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Happy Hallows Eve Peeps!!!

I know Halloween is tomorrow but I had to get my Halloween card posted before I hit the sack tonight. Do you all have big plans for tomorrow? Anyone dressing up? Anyone taking their kid-doodles trick or treating? Anyone just passing out candy? Or perhaps you are just EATING candy?? LOL

Robert and I will be kicking it with our lights off tomorrow. I know, what a bunch of party poopers but hey, what's a girl to do when her husband goes to bed at 6:30pm???? Hello! I don't think he would appreciate the door bell ringing or the dogs barking every two minutes, do you? Maybe I should try it though... just to see, eh??? hahahahahaha

Anywho, here is my 20 minute card for tonight...


How do you like my NEW watermark? Alma, she is such a sweetie, she did one for all of members of The Cat's Pajamas Design Team. I got nothing but love for that girl!! I LOVE IT!! Sprinkle totally rocks da HOUSE!! LOL

So... here are the deets for my Peeps:

Stamps: The Cat's Pajamas... OF COURSE!!!

Cardstock: Basic Black, Whisper White & Gable Green

Inks: Black Staz-On

Misc: Sakura Glitter Pen & my new rocking Spiderweb die from Quickutz... Yeah baby, YEAH!!

So there you have it, cute & quick, gotta love it! :)

Hope you all have a Happy Halloween Peeps! :)

Oh hey, before I go.... WHO WANTS BLOG CANDY???? Katie, my fellow DT member for The Cat's Pajamas is celebrating hitting the 20K mark!!! WOOHOO!!!! Make sure you go visit her BLOG and enter her contest, you have til FRIDAY!!!! HURRY...WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? GO NOW!!! LOL

It's okay, I didn't think it was award winning either...

What am I referring to? My card from yesterday. It's okay, don't worry about it. I am not upset or anything. It was just an itty, bitty, cute, quick card, no biggie... seriously, don't even worry your pretty little head over it. :)

I like this card better anyway...


Nannie, nannie, boo, boo! :P

So, yeah, blue is my color and I am lovin' this card! LOL

Here are the deets Peeps:

Stamps: Seasonal Cirlces & Winter Wonder by Verve Visual

Cardstock: Bashful Blue & Shimmery White cardstock

Inks: Bashful blue.... and ONLY Bashful Blue... amazing huh? LOL

Misc: Blue & White YUMMYLICIOUS Taffeta Ribbon, Faux Bling & Classic Circle Nestabilities

So there you have it Peeps, a blue card... a VERY blue card! LOL

Enjoy! :)

Super duper quick post tonight...

I have to get to bed cause I need to be up by no later than 3:30am tomorrow morning...YIKES!!!

HOLEY MAJOLEY!!! RED SOX WON!!!! My hubby is gonna be sooooooo HAPPY!!! Crikey, this is so EXCITING! WOOHOO!!!

Yeah, uh, that had NOTHING to do with stamping, I just happen to turn on the TV to check the score and BAM! there is was! LOLOL

Anywho, here is my card for tonight...


I love 3x3 cards, they are so cute, so tiny!! And once again, I can't say enough how much I LOVE these stamps from Verve Visual. I know Julee mentioned that she was sold out but that she has already placed another order so if you haven't bought them, GO GET THEM NOW!! I promise you will NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!! :)

Here are the deets for my Peeps:

Stamps: Winter Wonders from Verve Visual

Cardstock: Real Red & Barley Banana...oh, and how can I forget the Simmery White cardstock that I am addicted to right now??? LOL

Inks: Real Red & Barley Banana

Misc: Snowflake Cuttlebug embossing folder, Faux Bling Brad from Making Memories & Red Gingham Ribbon

I don't know if you can see it or not but I actually stamped snowflakes on the barely banana cardstock prior to running it through the embossing folder. It looks pretty cool.

Alright, I better get. The clock is ticking.... but ONE more thing... LOLOL

About my shoes, I had ordered them last week so technically I didn't shop yesterday. :) They just happened to show up yesterday. LOL And no, they are not PLASTIC they are LEATHER. Annnnnnnnnnnd, yes, they are SUPER comfy and they DO come in BROWN!!! LOL

Off like a prom dress, see you guys tomorrow! Night Peeps!!!! :)

Look Pancho!!!

