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Happy Turkey Day Peeps!

So last night Robert and I went to Chick-fil-A for dinner, love their chicken sandwiches...YUM, YUM!! Anywho, while we were in the drive thru I kept thinking about Thanksgiving and this card...


For some reason, I kept thinking our turkey dinner would be holding up this sign. I started feeling so guilty that we ended up getting a Prime Rib for dinner instead. LOL

Anywho, I hope you all have a FANTASTIC day today filled with good eats, lots of laughs and a whole lot of love and family!

Peace out Peeps!



card deets:

stamps: All from Rosie's Roadshow

paper: Close to Cocoa, Really Rust, Kiwi Kiss & Shimmery Vanilla

inks: Timeberbrown Staz On, Waterbrush & re-inkers

misc: Ribbon & Long Rectangle Nesties

She bakes AND she posts...

This past week we had a potluck at work. My dish? A Walnut Twist for the breakfast portion of the feast.

Check it out...
Walnuttwist5 That is what I started with after mixing all my ingredients. YES, I made this from SCRATCH!!! LOL

After kneeding the above for about 5-10 minutes, I ended up with this...
Walnuttwist4 Doesn't the ball of dough look so happy sitting in the bowl in a warm place?

I had to let the dough get even HAPPIER for about 90 minutes and I ended up with this...
Walnuttwist3 BAM!!!! Now that is HAPPY dough! Come to Mama "happy dough" cause I am about to make you even HAPPIER!!! I spread the dough thin, spread the filling and added a whole lot of nuts (sorry I didn't get a picture of that, seriously, what was I thinking? LOL) and then threw it in the oven....see below...
Walnuttwist2Oh my word...beautiful, delightful, oh so yummy! You are simply wonderful Mr. Happy Dough and I plan on eating you. Yes, I plan on slathering you with butter and popping you into my mouth...LOL

Wanna see a close up?
Walnuttwist1 Makes your mouth water huh? I know...the Angels even sang that morning that we ate him for breakfast...ahhhhhh...

So now if I can just get back to stamping, all will be right in the world! heehee

See you Peeps later!

I am so sorry...

that I have been MIA lately. Work is kinda crazy right now. You would think that with the economy being as slow as it is that I wouldn't be working OT right now, but that isn't the case. We are stretched a little thin in my department and needless to say, a hiring freeze for the company isn't helping any.

Which means, my Peeps and I at work are busting our butts to make things happen for our customers. That means that stamping gets put on the back burner. WHAN!!! I haven't forgotten about the OBP card I promised to show you, I will do that soon, VERY SOON!!! I also want to catch up on my TCP Tuesday challenges. There are so many that I haven't been able to participate in that it is driving me CRAZY! And then there is Rosie's Roadshow...I am bursting at the seams with ideas and really need to get them made.

So many things, so many stamps, so little me, so little time...

Bottom line, what I am trying to say is...bear with me. I will be back SOON!!! 

Thank you all for being so patient, you guys are the best!


Ready for some owls and a whole lotta Odd Birds?

Guess what people? I am one of the newest designers for Odd Bird Planet!! HOOT! HOOT!!!


I am sooooo EXCITED!!!! As you know, I have been hooked on these stamps for quite some time now. I think it is only fitting that I joined the DT. heehee

Can't wait to get started on my assignments. Odd bird Planet HERE I COME!!! WOOHOO!!!!


P.S. I will be back tonight to share my latest OBP creation...YEAH!!!

Odd Bird Planet November Special

Did you guys see the November Special from Odd Bird Planet? Check it out...


Dang it, I think I need it. I don't have any of those stamps. Darn that Johanna for continually sucking me in. CRIKEY!! I feel weak in the knees...those cardinals, that bird bath, that nest with eggs in it and the saying? Yep, sucking me in...sigh...feeling so weak...don't know if I can take it much longer...

If you are feeling a little weak in the knees too, click HERE, you can give in, just like me...LOL

The last of my TCP samples...

Well, I am down to my last Cat's Pajamas sample from the release on Friday. Hard to believe. I guess I got a little carried away this past week showing two and three cards in a couple of my posts. Bad Karrie, BAD! I like to drag things out a bit, you know, keep you coming back for more, but I got so darn excited over this release that I was posting like crazy. I will have to show more self control on the next release. LOL

So here is my last card that I made with the Elegant Christmas set...

