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November 2007

I've been ELFED!!!

And guess what? I KNOW WHO IT IS!!! LOL

Don't know what I am talking about? Well, go check out THIS over at SCS. It was a great idea!! Such a bummer that they had to shut it down because it got too big. :(

Lucky for me though, I was able to nominate a couple of Peeps before it shut down, YEAH!! :)

So... check out what my silly little ELF sent me...


My package came all the way from Medford, TX. (Can you believe all the LOOT???? Goodness gracious!!!) Now Peeps, there is only one girl, excuse me, ELF, that I know in Texas. Uh huh, you know it, c'mon on now... say it with me... ANNA WIGHT!! That's right! And if the postal stamp wasn't enough to tip me off it would have been her handwriting on my package. She tried to disguise it, but it didn't work. :)

AND... see the cute little snowman image on the shimmery white cardstock? Well, if any of you ever read her BLOG you would know that she JUST drew this image on November 17. That's right folks, it isn't even a stamp YET!! Wanna see the post I am referring to? Click HERE.

So, I had a card set up already for my morning post but decided to wait til tomorrow to show it cause I HAD to use my sweet little CAPPY image from Anna, check it out...


I can't even begin to tell you how much I LOVE this little snow girl. She really is the sweetest little thing!! Sigh... I am so happy right now... feeling pretty special... :)

THANK YOU ELF ANNA!!! You are the BEST!!! :)
(and wayyyyyy too generous!!)

So, uh, did you guys notice that I sewed on my card??? YEAH BABY!! Okay, so I am not GREAT at it; but, this is MUCH better than my last attempt! LOL

Here are the deets Peeps:

Stamps: Cappy the snowgirl is from Anna Wight (please note this is not a stamp...yet) and the saying is from A Muse

Cardstock: Shimmery White Cardstock (Anna, is this from SU! or someone else? It is FAB!!!), Bravo Burgundy, Always Artichoke and SU! Designer Paper

Inks: Bordering Blue, Always Artichoke, So Saffron, Creamy Carmel & Bravo Burgundy

Misc: Burgundy Organdy Ribbon & Diamond Stickles

Okay Peeps, I have to get. Work is a calling. Have a FANTASTIC Friday and Anna? Thank you so much, I love everything!! :)

Thursday Night Football

Got my bottle of water, big ass bowl of popcorn, hubby, big screen TV and I am READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!! GO COWBOYS!!!! WOOHOO!!!

And you want to know what really has me going right now? Oh yes Peeps, my one and only, all time favorite QB, blonde hair, blue eyed HOTTIE...TROY AIKMAN was just on TV. Hang on a sec, I have to wipe the slobber off my laptop. LOL

Oh my, he looked so good I could have sopped him up with a BISCUIT!!! :)

Alright Peeps, I have to go, the game is about to start... see ya later!


ETA: If you didn't already know, my COWBOYS kicked some PACKER butt!! Yeah, Baby, YEAH!!  Final score: 37-27 Rock on boys!!! :)

If I am going to make it the rest of the week I am definitely going to need...more...COFFEE!!! Boy, work is killing me this week. I really despise month end in the mortgage business. You would think, well, never mind, I am not going to get into that. Talking about it will just raise my blood pressure and I certainly don't need that. LOL

Oh hey, did I tell you that I got a box of SU! goodies on Tuesday? Oh yeah, had to get my order in before the end of the year. I got that big, honkin' snowflake stamp from the mini catalog. Oh my, it is even more yummy in person. I can't wait to play with that. I also took advantage of the Designer Paper special they have going on this month, what is it, buy two get one free or is it buy three & get one free? I forget but hey, all I know is that I got some free paper, YEAH! LOL (I love free stuff!)

So where was I going with all this? Absolutely no clue. LOL Wanna see my card? Check it out:


I love this Coffee Break set from AMuse, And the fact that it came in clear? HELLO! :)

Okay, time for the deets Peeps:

Stamps: Coffee Break from AMuse & Wonderful Wishes from Verve Visual

Cardstock: Sahara Sand, Green Bazzill paper, random light green paper, Chocolate Chip & Very Vanilla

Inks: Basic Brown, Certainly Celery, Creamy Carmel, Sahara Sand & Chocolate Chip

Misc: Cinnamon Stickles, Sakura Glitter Pen, Rectangle Classic & Scallop Nestabilities, Oval Scallop Nestabilities and Brads

Well, there you have it Peeps! I am off like a prom dress, work is calling already, yes, it is o'dark thrity here, but alas, I must go! Have a Happy Peeps! :)

Do you see a theme here?

