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My iPod gets cold in the morning...

so I wanted to make him a little cozy to keep him warm. Something that I would still be able to use the controls with, maybe not ALL the controls, but the majority of them.

This is what I came up with:


Nothing too fancy but still functional, know what I mean? I can still go to the menu, fast forward, rewind, play, pause. etc. The only thing I can't do? Scroll through my music. I actually have to take my iPod out of the holder or at least push him up high enough in the holder to run my finger around the control through my little cut out window.


I even made a little cut out at the bottom so that he can still sit in my iPod player at work without taking his cozy off. My earphones even plug in at the bottom thanks to the small cut out. Now he won't get scratched up anymore. Aren't I a good Mom? If only I had done this sooner...LOL

Alright, I am off like a prom dress...see you all later!


P.S. I hope you have a ROCKIN' Tuesday!

P.P.S. My little iPod cozy is made out of felt. Biggrin

A definite MUST STOP HERE for coffee...

Lawd have mercy...if you ever get a chance and you LOVE coffee, you NEED to go to San Francisco, yes, San Francisco, and have a latte (or whatever your fave cup of joe is) at this place...


This, my dear friends, is Blue Bottle Cafe located at 66 Mint Street in San Francisco. THIS is the only sign you will see on the building indicating you have reached the right place. Oh and this little sign on the street...


You could literally walk right past this place and miss out on possibly the BEST cup of coffee you have EVER had in your ENTIRE life. I know, cause we almost did. Thank goodness for GPS and iPhones!! Well, THAT and the stream of people lined up out the door....LOL

So what prompted this trip to the city & a cup of coffee? This girl...


One of my most favorite people in the Sister! It was her Happy Birthday a couple of days late. I flew into CA and surprised her weekend before last. My Dad and I were so SNEAKY, it was great! And was she excited? Oh yes! When she answered my knock on her front door, she screamed like a little school girl, called me a jerk and then grabbed me in a tight hug and started crying. Right then, I knew the cost of the plane ticket and the little argument between my hubby & I over the last minute trip was TOTALLY worth it. That couple of minutes hugging? PRICELESS!!

Anywho, back to coffee...

Pancho & I were not alone on our trip to San Francisco, oh no, we had these two wild & crazy Ya-Hoos with us...

My Dad...sorry Peeps, he is NOT for sale! LOL


My wonderfully funny and all around cool, Step-Mom, Barb! See what I mean when I refer to them as Ya-Hoos???? LOL


Wanna a little sneak peek into Blue Bottle Cafe? 

This is up at the counter...


 This is the seating...


The place was PACKED! Seriously. I had to snap this picture SUPER FAST when a group of people got up to leave. LOL

OH! But wait, most is the tasty latte that was making my taste buds sing...


Going, going...




YUMMMMMMMMM!!! Just looking at those pics is making me wish I LIVED in S.F. so that I could enjoy this EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK!!! Mama help me...LOL

Like I was saying, if you ever get the chance and you happen to be in S.F. for the day, DEFINITELY, I mean DEFINITELY make a special trip here for a coffee. You will not regret it!


It's 4:23am

and I have already put a load of laundry in the washer, fed the sweet baby gang (Molly, Bailey & Libby), unloaded the dishwasher, washed these dishes


and made myself my morning coffee...


Whew! What a morning so far! LOL

As for the rest of today? I am looking forward to...finishing up my laundry, watching Brett Favre kick some New Orleans butt and STAMPING!!! What are you looking forward to? Anything special? Well, whatever it may be...

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Sunday!!


Weight Loss Week in Review #2

Well, well, we are again! Ü

This week:

- I ate healthy every day with the exception of a burrito (that was absolutely delicious) on Tuesday and some tortilla chips yesterday!! WOOT! WOOT!

- I excercised every day except for Wednesday but that is only because I got home so late...WHAN!

- I still lost, get this...another 2 lbs! OH YEAH!!

That's right folks, I am DOWN 4 lbs! Think of 4 lbs of you have that picture in your head? THAT, my friends, is how much weight I have LOST!! (and I don't want to ever find it or have it FIND me again!!)

Thanks for sharing in my excitement!!

Karrie Ü

Do you think Bernard thinks he is Kenny Chesney?

I mean, seriously, if you could have your choice of guitars (like I am SURE Kenny does!) wouldn't it be a little slice of heaven? If it were your thing I mean??


I love Bernard's belly. I just wanna to rub it.  Teehee How perfect is that saying for that background paper? LOVE IT!!

All stamps are from Rosie's Roadshow. Paper is Daydreams from K & Company.

Time for me to Cowgirl Up and make another card before I hit the sack! Mechbullsmiley

See y'all later!


I stamped...and it felt GOOD!

Man oh man, I love my hobby. There is something to be said about ink, paper, rubber stamps & embellishments. It is like a HIGH! Ya know what I mean? Yep, yep, YEP!!

So here is a card that I made while talking with my Sis on the phone...


Talking on the phone with Pancho (my Sis) + stamping = pure bliss for me! I love it. Not only does stamping make me happy but my Sister and I have something special. But you guys already know that cause I talk about her ALL THE TIME! LOL

Anywho, for this card I used my stamps from Rosie's Roadshow. Isn't Lovie adorable? I think so. 

Alright, I am off to make another card before I hit the sack. Hope you all have a wonderful evening!!

Peace out Peeps! Peaceflowrsm


Good, good...BAD!!!

Welcome to my reality...seriously...







What I am about to show you is not for the faint of heart. Oh no. The following pictures caused my husband to drink several beers last night...maybe even more than that...

This is the entrance to what used to be my beautiful side yard, you know, the one with all the potted plants? (You can see what I am talking about HERE) Yeah, well, ummm, not so much anymore...


Doesn't look too bad, is that what you just said? Uh need to see the rest of the pictures first...just one moment please...


Do you see the tipped over little table right there? Well, that large round piece of glass on the ground is supposed to sit ON TOP OF IT!! Not the ground! Crikey...I think I need drink...


Up against the wall over there is where three bags of potting soil USED to be! Yep, I know. Oh, believe me...I know!


That jug there...that's pool acid. Uh huh, there was a box around it & it's partner when it sat on top of the glass table that is now ON THE GROUND!!!

Breathe Karrie, breathe...she is just a puppy. It has to get better. SHE has to get better. She is so cute...remember? She's just a BABY!!! Yeah... RIGHT!!!

I may need to take a class on patience...or take up drinking...LOL

Anywho, I hope you have enjoyed this post. I hope that my BAD DOG brings a smile to your face. And...umm...if you are thinking about getting a lab puppy? You may want to re-think that! LOL

Peace out my friends!


Just a quickie tonight...

I wanted to hop on really quick and post a card for you all before I hit the sack. I have to get up earlier tomorrow than what I did on Monday & Tuesday. For some reason, I am having a REALLY hard time getting out of bed in the morning. Yikes!


I made this card using what stamps???? Rosie's Roadshow...OF COURSE!! These stamps are A-DORABLE! And how about my new Martha Stewart Border punch that I got for 50% off thanks to those wonderful after Christmas sales!! YIPPEE!!

Alright, I am outta here. See you Folks later!!