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What? Did you think I wasn't going to post today?

Well neener, neener!! Here I am in all my glory! LOL

I had to do some shopping this morning, you know, Costco, Petco, Target, Michael's...all the important stuff. Then I had to take my car to the SPA for a little bath & wax. She is sooooo HAPPY right now! Rock on Rav!! WOOHOO!!

Speaking of rocking on...


How bout this ROCKSTAR???Rockf How can you NOT love Memory Box penguins especially when they are rockin' out? LOVE IT!! And did you notice the killer die cut card? Yep, you guessed is from Creative Cuts & More!! WOOHOO!! I also used my new Cuttlebug Allegro embossing folder. I thought it fit the card, wouldn't you agree?Biggrin

Okay, soooooo...since I was so late in posting I am giving a two fer today. Two posts in one, got to love that!! Here is another project I made using a die from Creative Cuts & More, check it out...


For this one I used the Milk Carton die, I think this Milk Carton turned out a lot better than my last one!! LOL The stamps I used are from My Favorite Things (Boho Blossoms set). Such a pretty set of stamps! And the bling really adds to it if you ask me.


Alrighty then, I think that's it for today. I will have more for you tomorrow, WOOHOO!!!

Hope you all have a relaxing rest of the day!


Down in the Dumps?

Well, at least that is the name of the challenge that I am participating in with Anna & Leigh. These girls, they are just too funny! It's all Leigh's fault that my mind wandered over to the sick demented side of my brain again. I couldn't help it...check out the rules:

Theme: Down in the Dumps
Colors: Must use Brown
Limits: NO Scallops. Anywhere. Period. Seriously.
Stamps: Rosie's Roadshow

I mean, c' could I not make this card...


These ducks are EVERYWHERE!! I can't believe they like swimming in toilet water!! LOLOL Crikey, I think I am obsessed with this toilet! heehee

And yes, I would TOTALLY send this card to someone. heehee

By the way, I am sorry for posting this late. My hubby is actually feeling "poopy" today. Poor guy, I guess he has been feeling poorly all week and I have been like a slave driver in the backyard. But then, I didn't know he wasn't feeling good. Anywho, we spent most of the morning trying to get a hold of the doctors office to see if we could get home an appt such luck. Next available appt isn't til Tuesday at 2:45pm. I feel so bad for him...sigh...keep good thoughts for him, will ya? Thanks Peeps! You ROCK!!

Alright, I am off to take care of my man and then I think I will do a little more stamping. YEAH!!  Hope you all have a GREAT Friday! And make sure to check out Anna & Leigh's blogs for some "dumpy" cards!! LOLOLOLOLOL


card deets:

stamps: All from Rosie's Roadshow (oh! the little letters are Karen Foster Snap Stamps)

cardstock: Bashful Blue, Chocolate Chip & Making Memories Cosmopolitan Collection

inks: Timberbrown Staz-On, Summer Sun, Bashful Blue

misc: Brad, Grosgrain ribbon & Oval Classic Nesties

Okay Mom, just as I promised...

Here are the pics of the backyard and one of the front. This is what we have been working on this past week. Only a couple more things to do and we are DONE! YEAH!!!

Here are the new barrels in front of the hot tub...I tried to talk Robert into just one but he wasn't having it. Sometimes you just have to give in...


These are the new cement bowls we have sitting in between the pool and the back patio...


This is the side yard (my favorite place) used to be a dog run but now the entire back yard is. We filled the side yard in with cement (a couple of years ago) and then added the over hang. We keep adding potted plants, pretty soon we will run out of room. LOL


Spent quite a bit of time replacing dead flowers this week...


Check out this cool cactus the super helpful guy at the Nursery gave me...okay so he really gave me three...heehee (so spoiled, I know...)


These are some of the pots we had to replant...the tall grass is a trooper but everything else eventually dies. Oh look, another COOL cactus!! :)


And this is where the pots REALLY start coming into play...LOL


Even more husband gives me a bad time about liking things symmetrical. Awww, there's Molly's cute little butt... LOL


Here's the third super cool cactus I scored...


Newest barrel addition and super handsome boy named Buddy... :)


Look Mom, there is the outdoor hanging lantern you and Kevie bought us. Looks great, huh? LOVE IT!! Although, the candle is not going to make it much longer...the heat is starting to melt it. Oops! :)


I stood on top of the pool waterfall to get this shot. The lighting was off but at least you get an idea of where the cement pots are. :)


Oh and last but not least...we yanked those ugly green plants out and put these babies in the front yard...