Anyone up for some Reindeer games? LOL Is this stamp cool or what? It is one of my FAVORITE stamps from B & J Art Stamps! Yes, I really do have a Southwest theme going on this week, don't I? I told you though, I need some manly cards for my stash! Okay, so maybe this one isn't so manly but I wouldn't hesitate giving it to my Dad. He'd dig it...maybe... LOL


Here are the deets Peeps:

Stamps: All from B & J Art Stamps

Cardstock: Kraft, Chocolate Chip & Very Vanilla

Inks: Craft White, Smoke Blue, Chestnut Roan Chalk Pad and Chestnut Cat Eye

Misc: Clear Embossing Powder

Alright, that's a wrap for now Peeps, have a Happy!! :) 

For the men in our lives...

I don't know about you but I NEVER have enough cards for men. I don't know why I have such a problem with making them or keeping a small stash of them but whenever I need one? Nada. Nothing. Nope. Never.

So when I picked up a bunch of Southwestern stamps at the Stamp Convention earlier this month I decided I would need to make some manly man cards. Now I am not saying this is a REAL manly card but I would like to think I would be able to give it to a guy and he wouldn't think it was "FEM." Know what I mean? Of course, I, personally, would love to receive this card only because I have a small, itty bitty, affection, okay, who am I kidding? HUGE affection towards horses, cowboys, western, giddy up, bang, bang, rodeo queen kinda of things. LOL

Check it out...


If you were a guy, would you like it? Hmmm? Can't hear you... LOL

So here are the deets Peeps:

Stamps: B & J Art Stamps

Cardstock: Really Rust, Close to Cocoa, Barely Banana & Very Vanilla

Inks: Colorbox Cat Eyes: Pheasant Gold, Terra Cotta, Chestnut & Parchment plus Chestnut Roan Colorbox Chalk Pad

Misc: Clear Embossing Powder, Ticket Corner Punch & Brads

Well Peeps. I hope you have a FANTASTIC Tuesday! I will see you all tomorrow.

Chow for now...
Baker OUT! LOL

Monday = Coffee

And lots of it! LOL It's month end rush for us at work so this week is going to be a little busy for me. Good thing I made so many cards on Saturday, eh? :)

So how was everyone's weekend? Did you all have a good time? Relaxing time? Get lots of shopping done? I didn't do a lick of shopping. Just stamping, grocery shopping and a couple of movies. Oh and we cleaned the house. Yeah! I do love a clean house, don't you? :)

This week I need to finish decorating the house. I have the Christmas tree up already and I have my 2007 Starbuck decorations on it, but those are the only two. Yes, the tree is looking kind of homely right now. LOL I am trying to get my hubby to make me a box to have the tree stand on. It sits to close to the floor and I can't get the vacuum under it without taking out a branch or two. I know, I know, big problems huh? LOL

Are you tired of my rambling? Okay, Okay, here is my card for Monday...


What do you think? Aren't these colors great? A big, HUGE, thanks to Dana for letting me copy her color combo. Hopefully Dana will post her card SOON! (hint, hint Dana!!) LOL

So here are the deets Peeps:

Stamps: All from A Muse

Cardstock: River Rock, Ruby Red, Blue Bayou & Chocolate Chip

Inks: Timberbrown Staz On, River Rick, Ruby Red & Blue Bayou

Misc: Sakura Glaze Pen, Classic & Scallop Rectangle Nestabilities

Anywho, I hope you all have a fantastic Monday filled with several cups of delicious coffee!! I will see you guys later!

Have a happy Peeps!
Karrie :)

Love and hate Sundays...

I love Sundays because that is day that I get to stamp all day, finish laundry, fresh bedding on the bed (nothing better than this, seriously!), you can find the animals & DH napping (we refer to this as "slug Sunday"), it's usually quiet unless the Cowboys are playing and... did I mention, I stamp all day? LOL

I hate Sunday because... I know I have to go to work tomorrow. WHAN!! Yeah, definitely not liking that so much. Sigh...

On the brighter side, Dana and I had a FANTASTIC time yesterday! I made 8 cards with 6 different designs... HOW AWESOME IS THAT?? I mean seriously, I was on a roll! I haven't been that pumped up in awhile. And Dana? She was just as on fire as I was. I can't wait for her to post her cards so that you can see them, they are AWESOME! We had this thing going, if the card didn't come to us within 10 minutes, we moved on. It was great. We definitely need to do that more often, don't you agree Dana? :)

So here is the first card I have to share with you...


This image from Lost Coast Designs cracks me up! When I saw it at the Stamp Convention earlier this month I knew I had to have it. Isn't it a fun Christmas card? And talk about easy! Oh my, I had this baby whipped up in no time!

