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On my way....

to Big Sky country. Yeah!

Not feeling so hot though. Have had an upset stomach since yesterday. Whan! Hoping that will pass soon.

Hope you all have a wonderful week and I will see you when I get back.

Karrie :)

TCP Tuesday!!! - Color Challenge

You got it...


And Leigh, the little Vixen, is standing in for Toni who if off playing & stamping in CA right now with a bunch of her Peeps! HOW COULD SHE??? How could she leave us like that? LOL Seriously though, I hope she is having a GREAT time! I miss her though, don't you? :)

Anywho, Leigh, came up with this color challenge...


Who resist playing with those FAB colors?? I mean...HELLO!!! So this morning at o'dark thirty (something like 3:40am) I couldn't sleep (too much on my mind) I decided to get up and stamp. It does a body good to start your day off with a little stamping, don't you think? I do!

Anywho, this is what I came up with:


I had another one of those wonderful die cut cards from Creative Cuts & More in the RIGHT color and whipped this little ditty up. LOVE IT! Just wish I would have waited to stamp the sentiment until the very end cause I think I would have put it ABOVE the ribbon and not below the cut out circles. It would have looked MUCH better if I do say so myself. Still happy with it though! :)

Anywho, I need to hit the shower and put on my prom dress for work. Hope you all have a FAB day!



OH! Make sure to check out Leigh's BLOG for all the TCP Tuesday deets!! See ya Peeps!

card deets:

stamps: all from The Cat's Pajamas OF COURSE!!!

cardstock: die cut card from Creative Cuts & More, Real Red, Old Olive & Whisper White

inks: Black Staz-On, Real Red, Old Olive & Soft Sky

misc: Yellow Stickles, Spica Glitter Pens, Clear Glaze Sakura pen & ribbon

CHASE!!! Look what Auntie found!

Okay, so Uncle Robert found him first but I saw him today!! I went to pull out the pool filter basket out, you know,  to clean it and BAM!!! This little guy was in there! Can you believe it? Oh my goodness, he scared the bee-gee-zees out of me! I was not expecting him. And did your Uncle Robert tell me he was in there? NOOOOOOO!!! What a turd, huh? Yah, don't I know it!


So what do you think? Should I bring him to Montana for you??? I am sure your Mom wouldn't mind. I mean, he's just a little guy and all...heehee


So Chase, do you know what kind of snake this is??? I expect you to know the next time I talk to you, okay? And as for cleaning the pool filter? That will have to wait for another day....LOL

Auntie out... :)

In and out the next couple of weeks...

That will be me. I have a lot going on this coming week and then Saturday... I fly out to Montana!!! YEAH!! So excited!

I am going to be meeting up with my Sis & Bro and all their kids in addition to my Mom and Papa. It is going to be a FAB week, full of fun, I am sure! :)

So, on that note, if you don't see me posting, you know why!!! :)

Hope you all have a wonderful couple of weeks! See ya when I can!


Let's get together!

I am available on...hmmm, let's next opening is...

Yes, that is the story of my life...busy, busy, busy...forgetful, forgetful, forgetful!! LOL Okay, is my card using the new Good Times set from Whipper Snapper Designs:


What a cute tea cup! And you can easily make it into a coffee cup by omitting the tea bag. Coffee, coffee, coffee!! LOL I know some of you Peeps know what I am talking about! :)

How bout my red swirl? You like that? It is my swirl border from Sizzix. SOOOOOO COOL!!! I highlighted it with my Sakura Glitter pen although you can't see it very well. My picture taking is less than perfect today...sigh...hopefully it will be better tomorrow! :)

OH! Did you want to see the entire Good Times stamp set? Yes? Well check it out:


Isn't that a fun set??? Wait til you see my card tomorrow! :)

Alright, I am off like a prom dress, see you Peeps tomorrow!!!


More of Sweet Expressions!!

I am soooooooooooooo in LOVE with this set! So, so, so, CUTE!! Anna outdid herself with all the little sayings. And the little images? Oh MY! They are perfect with any and ALL stamps that I have! These cards are JUST the beginning!! heehee


Can you tell I was in a simple mood? Well these die cut cards from Creative Cuts and More make it way too EASY! I love that! And of course, the stamps just throw it OVER THE TOP!!! I mean OVER the TOP!!! :)

So did you go by Whipper Snapper Designs and pick up your new set? Well hurry up, I wanna see what YOU come up with!

Make sure to check back tomorrow cause I will have a card made with the other set, Good Times, and you won't wanna miss that! :)

See ya tomorrow Peeps!


Guess what time it is???

Time for ANOTHER Whipper Snapper Design release!! WOOHOO!!! Oh my goodness, you are GOING TO LOVE the new sets!!! Yes, I am dancing a little jig this morning!! LOL

Check this out...