Love those little cardinals sitting in the wreath. Tell me, did you order for Kitty Kat Pack yet? If you haven't, you should. Cause FREE SHIPPING on all US orders and $6 SHIPPING on all INTERNATIONAL orders ends TODAY!!!!! Just sayin... LOL

On a personal note...Robert and I had a BLAST with our friends Larry & Anna last night. We went to a place called Bobby Q's. Man I love that place! The atmosphere is fun, the place is decorated AMAZING, the food is delicious and most of all, our company was OUT OF THIS WORLD!! Good times Peeps, good times! And hey, if you are ever in the Phoenix area? Definitely stumble over to Bobby Q's because you don't want to miss out on their good eats!

More personal new/used car is a FUN ride! Don't get me wrong, I LOVED my Rollerskate aka RAV4 but the Highlander? Oh Mama! There is more room in it, I sit a little higher and well, she purrs like a kitten. The only thing missing? A name for her. I am having a hard time coming up with one. The Rollerskate was actually named by my friend Deanna back in Reno and if you ever saw my RAV4 (it was a 96) you would know that is REALLY DID look like a rollerskate. LOL But the Highlander? Well, she doesn't look like a rollerskate and every name I come up with doesn't seem to fit her. This is where you come in...what do you think I should name her? Here's another pic of her...

See what I mean? DEFINITELY NOT a rollerskate! LOL

I think that's a wrap for now. I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Sunday. I have to do LAUNDRY and push the vacuum around the house. Once that is all done I think I will make an attempt to clean off my stamp desk and ink up some Rosie Roadshow stamps. Yeppers, I hear them calling my name now. Karrie, KaRrIe, KARRIE!!! LOL

See you Peeps tomorrow!

p.s. Only 19 more days til my Sis and her family get here!!! YAHOO!!!! OH! And only 10 more days til my friend Anna turns 40!!! WOOHOO!! Oh, OH, OH!!!! Only 12 more days til the movie TWILIGHT comes out!! YIPPEE!!! heehee

A couple of different uses...

for one stamp...


Who wants some ornaments? Aren't these stars great? Clear Scraps makes them. LOVE THEM! And hey, my ornies didn't turn out to bad if I say so myself! LOL

Not so impressed with my ornies? Maybe you would like a bright, fun card made with the same stamp?


I was trying out some different colors for Christmas. My motto...anything goes this year! LOL

Okay, so did you all purchase the Kitty Kat Pack today from The Cat's Pajamas? If I were you? I WOULD JUMP ON IT!!! I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE a good deal! More like a GREAT deal! Yeppers!

Alright, well, I am off to learn how to be a better driver. Hope you all have a RELAXING and enjoyable weekend! I will see you tomorrow but, if for some reason I don't? I will see you MONDAY for sure!

Baker out! Bye

Happy TCP Release Day!!!

Are you ready to pick up the new Kitty Kat Pack for the bargain price of $45.50 and FREE SHIPPING on all US orders? That's a $15 savings in addition to the shipping savings! THAT'S HUGE!!! I don't even know why you are here. What are you waiting for? You and your cart should be checking out now. Seriously! 

What's that? You want more sneak peeks? Well, I can handle that...hang on a second...


This is one of my FAVE cards! Love the colors and this Deck the Halls set? DEFINITELY one of my FAVES!!

But WAIT, I have more!!!
WHO, tell me, WHO, can resist snowglobes? And the new Candyland Christmas set? MUST HAVE!!!

Where are you going? Don't you want to see a card made with Elegant Christmas??? Oh, okay, here you go...

How pretty is that card? Are you surprised that I can make a "pretty" card? LOL I know, shocking, just SHOCKING! heehee

Crikey, look at the time. I need to get to work. You Peeps have a FANTASTIC Friday and I will see you tomorrow after my defensive driving class. Don't forget to go shopping at The Cat's Pajamas, click HERE!!

See ya!

3 Peeps NOVEMBER Challenge!!

I am squeezing this card in by the hair on my chiny chin chin. LOL
Thank goodness Linda & Toni are so understanding with my last minute posting. Budhug So anywho, the challenge this month is...three circles, a turkey and glitter MUST be on the card. Fun, FuN, FUN!!!

Here is my version of the challenge:
Can you tell I am having fun with my new Nesties? Oh Mama! They are WONDERFUL!!! heehee Don't be surprised if you see me using them a LOT in the next few weeks. Yes

Alrighty, well... I better get some shut eye. I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow and I know for a FACT that The Cat's Pajamas is releasing three NEW stamp sets tomorrow! WOOHOO!!!

On that note, you Peeps have a FAB night and HEY!!! Don't forget to go and check out Toni & Linda's card, okay?

See ya tomorrow!