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June 2009

Everybody loves a sale...

seriously, WHO DOESN'T???? Did you know that you can get this little lady 30% off? Uh YEAH!!! Hello, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??

Odd Bird Planet has been having a sale ALL MONTH and it is going to be over TOMORROW!! You don't want to miss out...all you need to do is fill your cart, input coupon code bday3 and BAM! 30% off your ENTIRE order. THAT, my Peeps, is what I am talking about!


Now quit staring at my UBER cute card and GO SHOPPING!!! LOL

Have a Happy Day Peeps!

By the way, I used the Odd Bird Planet June Sketch for my card above...check it out...



That is what I think of Odd Bird Planet's special deal this month. See what I mean...


This is what I made with these totally cute stamps...


Little boys are cute and all but little girls? So sweet, see...


C'mon, you know these stamps are CUTE! Hurry up and get them NOW though, cause the June special deal ends on TUESDAY, June 30th!!

See you Peeps tomorrow!


I have to admit, this is one of my FAVORITE sayings from a-muse. I don't use these stamps enough...sigh...just not enough time. BUT, what about that COW??? HOW FUN IS THAT??? I do love me some Odd Bird Planet stamps...can you tell??? LOL


Is that a fun thank you card or what?? I may have to keep it for myself. Maybe give it to my husband and then take it back. LOL

Anywho, I better my grass-iass to work! Sooooooo thankful it's Friday...I see a movie in my very near future...TRANSFORMERS!! Yeah, baby, YEAH!!!

On that note...
Peace in the pasture Peeps!

Simple & Clean...

Sometimes those are the best cards...I made this thank you card over the weekend. It is TOTALLY simple, clean lines and to be honest....I LOVE IT. I can't stop looking at it. Not sure why.


I was using stamps from Verve Visua (star)l and Papertrey Ink (saying) to create this card. Like I said, SUPER EASY, super clean, super simple. What about you? Any easy peasy cards you want to share? C'mon, show em if you got em!! LOL

As for me? I am off like a prom dress. I hope you all have a FABO day today!!

Peace in the pasture Peeps!

Merci birdpoop, I mean beaucoup...LOLOL

I was making some thank you cards as a special request and this is one that didn't make the cut...


All stamps are from Odd Bird Planet and the paper is Basic Grey. Man, I do love me some Basic Grey paper!! Yummy!

Don't ya just love my Bitty Owl sitting in the middle of the Eiffel Tower like that. He/she is a perfect fit. Looking at the card now I almost want to yell..."Don't JUMP!" LOLOL

Anywho, I have to get to work, files are calling my name. Hoping to squeeze a little stamping in tonight. No, I am not gonna hope, I am just gonna DO IT! YAH! That's what I am talking about! LOL

Hope you Peeps have a GREAT day!


Yah baby, YAH!!!

Guess what??? No, not chickenbutt... LOL

Seriously though, the NEWEST Odd Bird Planet Design Team was announced today and yours truly was picked to go another round!!! WOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!! I am sooooo EXCITED!!!

So without further ado, here is the new team....

YAHOO!!! Congrats to everyone! I am looking forward to the next six months with all of you!! WOOT! WOOT!

to the GREATEST Dad EVER...

Happy Father's Day DAD!! I know I am late, I told you on the phone today I was going to be late but that doesn't mean that I don't love you, you know that. Cause I think you are the GREATEST!! I wouldn't trade you for the WORLD! Seriously, I think you are the coolest, I really do.

So I made you this card...


And I am sending it in the mail to you TOMORROW cause that is how I role around here. Heck, I should even send you a birthday card too since your special day is Thursday. Happy EARLY Birthday by the way...(Was I first? Did I tell you first? LOL) but that will probably be late too. Wouldn't want to freak you out, me being early and all...LOL

Alright, I am off to work on some other stuff. I hope your day was GREAT! I love ya like crazy!

The Middle Child