so bummed...
Still alive...just out having a little fun

Happy Easter Peeps!

I am going to try to post a new something or other later today but no guarantees. I had a busier weekend than expected. Oh well. I DID get a little stamping in at midnight last night but my project isn't finished yet. WHAN!! First available moment that I have though, I am RACING to the stamp desk!! heehee

No big plans for me today since it's just Robert and myself. I am wishing I was in CA today to be with my Sis and her family, they are having a BIG get together over at their house. I believe they call it "Passivist, Passover for the rest of us." I probably got that wrong but you get the geest of it. Lots of friends, food and most importantly, worship. Boy, I sure hope she posts some pictures on her BLOG (hint, hint Pancho), I am sure they are going to have a FANTASTIC time!!

What do you have planned today? Anything special? Big dinner? Easter egg hunt? Fill me in, I wanna know what my Peeps are up to! :)

Alright, I am off like a prom dress (on a Sunday too! LOL). Have a SUPER Easter and I will do my best to post something YUMMY later today! :)


P.S. What do you think of my new blog theme? I decided to play with some of the Typepad themes. This one really caught my eye because of the Easter type colors. I am actually thinking of having someone do a custom theme for me but that could be pricey. Who knows though, I might get LUCKY! LOLOL