I got my first pair of Keens today!! YEAH!!!


Oh my goodness, they are so CUTE!!! And VERY comfortable! You know how picky I am with shoes and these, well, I think we are about to start a longggggggg, happy, life together!! LOL My Birks are going to be so JEALOUS! :)

Anywho, just had to share with ya! Love ya! xo

Saturday Stamping...

is WONDERFUL!!! When hubby agreed to a "lazy" day today I just about cried with happiness! LOL The last thing I want to do right now is CLEAN or SHOP!! I know, hard to believe that I don't feel like shopping BUT IT'S TRUE!!! LOL

So anywho, I thought I would rework that Penguin card from the other day that I wasn't happy with. These are the changes I made...


I just switched up the saying, added some different ribbon and a strip of red cardstock. I like it. Nothing spectacular but hey, that's okay. Not EVERY card needs to be a WOW card. LOL

After I finished working on the above card I thought I would give Jen del Muro's sketch a try. I love using other peoples sketches, it makes me think of how I can make it my own. I don't necessarily like following directions (who am I kidding I just don't like to be told what to do either...LOLOL) so this is what I came up with:


I HAD to stamp with the new Winter Wonder and Seasonal Circles from Verve Visual. OH MY GOSH!! THESE SETS ROCK!!! Julee really outdid herself with these babies, they are definitely two of my fave sets right now. Yes, I will be posting more cards this week, be on the lookout for them!! :)

So here are the deets for my Peeps:

Stamps: Winter Wonder & Seasonal Circles from Verve Visual

Cardstock: Perfect Plum, Pale Plum & Shimmery White (I wanted to use some "out of the box Christmas colors, what do you think? Did I accomplish that????)

Inks: Perfect Plum & Pale Plum

Misc: Faux Bling & White Grosgrain ribbon. Oh and two different sized square punches.

Enjoy your Saturday Peeps! See ya tomorrow! :)

To tag or not to tag...

THAT is the question!! LOL

So, Dana and Toni (the little vixens) both tagged me...

Here are the RULES:

1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself (on your blog, we all want to know them).
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.

Rule #1 - check

Seven random things about moi (that I haven't already shared??? crikey...)

1. When I get mad at someone or at something I have a tendency to stop talking and become very withdrawn

2. I am addicted to email which is why I had to get a Blackberry

3. I love Smooth Jazz (this is my Step-Mom's fault!!)

4. I don't like lima beans (AT ALL!!!)

5. I know how to shoot a double barrel shot gun (don't laugh, it says 7 "RANDOM" things!!) :)

6. It drives me crazy that Sharon in NE does not have a blog (it really does Sharon, LOL)

7. And last, but certainly not least... when I was younger my Sister used to borrow my clothes. When she would give them back to me (unwashed of course) there would always be a stain on them (yes, all of them). I would get soooooo MAD AT HER!! But now, I can only laugh at that because over the last two years or so, I find myself spilling on my clothes CONSTANTLY and yes, I have stains on my clothes. Almost all of them, especially my shirts. Sigh...

So there you have it, seven more random things about me... LOL And yes, I just spilt Skinny Cow on my shirt, nice, huh? LOLOL

Rule #2 - Check, check

Alrighty then, who will I tag/torture??? Let's see...I know, I know...

Nancy Pope aka Happy Stamper Nancy: Dreamin' in Ink
Linda Nicholson aka LSN: Stamping in the Moonlight
Sharon Nordhues aka Sharon in NE: oh that's right, SHE DOESN'T HAVE A BLOG!!! LOLOLOL
Julee Tillman aka Shadowcatcher: Poetic Artistry
Tracy Houghton: Tracy's Happy Place
Alma de la Rosa: Dancing in Pajamas
Katie Stilwater: Listen to this...
Trina aka Pancho aka Trixie: Trixie's Travels (although I don't know if she remembers how to post to her blog...heehee)

Rule #3 - check, check, check

So there you have it Peeps! Consider yourself TAGGED!!! LOL

New Memory Box stamps, YEAH!!

Want some? You better go see Anna cause she has them in stock in her store. WOOHOO!!

I was messing around really quick tonight and came up with this, but I have to tell you, I am just not happy with this card, it definitely needs MORE! I am going to work on it some more tomorrow but for now, I am pushing it aside and hitting the sack. I will probably dream of penguins and polar bears tonight. LOL


See what I mean? BLAH! UGH! Anywho, I am off to bed, too tired to even post the details. Hope you all have a good evening and even better day tomorrow!

