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September 14, 2008



He's cute! and an awesome job with the watercoloring

Anna Wight (SweetMissDaisy)

oh good grief he's cute!
...and so is my snowman... =)


OMG Karrie! I swear that you and I are sisters from another mother! LOL! I have always LOVED Howie Long! He is a hottie (what's that saying of yours? I could just lap him up with a biscuit and all that! LOL!).

Hey....and who are you calling a sissy! Coffee....blech! Don't know how you javaholics drink the stuff (you probably don't love anymore now do you?). Well...your snowman is just totally cute! You did a beautiful job watercoloring him. I also like your color choices (I always seem to reach for the same colors)!


Ryann (rsalamon on SCS)

What a cutie pie card! Love it! I'm a coffee drinker myself but have you ever tried a hot chocolate from Starbucks? Yummy!


You're funny :P
Love the cute snowman card.

Viv (VivLyn)

What a cute snowman...actually I would say snowlady because of the polka dotted muff! Adorable card!!


Who you calling sissy? Geesh!! I'll take a hot chocolate over nasty coffee anyday and still love you no matter what. :) Actually, I look forward to getting back to cold country where it makes sense to drink hot chocolate and not cause undo sweat to come from my body.


Too cute!

You forgot to add a little "spill" of coffee on Mr. Snowman....that unfortunate event that takes place frequently :)

Miss your cheery face! Can't wait to lap up some coffee together!

Sharon in NE

Oh Karrie...I am SO embarassed for you...I hate to say this publically, but Howie has been my boyfriend now for 23 years. Yes. My boyfriend. My husband even knows about it but he's a diehard Raiders fan so he's happy. (Troy Aikman is my younger boytoy)
Love the snowman card! Love the espresso!

Julee Tilman

LOL! HOWIE!!!!! :) Love your snowman card - definitely espresso and not hot chocolate! Adorable little ribbon tab on the card.


Why haven't you posted? I know you have been stamping!


Thanks for the eye candy - both are cuties!! :) And I'm another "coffee - blech!" person, just like Linda. Tea all the way for me, baby!

Leigh O'Brien

Love the snowman, Karrie! And you new blog header too...have I not been here for too long? How long has that been up there?!

Nancy P.

This is one of my favorite Anna designed stamps!! I just love this little snowman! SO CUTE & I love the sentiment!! COFFEE for me too!! :)


So Cute! And even better that he is holding a cup of coffee, lol. I love blue and green together, and especially adore your ribbon/button embellie combo...must try that on the next card:) Thanks for the inspiration:)

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