I have a little headache right now...
Merci Beaucoup!

Feeling a little Prickly?

I am.

And while we don't have "apricot" colored cacti in Arizona we do have a bluish/purplish colored cactus that is BEAUTIFUL!!! Sigh...I hate to admit it, but there are days that I really LIKE Arizona, today is one of them. It was a gorgeous day in the desert today. Perfect temps, everything is in bloom, birds are chirping, scorpions are probably getting their move on (not that I like them, cause I REALLY don't!) and...and...it makes me..."almost" like it here. :)


All stamps are from Rosies Roadshow. What can I say? I HAD to HAVE THEM. I live in the desert people. LOL

Alright, it's late, I need to hit the sack. See ya tomorrow... I hope. :)

Night Peeps!