Well...what do you think Mom? You likey? We do!!

Alrighty then, I will talk to you later. Love you! Kare xoxox

Boxers or briefs?

Must be tough for a many underwear choices. Definitely tougher than a woman who has to decide between...grannie panties, thongs, hipsters, bikinis, g-strings...well, you get the picture.  LOL

Thank goodness Richard from Rosie's Roadshow knew EXACTLY what he wanted to wear today... heehee


And bright green "fancy" boxers it is! WHEW! How SEXY is that!?!? He looks so good I could just sop him up with a biscuit! Yumm, Yumm!! LOL

Man oh man, can you believe it is already THURSDAY?? Where is the week going? Before you know it my vacation will be over and I will have to head back to the hole (aka WORK). Not so happy about that. Why can't hubby & I just hit the lotto? I mean, how hard is that? Apparently VERY HARD! Cause we are not having ANY luck! LOL That's okay, we are happy & healthy and havin' a good time. Can't complain about that, right? RIGHT!

So that being said...I have to finish up a little manual labor in the backyard (hoping this is the LAST day of this & yes Mom, I will post pics later... heehee) and then I am heading to the shower.       Showersmile 

After that, I think some stamping is in order. YEAH!!

Alright I better get my butt in gear. Hope you have a FAB day and I will catch ya later!!



card deets:

stamps: All from Rosie's Roadshow

cardstock: YoYo Yellow, Cryogen White & misc DP paper

inks: Black Staz-On & Copic Markers

misc: White Grosgrain, Brads, Rectangle Classis Nesties & Oval Classic Nestie cut in half

If you don't have a sick sense of humor...STOP NOW!!

Seriously, if you aren't a little twisted or have a sick sense of humor I would STOP READING NOW!!!! Cause what I am about to show will DEFINITELY offend some people...

That being said...I made the following card especially for my Sister...Teehee


Now, if this is not funny, I don't know what is!!! LOL C'mon, how often do you take the phone into the bathroom with you? Seriously, don't lie, you know you do. It may not be ALL the time, but you know there is one person or maybe your family that you take in there. Heck, you may even take your spouse in there. Shoot, sometimes I'd like to flush my hubby down the toilet! LOL

So anywho, Pancho, if you are peeking at this card right now, it will be on it's way to you in the next day or two. That way you can admire it upfront & in person. LOL

Alrighty, I am off like a prom dress. I have a house that needs some SERIOUS cleaning.Vacuumsm


Hope you all have a FAB day! Catch ya tomorrow!


Card deets:

Stamps: All from the FABULOUS, wonderful, Rosie's Roadshow (love these stamps!!!)

Cardstock: DP from Minds Eye, So Saffron, Real Red & Cryogen White

Inks: Black Staz On, Copic Markers

Misc: Classic & Scallop Oval Nesties, Red snap and Grosgrain ribbon

And the winner is....

compliments of

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2008-05-28 03:55:00 UTC

Who is lucky #39???? Let's see here...

What a stinkin' cute set!!  My favorite ice cream is Rocky it.  Thanks so much for the chance to win.

A big THANK YOU to Alma over at TCP for supplying the Trail Mix (aka blog candy) for todays lucky winner and another GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all who participated, you Peeps ROCK! :)

Okie dokie then...Baker out! :) 

TCP Tuesday!!! - Color Challenge


WOOHOO!! Are you Peeps ready for another TCP Challenge?? Toni is hosting the color challenge (orange, yellow & white) this week, make sure to check out her BLOG for all the deets!!

I actually had a hard time with this challenge. Not sure if it was the colors or what.  Sigh... I hate it when that happens.  Anywho, this is what I came up with, tell me what you think...


She IS a little hottie if I do say so myself. Flirtysmile1

And that thong paper from Memory Box beach collection? Perfect fit! Okay, so it turned out better than I thought. LOL

Oh my gosh!!! Yesterday, I went over to my friend Dana's house and guess what? My creative juices were a FLOWIN'!!! Yeah, baby, YEAH!!! Wait til you see all the cards I have in store for YOU this week!Wootsmileyheehee

Alright, I better get. Hope you all have a FABULOUS day today and don't forget to enter my drawing for some Cat's Pajamas's stamps RIGHT HERE!! The drawing closes tonight at 7pm, you don't want to miss out, do you???? I didn't think so.

See ya later Peeps!


Okay, who wants a little Trail Mix?