And to those affected or know someone who is affected by the wildfires in California? My heart goes out to you. I will keep you, your family & your friends in my thoughts and prayers!!

Night Peeps! :)

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Well, today is the day... the women at my work are all wearing PINK today to bring awareness to this VERY IMPORTANT issue. Can you imagine? An office full of women wearing pink? I think the men should too! LOL

You know, I, myself, have never had a mammogram but after this past month... I am beginning to think that I better hop to it and make myself an appointment. Not that I am all that excited to have my bitty boobies squished but I would rather know now rather than later, right? AND, if you haven't made your appointment yet then you better hop to it too!!!!

So, because IT IS such an important day, I made the ladies on my team these cute little ditties to wear today...


I love this set "Think Pink" from My Favorite Things, don't you? :)

Anywho, I wanted something quick so this is what I came up with. Do you think they will like it? I hope so.

Here are the rest of them...


All so cute, so pink and oh so important.

Make your appointment today Peeps, I will too! :)

Still slinging...

Oh yes Peeps, I am still slinging Santa Hats! Wait til you see this one tonight!! Oh my gosh, I was CRACKIN' myself up! It started last night when I was talking to my Sis, Pancho, on the phone. She was telling me to give him a bright blue shirt (you know, the whole 80's thing?) and I did... at first... but then, I REALLLLLLY thought about it today and decided to change up the color scheme a bit, check it out...


I wanted to use this totally cool base card from my DCWV Glitter Cards and with that new Basic Grey Taffeta Ribbon from SU! (so scrumptious!!) the bright blue shirt just wasn't going to cut it (sorry Pancho). I know the card is a little plain, but what guy wouldn't dig this card? Heck, I DIG IT!! LOLOL

So here are the details:

Stamps: Rock Star & "Rock" from A Muse, Santa Hat is off of my Mini Sprinkle Head from The Cat's Pajamas & the little itty bitty letters are Karen Foster Snap stamps

Cardstock: Glittered Card from DCWV, Real Red & Shimmery White

Inks: Black Staz-On, Going Grey, Close to Cocoa, Real Red, Creamy Carmel & Blush Blossom

Misc: Sakura Glitter Pen & SU! Grey Taffeta Ribbon


Okay, simmer down Missy, we need to move on cause I need to get to bed! LOL

Alright, soooooooooooo... I got the new LL Bean Holiday catty in the mail today and what is on the front cover???



Now tell me, why in the world would LL Bean do that to me? Show me not one, not two BUT THREE sweet little lab puppies? Crikey, my heart just about melted and I got all gooey and darn near ran out the door to pick me up some sweet babies. Not that I NEED three more dogs! When you have three labs ALREADY do you REALLY need three more? GEEZ! Just for the record though, if I lived on a farm? Girlfriend over here would have a whole BUTT LOAD of animals!! YESSIRREEEEE!!! LOLOL

On that note...


my sweet babies and I wish you all a wonderful night filled with nothing but sweet dreams!!

Night Peeps! :)

So I slung a few Santa Hats...

over the weekend. Yesterday I slung one on Love Robert (oops, that is my husband... LOL... I meant to say ROBOT) and then I made a little medallion or snowflake thingy for todays card. What was that? You want to know what all the Santa Hat Slinging is about? Well... it all started out with this POST over on Anna Wight's BLOG. So anywho, I figured I would just go ahead and start slinging some Santa Hats. If it doesn't move then it needs a new Hat right? LOLOL

So here is my Santa Hat card for today...


What do you think? Did I use the Hat in a "non-traditional" way? I actually reallllllly like the card! :)

Pat, pat...yep, that's me patting myself on the back!! LOLOLOL (Pancho, that was JUST FOR YOU!!! LOLOL)

Details, details...

Stamps: All from The Cat's Pajamas

Cardstock: Whisper White, Cool Caribbean, Real Red

Inks: Cool Caribbean, Craft White & Black Staz-On

Misc: Cuttlebug Snowflake Embossing Folder, Stickles, Faux Bling

Well, I am off to do a little stamping before I hit the sack, hope you all have a GREAT evening!

Chow Peeps! :)