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Gingy's House

Sorry I have been MIA lately but you all know what it is like when family is in town. busy, Busy, BUSY!!! PLUS, I am sick on top of it all, WHAT IS UP WITH THAT???? Yes folks, I am down with a cold and let me just tell you my head is pounding as I type this... BUT, I just have to share this master piece that my niece, Skylar, and my brother, Kevin & myself just threw together. I know, it's a little late but hey, it is still Christmas around here so anything goes! LOL

Without further ado here is Gingy's house with a little Skylar on the side...


A better picture of Gingy's house...


And this is what happens to Gingy's house after the photo shoot...


How funny is that? Isn't my niece the cutest? Well, actually, all my nieces & nephew are CUTE!! But hey, that's just my opinion. I think it has to do with the fact they are all related to me. LOL

Oh my goodness, so right now, my husband is drinking home-made wine coolers, Mom is drinking some kind of ale and my Bro is drinking Hefe. I think I am going to be the only sober person in the house tonight aside from Skylar, too funny. LOL

Alright, I better go check the damage to Gingy's house.  Hope you all have a GREAT Saturday night!!

Toodles Peeps! :)

No, really, You're da BOMB!!!

LOL I am cracking myself up already and it isn't even noon! Amazing, I know. :)

So while surfing the net last night, I noticed a bunch of bloggers are taking the rest of the year off and I am thinking to myself...geez, what am I going to do for the next two weeks while I am on vacation? I was really looking forward to a bunch of stampin', bloggin', blog surfng, trying out new sketches, shopping, spending time with family (all in between blog posts of course) and running all over the place entertaining everyone. But now? I guess I will just do everything but blog surfing and as far as sketches? Well, I guess I will get caught up on all the ones I missed in the previous weeks. Not that it will be a bad, I'm sure it will actually be a good time, but dang, I am going to miss all you bloggers taking time off...SERIOUSLY I AM!! Just know that you are all loved. Especially Julee who is taking a much needed break. {{{Big HUGS Girlfriend!!}}}

Anywho, I decided to play with my NEW Amuse stamps this morning. Yes Dana, I went shopping and I don't feel guilty about it, not one single bit! LOL

Check it out:


How cute are these stamps? LOVE THEM!! I can't wait to use the rest of them, especially the little bandit. I have an idea brewing in my busy head and will be putting that to paper soon, VERY SOON!! LOL

Here are the deets Peeps:

Stamps: All from Amuse

Cardstock: White from Papertrey, Basic Grey, Going Grey, Real Red

Inks: Black Staz On, Creamy Carmel, Close to Cocoa, Real Red

Misc: Wide grosgrain ribbon, Prismacolor Pencils, Gamsol, Mega Circle Scallop Punch

Well, that's a wrap for today. I have to clean my house and then I am going to work on a new watermark or two for myself. And Dee, I have not forgotten that you asked for directions on how to do this, I just haven't gotten it into an email for you yet but I will before the weekend is over, I PROMISE!!! :)

Oh, and thank you all for the nice comments about my Sis. She really is a super gal and I love her like crazy. I am hoping she comes back for a visit SOON!! Do you hear that Pancho? SOON!!! LOL By the way, if you guys haven't already done this, make sure to check out her BLOG she posts some of the funniest stuff and she is a talented stamper to boot! Go show her some love Peeps! :)

Alright, I am throwing the prom dress to floor now, I will catch you all later. Happy Saturday Peeps! :P 

You ARE one of my favorite Peeps!!

Yes, I am referring to my Sis who has now abandoned me and gone home. How could she?? How could she just up and leave me? Doesn't she know that she needs to STAY for Christmas and open her presents with me? Keep me up late. Make me so tired I need to sleep in my car during my lunch hour. Stamp, stamp and do even more stamping? HELLO!!! Experiencing withdrawals here! Crikey. What is a girl to do?

Well, in my case... STAMP!! I made this card tonight with her in mind...


What do you think? Think she will like it? She better or I am going to make her send it back to me. LOL Isn't that little chick the cutest thing ever? Oh my... and the saying? One of my FAVES!!

So here are the deets Peeps:

Stamps: Little chick is from Just Johanna and saying is from Amuse

Cardstock: White from Papertrey Ink (nice & thick, love it!), Real Red & Barely Banana

Inks: Black Staz On, Real Red, Green Galore, Tempting Turquoise, Lovely Lilac & Pink Passion

Misc: Page Pebble by Making Memories

So there you have it. Super simple, super cute. Couldn't ask for much more than that, eh? WOOHOO!!
Another woohoo? TODAY IS FRIDAY!!! A few more hours and I am on VACATION! Yeah, baby, YEAH!!

Alright Peeps, I am off like a prom dress, I will catch you all tomorrow. HAPPY FRIDAY!!! :)

Is it going to be one of those days?

Traffic is bad.

Had to say goodbye to my Sis and her family this morning... WHAN!

Have to work today and tomorrow. But at least I will have the following two weeks off, YEAH!!!

Need coffee soon!!!

It WILL get better, I just know it will.

So on that note, you guys make sure to have a GREAT day!!!