Aka, blog candy? Who needs/wants the totally cool, totally SWANKY  "Havin' a Pow Wow" set from , you guessed it...

The Cat's Pajamas!!!

Don't know which set I am talkin' about? Well, check it out:


SOOOOOO COOL, huh???? :) Yeah, I know. And guess what? It could be yours! All you have to do is tell me what your favorite ice cream treat is. Do you like a BIG bowl of ice cream? If so, what is your favorite flavor? Or perhaps you like Klondike bars? Mmmmm, sounds YUMMY!! What was that? You don't like ice cream? Oh, that is too bad, you can't play then, sorry. This is only for ice cream lovers. LOLOLOL

Okie dokie, I will take comments until 7pm on Tuesday and then I am going to have to cut you all off.Biggrin

Good luck Peeps!! Back to the laundry for me...Washmachine

See ya tomorrow!


Okay, so who is BBQ'ing tomorrow?

Anyone? Maybe I should ask if there is anyone who ISN'T working the bar-b!! LOL Hubby and I BBQ'd last night after a hard day of work in the backyard. Oh my goodness, I didn't think my vacation was going to turn into manual labor week. Shouldn't I be allowed to rest & relax?? LOL

It's okay though, it felt GOOD. It was overcast here yesterday and much cooler than it has been; so it was the perfect day to work in the yard. We picked up some new plants from Home Depot and Moon Valley Nursery(love that place) and ordered two new Queen Palms (we had one die this past winter... WHAN!) and a Lime tree for Robert's beers (yes, this is also a replacement tree...URGH!). We also added more pots to the side yard and replaced our dead flowers from last year. YEAH!! It is looking so PRETTY! I am going to give my Sis a run for her money as far as backyards go this year. LOL

Anywho, like I was saying, it was a FANTASTIC day yesterday, my yard is looking MUCH better and my as*, back and hips are killing me. LOLOLOL

So what brought all of the above on? I mean, why sit here and ramble about my manual labor, right? I have to be going somewhere with this, yes? YES!! At the end of the day yesterday I mentioned that we BBQ'd, right? RIGHT! Well, when we were chowing down our dinner while sitting out in the side yard, I was thinking of this die cut that Terry at Creative Cuts and More sent me for our challenge project this month and...well...this is what I made with it...


Wouldn't this be great to make for your guests coming over for a BBQ? It didn't take anytime to stamp and put together. I totally love it. And you have to admit, The Cat's Pajamas stamps are a perfect fit for it!! These have to be some of my all time FAVES! :)

OH! And one more random thing before I go... last night, actually early this morning, I was going through some of my photos and stumbled on this little lovely from my 4th of July vacation last year...


That is my niece, Audrey, running through the field from my Mom's house to the neighbors. Is that the most precious thing or what? makes my heart stop. She's a little devil but...she's still my niece and I adore her. Who am I kidding? I adore all of them...Chase, Makayla, Skylar...they all make my heart stop. It is sooooo GOOD to be an Auntie! :)

Alright, well, I am off like a prom dress. I hear some laundry calling my name and DEFINITELY more stamping is on the way! YEAH!! I hope you ALL have a FABULOUS Sunday!

See ya!


Sittin' here with a BIG smile on my face...

looking at this...


I am sooooo HAPPY with the way this turned out!! Hapydancsmil

Yes, that's me dancin' a little jig! LOL It's okay, you can dance a little jig too, I won't laugh. C'mon, I know you want to!! :)

Okay, okay, so maybe you aren't as excited as I am (at least not enough to dance a jig for me)... but when things start to click and you are using stamps that you LOVE (yes, I love Rosie's Roadshow stamps!!) and the die cut card is DIVINE!! Yes, the card is totally luscious (from Creative Cuts and More in case you are wondering) and it's all just flowin' together, THAT, my Peeps, is a TOTAL RUSH!!! Ahhhhhhhhh, I LOVE to stamp! I LOVE to CREATE! I LOVE this totally crazy, expensive, wonderful hobby of mine! happy right now....Flirtysmile3

Okay, I better go. My prom dress is getting wrinkled and my strapless under wire bra is poking me something uncomfortable right now....LOLOLOL (Not really, but it sounded good!)

I will catch you all tomorrow and HEY!!!! Guess what??? I will have a little trail mix (don't really care for the saying "blog candy" anymore, too many people using it) give away this weekend...think...TCP... (just a little hint...) heehee

Have a GREAT night Peeps!