It's Your Birthday Potty!! Come on over!!!

Halloween Blog Hop...Odd Bird style!!

Oh yeah, I am so jazzed. Starting off the day with a blog hop. LOVE IT!! Woot! Woot! Punkinscaref

So are you ready for all the FUN? The Odd Bird Planet DT has whipped up some spooky-licious eye candy for you. You are gonna love it, almost as good as that big bag of candy that you get first dibs on when your kids get back from trick or treating!!

Hallcandysmile <- you know that's you!! LOLOL

Okay, okay, on with the show... 


I used House Tall, Kelly's Tree, Full Moon Orange, Let's Get Freaky & Kelly's Franken-Mouse Right to create my card. I wanted him to look like he was walking down the street trick or treating. Or maybe just tricking... JUST KIDDING!!! LOL

I have to admit, I made more than 1 Halloween card but you are just going to have to wait for the rest of them. I have to spread them out, ya know? Keep you coming back for more!! heehee

Okay, so, enough about me, let's go see what the rest of the Design Team is up is the order we are going in but go ahead and bounce around if you would like, no rules here...just plain fun!!

Karrie <- hey, that's me!! :)
& Tracy

We would LOVE, LoVe, LOVE it if you participated in our blog hop by creating a Halloween masterpiece of your own!! If you do (and we REALLY hope you do) make sure to upload your card to our Odd Bird Planeteers Flickr group. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us!!

Speaking of stores, if you need some new Odd Bird Planet stamps you can go HERE and shop to your hearts content!! 

Alrighty then, off you go to Debbie's BLOG to see her FANG-tab-u-lous creation!! LOL Batsmile 

Have fun Peeps!