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March 12, 2008



That is a great card! I always call Ciera a "Prickly Pear" soooo funny!!! Have a great night! Oh, I got a new niece yesterday. I posted pics on my myspace. She is beautiful!!!

Anna Wight (SweetMissDaisy)

This cracks me UP!! LOVE it!!


Love it! My hubby would live in AZ in a heartbeat but I had to tell him NO WAY!! It is beautiful there in the cooler months though :) Oh yes, and I received a WAY COOL package yesterday! WOW! It was like Christmas :) In fact, I am sipping a cup of the Earl Grey as I speak - and wish you were here to share!

Nancy P.

This is too cute! I really like the colors you chose. I just love the sentiments that Rosie's Roadshow has. Really great card Karrie!!


Great card, Karrie!! After living in AZ for a year I have to say I don't understand how anyone can NOT love it!! To each his own I guess!:)

Sharon in NE

I love it. Its perfect!

Carla (stargirl)

This is adorable, Karrie! I used to live in AZ, Mesa, AZ. I liked it alright. We missed CO, tho, and wound up moving back home. Now we are in OK, and I miss CO again! Your cardshow thingy ROCKS! I've got to get one of those, but I'm such a bloggin' dork, I think it will be too hard!

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