # 36!!!

Come on down!! You have fun some FABULOUS paper!!! Oh yes, your life is about to sparkle like you have never seen before!! LOL

Here is what our lucky winner, "Dee," had to say....

Hi..No I don't own any of these stamps yet..but they are sooo cute. I am slowly adding to my stamp collection and I will definately keep these in mind. I just added the link to my favorites and will check them out.
Thanks for the chance to win some
Pretty Paper.


Posted by: dasimonds | August 27, 2007 at 08:24 AM

YEAH FOR DEE!!! Email me your address so that I can get your glittery prize in the mail to you. WOOHOO!!

Thanks for playing everyone and be sure to keep checking back cause I have MORE to give away!! YEAH!!
(Don't you feel like you are on the Price is Right??? LOLOL)

Alrighty then, night PEEPS!!! :)

ETA: Dee, I have searched & searched for your blog entry to notify you in person but I can't find it anywhere, I know I didn't delete, I guess I misplaced it? How I can misplace an email I have no idea!! URGH!! Anyway, if you see this, please, please, please email me your mailing address!! THANKS!!! :)

4 days and counting...

Can you believe how fast this weekend flew by? Did everyone get in on the paper sampler from yesterday? NO? Well, you have until 7pm PST tonight to enter. Just leave me a comment on yesterdays post letting me know how many Cat's Pajamas stamps you have or that maybe you are planning to buy on Friday. :)

Now, if you haven't entered the card contest from Saturday, don't worry, there is still plenty of time to enter for your chance to win that super cool stamp set I showed you a sneak peek of, just leave me a link to your card and consider yourself entered. If you send me a link to your gallery though, like Linda had to cause she is having "labtob" problems, I will enter you in the contest but I will not be able to give you credit for more than 3 entries. Deal? Deal. :) Now, say for instance you send me a link to your gallery, you have the 3 entries and then you make four NEW cards, well then, I will give you credit for the 3 from your gallery PLUS 4 more for the new cards. Does that make sense? If you have any questions in regards to this just shoot me an email or leave me a comment below, okay? :)

Alright, so you want to know what I have in store for you today? More stamps????? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

Check out the sneak peek...


There are 10 stamps in this set, yes, I did say 10!!! All you have to do is tell me your FAVORITE Cat's Pajamas character. I actually have three!! Sprinkle, Fifi & Poochie are a given for me but the other three that have a special place in my heart? Gene, Tinkerbell and Love Robot. Oh yes, my little heart goes pitter patter over them. Heck, who am I kidding, I LOVE THEM ALL! (You have until 5pm PST Friday, August 31st to enter this contest and I will announce the winner when I get home from work. In fact, all stamp set winners will be announced at the same time.)

Did you know, I counted my TCP stamps yesterday... I am a little embarrassed to admit this, but I have... are you ready for this??? 288!!! Yes, that was two hundred and eighty eight!! CRIKEY!!! When did I buy all of those??? NOW do you understand why I love this company so much??? I like to think of myself as one of Alma's #1 customers!!! LOLOLOL

So... want to see my card for the day? This is what was causing such a stir (I mean... MESS!) on my desk yesterday...


How cute is Poochie carrying that turkey???? SO FUNNY!!! Like how I pointed to the turkey with the arrow? I was totally cracking myself up over that.

Alright, I better get. You guys have a GREAT day!

Chow Peeps! :)

5 days and counting...

Okay, not so much participation in the card contest so far... little disappointed about that (do you feel guilty? YOU SHOULD!! LOL)... I am sure you guys are just working on your submissions... right? Is it your plan to bombard me all at once? That's okay, I am game for it. It's for a new TCP STAMP SET after all!!! I am mean who doesn't want THAT!!! Crikey, even Linda with her broken down "labtob" was able to tell me where to find her Cat's Pajamas card(s) in her SCS gallery. Which, by the way, were TOTALLY cute!! AND... if you haven't seen Linda's post, go check out yesterdays comments, it is HILARIOUS!! :)

SOOOOOO... today I DO have another give-a-way!! You know all that REALLY COOL glitter paper I have been using from the Glitter Stack??? Don't know what I am talking about? Well, lookey here:


See the paper with all the circles and glitter on it??? Stop looking at the super cute little penguins...okay, forget I said that, look at them cause they are SUPER CUTE and they will be available at THE CAT'S PAJAMAS new WEBSITE on August 31st!!! Wow, where did that come from?? LOL Okay, so back to the cardstock... almost the entire stack of paper is like that! It is the coolest thing EVER aside from the new Fall/Holiday line from TCP!! :) I have taken a sample of every page from this stack of paper (I cut it 6x6 just so your know the measurement) and will be giving it away tomorrow evening at 7pm PST. All you have to do is post a comment below and tell me how many Cat's Pajamas stamps you own. Or, if you don't own any YET, then tell me how many you plan to buy on Friday!! See, EVERYONE can play today!! YEAH!!

I will post a pic of the paper in a little bit, right now I have to clean off my desk cause Poochie is running around with a turkey in his hands and well, he is making a mess!! LOLOL

So, hurry up, leave your comments below, I look forward to hearing from you!!

Have a happy Sunday Peeps!! :)

ETA: Here is what you are playing for...