The images are wayyyyyyy too CUTE!!! I couldn't resist making this card. And when I received this die cut card from Creative Cuts & More I knew EXACTLY how this card was going to play out! I LOVE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS!!!

Here's a pic of the entire set:


After seeing it, you NEED it now, huh? I know. I totally understand! LOL

Make sure you check out all the other featured Peeps today, I am SURE they will knock your socks off with their rockin' samples!!

Kittie Caracciolo
SCS Gallery:

Laurie Schmidlin
SCS Gallery:

Michelle Wooderson
SCS Gallery:

Vivian Peters
SCS Gallery:

And we can't forget the master herself, can we???? heehee

Anna Wight


SCS Gallery:


OH!!!! And be sure to check back here TOMORROW for yet another card made from this FAB set!! YIPPEE!!!

Toodles Peeps!



Don't laugh! I never claimed to be anything but a stamper!!! LOL

So challenge #5 for Owl Week was to draw some owls and send them to Johanna. She will then decide which owl she likes the best out of all the entries and then a stamp will be made in that image AND the winner gets $25 to buy stamps from Just Johanna's Odd Bird Planet. Well hello, I am not one to say NO! LOLOL

Okay, so what I am about to show you is NOT to make you laugh...well, okay, I laughed the entire time I was drawing them. And my husband? Well, he laughed at me too! The nerve!!! LOLOL

Being strong...putting myself out there...tahhh-dahhh....


The first one...Miss "O" I just noticed one wing is bigger than the other. Typical for a woman, you know, quite a few woman have one boob bigger than the other. LOL Oh please, don't be offended, I am just stating the facts! LOLOL And Molly? Yeah, not so sure about that Homegirl. LOL I like Edgar, think he is a hottie. But that's just me. Henry is cute too. Little Joe & Big boy though? I have a thing for both of them. heehee

So what do you think? It's okay, you can stop laughing now. No, really, stop...LOL Uh, so, do you like ANY of them? Even one? C'mon, be honest. Are they ugly? Think I have a chance? Or are they UGLY like the new Starbucks mermaid on the hot latte cups? Alright...I am done torturing myself...back to stamping....

See you Peeps later with a card!!


Coffee, tea or me?

No, really...would you prefer coffee, tea or me? NO REALLY!!! No, nevermind, don't tell me. I know some of you would pick coffee over me (Sharon, I know you would, don't deny it!! LOL). And my Sister? She might pick coffee over me too! How could they? It's me, it's me Karrie!!!! LOLOLOL


So are any of you Starbucks lovers? You all know what a fan I am, right? RIGHT! Well, I can't even begin to tell you how UNHAPPY I am with the new mermaid logo they have and the UGLY paper latte cups they have for hot coffee. It's just not right. UGLY I tell you, UGLY!! That is why I think they should make Alma their new logo. Yep, dump the new mermaid. If I can't have the one I want, then I want an OWL!!! And Alma? Well, she is FABULOUS, don't you think??? heehee

Oh hey, check out one of the new mugs I purchased for my Sis and I this morning...


HOW COOL IS THAT??? Love it!! Totally makes me smile. I will let you know how I like it this weekend when I make my iced latte at home. Yeppers, practicing to be a Barista! LOL

Okay, well, I think I am going to hit the sack early tonight. I hope you all have a FAB evening!

See you tomorrow!


card deets:

stamps: All from Odd Bird Planet

cardstock: Basic Black, Garden Green and Kraft

inks: Black Staz-On, Summer Sun & Craft White

misc: Organdy ribbon, Classic Circle Nesties

You Hoo!!!!

Are you havin' a rough day? Need a little pick me up? Well you came to the right spot! I made a card just for YOU!


These little owls from Hero Arts are hysterical! The looks on their little faces? PRICELESS!! LOL That uber cool "Hang in there" saying is from Odd Bird Planet. Got to love that funky font Johanna uses!! :)

So I am still waiting for all of your owl posts... I have been going to SCS is get my fix on. Hello PEEPS, are you out there????? Knock, knock, anyone home? Sigh...waiting...waiting...getting IMPATIENT!!! LOL

Alrighty then, well, me and my main Peep Ugglaw (such a little hottie) are outta here. We have to get to bed and drag our butts to work tomorrow. Well, I do, he doesn't. Life of an owl, eh? Ahhhh, to be so lucky!

So see ya tomorrow then!


card deets:

stamps: Owl & You Hoo Owl sets from Hero Arts, Hang in there saying from Odd Bird Planet

cardstock: More Mustard, Ruby Red, Old Olive & Shimmery Cream

inks: Timberbrown Staz-On, More Mustard, Old Olive, Ruby Red & Summer Sun

misc: Brads & Nesties