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March 23, 2008



Love the new color scheme!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)


Hey man, Happy Easter! I hope you have a good day, and lots of stamping. We are going to dinner at Mike's mom's house and get to spend time with our new little angel Bailey. She is almost two weeks old. I'm making my artichoke dip I stole from Paula Deen. I just love it! And of course, deviled eggs. Yumm I posted some Easter egg pictures if you have time take a look. I love ya and hope you have a wonderful relaxing day.
Kath aka #1

Nancy P.

HAPPY EASTER Karrie!! I hope you had a really nice day. Nothing big planned here. We just had dinner small dinner. I like the new blog theme....it's Spring-y!

Sharon in NE

No peeps for this peep. (week 3 for a abscessed tooth...oh well...)

Hope your Easter was sweet!

Totally Trixie

Are you ever going to return??? No samples, no teasing, no enticing - what kinda sis are you??? hee hee Obviously, a VERY overworked busy one!!! Miss your little inspirations! I need a vacation - how about you???

Julee T.

Hello???? Knock, knock! Can Karrie come out to play??? Miss ya, girlie!


Hey man! Where the heck are you????? I miss your little diddys!!! Probably busy at work, sniff, sniff. I miss my friend:0(


Where o where has my Ceesco gone? Oh where o where can she be??? Missing your creativeness and you have such exciting news!!!!

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