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Merry Kissmas!!

or something like that. LOL

So did you all enjoy the hijackers posts? She thinks she is pretty funny, huh? Yeah, I know. You should be related to her, then you REALLY get to experience the whole funny thing! LOL Have you been checking out her BLOG lately? Oh my goodness, she has been posting some super CUTE cards and her pics of the Grand Canyon? Amazing! And I am not just saying that because she is my sister! :)

I did do a little stamping tonight, yeppers, whipped me up some mistletoe to complete a card that I did awhile ago. It looks soooooo much better now! LOL


Here are the deets Peeps:

Stamps: Memory Box and A Muse

Cardstock: DCWV Glitter cards, Bashful Blue, Pixie Pink, Whisper White

Inks: Black Staz-On, Summer Sun, Bashful Blue, Certainly Celery & Real Red

Misc: Giga Circle Punch & White Taffeta Ribbon

I have to admit, I am EXHAUSTED!! Trina is keeping me up all hours of the night and then I am having to get up early and go to work. YUCK!! I will be glad when I am on vacation next week, YEAH!! Get this, today, during my lunch hour, I actually took a nap IN MY CAR!!! Yes Peeps, I was so tired this morning that I took my pillow to work with me and then headed out to my car to take a nap. Crazy I tell you, CRAZY!! But my family is sooooooooo worth it! :)

On that note, I am heading to bed early tonight. I hope you all have a Happy Hump day!!

C-ya later! :)

Another late night....

Yep, I am killing her!  This is Trixie again....good thing she is going to get a little vacation time AFTER I leave! As I enjoyed the afternoon, evening and LATE evening stamping my little heart out she was franticly trying to get all of her Christmas cards out and wrapping up packages to ship.  Good thing all of those Christmas cards that she has been posting are finding new homes...she just needs to make a little room around here!

And I will tell you why because she got THESE totally cute little stamps from Just Johanna today.  I mean come on - look at that owl - is he not the dangest little darlin' you ever seen? and the itty bitty bird?  Who knew that a little wooden block with a little drawing on it can make you say "EEEWWW" "AAAAHHHHH"! 


Hopefully the little lady will be back with y'all tomorrow as I know that she desperately misses you and creating nifty little things for you to see!

Happy Trails and don't forget what you are suppose to do with that prom dress!


I love being a night owl.....

because that means that you can get into things that others don't know about while they are sleeping!  Oh yes, a little guest blogging here by Trixie.  The ole' lady just couldn't handle the late hours with me, so I get to do a little guest spot on her blog!  Woohoo!  I am sure that after she reads this she will change all of her passwords and what not, but it will be fun while it lasts!

Can I just tell you how amazingly talented my sister is??  I know that y'all see the rockin' stuff that she posts but let me tell you about the "behind the scenes" stuff.  I came into her cozy little stamp area after we came down from the Grand Canyon and she had all these totally cute little diddy's around here that she has "whipped" up.  Some she can't show just yet and others are for people at work.  I gotta tell you - if there are people out there that aren't checking out her blog, you need to let them know what they are missing out on!! I'll tell ya, the girl has got it on!

She has really been growing as a "stamper" this year and I can certainly can tell.  Can you?  If you can, I want everyone to stand up, put your hands in the air and give a little hoot, holler and a few claps for the little lady!

Here is the little somethin' somethin' that she whipped up tonight....


How cute is that?  Notice the new little watermark that she designed???

Oh yeah, she does recipes huh???

Well...I know that the stamp set was from Art Impressions "Christmas Penguins".  The paper was all from SU! and the ribbon was from Michael's. 

How was that?  I am sooo bad with recipes! She can fill you in later (if she doesn't delete this post! LOL)

I am sure that she will have more for you until then....throw that prom dress on the floor and do a little happy dance!


Oh the joys of tagging...

I was tagged by Karen over at Water Colored Dreams. (Hi Karen!)

The rules of the game: Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.

Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog, we all want to know them.

Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.

Seven things about me that I am sure that you didn't know and probably wish that you hadn't heard!!!!!

1. I am a list maker. I make lists for everything: grocery shopping, weekend stuff, cards to make, things to do, what to take on vacation, what stamps to buy, etc. Wanna know what I really love about making lists? Checking things off...check, check. LOLOLOL

2. January 1st will be my 8th wedding anniversary. I can't believe it has been that long. Crazy, I tell you, just crazy!

3. I have a big butt. See, this is probably something you didn't want to know about me but because I was tagged, "butt," I am sharing it with you anyway!!!! LOLOL

4. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE popcorn! I am a popcorn FREAK!!! I could eat it everyday that is how much I love it. And when it has butter and a little Parmesan cheese on it? Oh my, HEAVEN!!! (I love popcorn just as much as I love ice cream and that is A LOT!!!  :)

5. My Sister & family are here (YEAH!!!) so my Sis and I are headed out to do our Christmas shopping today. Keep your fingers crossed that we get it all done. LOL

6. In regards to #5, I HATE going to shopping malls. I would much rather  shop online. It has something to do with packages showing up at the house and opening boxes. LOVE IT!

7.   I am totally stressing out right now. No joke.  I have family at my house from now until Jan 5th, which, don't get me wrong, I am soooo loving that. But, my list of things to do is lonnnnnnnnnnng! LOL I just need to remember to take things one at a time and BREATHE!!! :)

So there you have it, seven more random things about me. Aren't you tired of hearing about me yet? LOL

Normally I would tag seven random people but this time, I am going to leave it up to YOU! I pick YOU, yes YOU to tag! So go back to you blog and tell everyone I tagged YOU and post your 7 random facts. Hurry now, don't delay. I'm waiting!!! LOL

Alright,  I need to get going. I am working on a card for the new TCP images... oh my goodness, these images are soooooooo ROCKIN!!!! What til you see them. I really want to share them with you, I do, but I can't. WHAN!!! Anywho, I will whip up a little somethin', somethin' for the ole blog later today. I am thinking I need to give away some "Karrie love" (aka blog candy) pretty soon too, what do you think? :)

So on that note? I am off like a prom dress! See y'all later and have a happy Sunday Peeps! :)