So here are the deets Peeps:

Stamps: the main image is from Lost Coast Designs and the fun banner is from AMuse

Cardstock: Very Vanilla, Ruby Red & Old Olive

Inks: Timberbrown Staz-On, Ranger Antique Photo, Ruby Red, More Mustard & Old Olive

Misc: Sakura Glitter Pen & Dymo Label Maker

Well, that's a wrap for today, check back tomorrow for another fun card!!!

Have a happy Peeps! :)

I have a new addiction...

to SNOWGLOBES!! I should never had read those instructions on SCS. What was that? You missed the tutorial? Oh my, well, we can't have that, can we? Here, go HERE, the directions are a piece of cake. I have found that wet cat food cans, the small ones, work best.

Check it out...


I think this one is even cuter than this one. What really does it for me is the smaller base on this one. But then it could be the totally ROCKIN' Skater girl too!! LOL

So here are the deets Peeps:

Stamps: All stamps from The Cat's Pajamas

Cardstock: SU! Designer Paper & Acetate

Inks: Black & White Staz-On

Misc: Sharpies, Artificial Snow, Pink Grosgrain, Glass Ornament & Empty kitty food can

WOOHOO!! Well Peeps, I am off to clean my house. Dana is coming over today to do a little stamping so I will be busy, busy. Yeah, YeAh, YEAH!!! :) Do you want to come over too? Okay, grab your stuff and we will pull up a chair for you too!

Oh, by the way, VanHalen? Rocked the house last night! For a bunch of old guys they STILL know how to party! :)

Have a happy Peeps!!

P.S. Looking at the picture, it looks like the acetate circle in the middle of the glass ornament doesn't fill the entire inside but it really does. I swear! It just doesn't look like it because of the angle I had to take the picture. Sorry. Maybe I can try and get a better shot today in the sunlight with no flash. WHAN!!!

P.P.S. That really was my dirty front door in the post below. IT IS NOT PHOTOSHOPPED!!! LOLOL When you walk in the house, the door swings to the right. Amazing, I know. LOL And just so you know, I don't "bonk" anyone in the head and the UPS guy? Well, he is like family, we have a pretty tight relationship, so no, I would never hurt him in any way, shape or form. LOLOLOLOL

I think someone owes me a coffee...

So my Sister thinks that the door on my card below is backwards. I kept telling her it wasn't but she didn't want to listen to me. Then, she had the audacity to tell me that the FRONT DOOR to my own house didn't open like that. Excuse me? HELLO!! I LIVE HERE!! I think I know how my door opens! LOL But no, she INSISTED that I was wrong. Can you believe that? What a friggin' crack up! So then she starts betting me that I am wrong. I was thinking to myself, "oh please girl, are you serious?" She was... I told her, "you know, I am right about this Trina, I will bet you $100." She replies, "I will bet you a coffee." Fine. A coffee it is then.

So, here is my front door...


And here is the coffee that my Sister will soon be buying me...


Isn't that sweet of her? To buy me a coffee? I think so. LOL

So there is your proof Pancho, NEENER, NEENER!! :P

Alright Peeps, I am off like a prom dress. Van Halen is calling me... :)

Still full from yesterday?

Still groaning cause you ate too much? So sorry to hear that. Me? Well, I feel GREAT! I actually practiced a little self control yesterday. Yes, none of dinner was on my diet but at least I skipped lunch and didn't go back for seconds or take a large first helping from the get go. Yes, I am patting myself on the back. It is a really big thing for me...cause... I LOVE FOOD!! LOL

And... get this, instead of keeping the scrumptious Sour Cream Apple Pie for my Hubby & I to devour over the weekend, I am actually taking that to work with me this morning and making my co-workers eat it!! Such a smart girl I am... PAT, PAT... that is me patting myself on the back. LOL

So because Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is right around the corner, I thought I would spruce up the ole blog with a winter look. How do you like the blue? Anything I need to change? Something you don't like? Can you still see everything okay? Seriously, if there is something wrong or it doesn't look right, I fully expect you to tell me so that I can change it or at least consider changing it. It is my blog after all. LOLOLOL

I know, I am a brat. LOL

On to other news...I do have a card to share this morning...


The door is one of the new stamps that I picked up at the stamp convention from the beginning of the month. Is that cool or what? LOVE IT!!

So here are the deets Peeps:

Stamps: B & J Art Stamps & Stamp-a-Mania

Cardstock: Always Artichoke, Chocolate Chip, Naturals

Inks: Chocolate Chip, Bordering Blue & Always Artichoke

Misc:  Sakura Glitter Pen, Red Stickles & Red Gingham Ribbon

Well, that's about it for now. Tonight Hubby & I are going to go see Van Halen in concert. Should be a good time. YEAH! Then tomorrow, my friend, Dana, is coming over to stamp, WOOHOO!! Now THAT should be a good time! :)

Have a happy Peeps! :)