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Nookalicious - Take 2

So not only did I buy the NOOK but my friend Esther did too. I decided since I was making myself a cover I would be the good friend and make her one too. to Joann's we went and purchased some fabric together. Yes, I purchased more fabric for myself. You know what a hoarder I am!! Besides, I have to keep things FRESH don't you know? LOL

A little note about my friend Esther, she LOVES Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) things. So when we saw the below fabric in Joann's we knew it was the one for her. I have to admit, it is growing on me. The bright colors are FAB!! 

See what I mean?


Here is a close up shot of the outside...


I tried my hand at stitching straight lines across the front of the cover to give it some texture and to also hold the cotton batting in place within the cover.

But you know what I forgot to do? Sew my hair band in between the two pieces of fabric. DUH!! This is why I have ribbon the ribbon. See what I mean...


And one more peek inside...


If I were to do ribbon again, I would run it in between the fabric so that you didn't see it, but then again, maybe I will remember to sew the hair band in and add the button instead. LOL

So there you have it. Another one of my Nook cover creations. Wait til you see the next one that I have in the works. Whoa Nelly! It is going to be cute! YIPPEEE!!

Alrighty then, I am off like a prom dress. I am going to try and dig my stamp desk out before I go to bed tonight. I feel like stamping. LOVE THAT FEELING!!

See you all later! Thanks for stopping by!



So recently, when I was on vacation, I decided that purchasing a NOOK would be the best thing for me. Considering how much I love to read and the fact that I have books stashed in every nook (get it?) & cranny around the house I needed to "downsize" my habit (kinda like needing to "downsize" my stamp habit!!).

I went back & forth over purchasing a digital e-reader...would I like it? Would it be the same as holding an actual book? The list went on and on. I thought, "what the heck?" Why not research it a bit, mull it over and then take the plunge, See if it's something I think I will like/love. Well, long story short, I did the research, compared the e-readers on the market & decided to go with the NOOK.

I am in, LoVe, LOVE!! Oh my goodness, why did I wait so long? This thing is FAB! The darn thing even fits in my PURSE! For crying out loud, HOW FRIGGIN' AWESOME IS THAT??? I take it everywhere. Seriously. 

The only thing bad? Not enough cute covers out there on the Barnes & Noble website. Nope. I mean, I didn't want my new NOOK to get SCRATCHED, right? RIGHT. So where did I turn to? Etsy. Oh yes, there are so many handmade covers on there and boy howdy, they are/were, CUTE! I decided to buy one. Yep. And then I noticed how long it would take for them to get it to me...three weeks. Three weeks? I wasn't going to be able to wait that long. I am not that patient. So I thought to myself..."well, how hard could it be to make one myself?" I have a couple of sewing machines, I CAN DO THIS!

I got myself all pumped up and this was the first one I made...


Yes, you all know how much I love coffee. When I saw this print...I was like...uhhhhh YES! Now please note, I am no seamstress. That is my mother. She is the queen of all sewing things. She gets behind a machine and the darn thing sings for her. Me? I am lucky to sew a straight line. I have...umm..."other" talents...LOL What am I trying to say? THIS IS A BIG DEAL PEOPLE!!! (For me, at least...LOL)

Here is a close up shot...I sewed on the block lines of the fabric so that it would have more of a "quilted" look to it.


I also stole/borrowed Anna's wonderful idea of using a hair band & a button for a closure that she used on a wallet she made ( I am the proud owner of this wallet, thank you very much! heehee). Can you see the stitching better now?

And here is the inside...this is where it gets a little rough...


I totally miffed the upper left hand piece of elastic that is holding my NOOK in my handmade holder. Somehow I missed the bottom edge and didn't get it sewn down. WHAN! That's okay though, like I said...I AM A NOVICE and darn proud of it. So what do you think? Nifty? or not so Nifty? Mom, what do YOU think? Think I did pretty good for going solo on this?? heehee 

And...Anna Wight, thank you for your continued inspiration, I just love you!! Heartshape1 

Alright, I am outta here. I have to go clean my house or it will never get done this weekend.

See you People tomorrow and thanks for stopping by!!!


Hola mi amigas!

I have no idea if that is correct or not. Why did I take French instead of Spanish in High School? Seriously. This is crazy. Especially the boy who sat next to me in French. His name was Trevor Morris. King of flip flops. Oh yes, he was a funny, FUNNY, guy! But that story will have to wait for another day. Anywho...

I was playing with my new stamps from The Cat's Pajamas that were released TODAY!! (Did you order yours yet? Oh you should, you should! heehee)

I decided tinkerbelle needed to get inked up...


C'mon, you know you love it!! LOL I was busting a gut the entire time I was making the card. You need to purchase tinkerbelle in addition to the new stamp sets, there is no question about it, right? RIGHT! LOL

No mas, no mas...LOLOL

Alright, it is LATE and I need to hit the sack.

Thanks for dropping by!


TCP Blog Hop

Oh yes, YeS, YES!!!! I am participating in the TCP TUESDAY BLOG HOP!! SO FRIGGIN' EXCITED!! I can hardly contain myself! I was BEYOND excited when Alma asked me to play. You would not believe how CUTE the sets are that are coming out on April 13th!! OH MAMA!!


Okay, okay...where do I begin? Oh YESSSSS!! It's TCP TUESDAY!!! This week, Toni is the Hostess with the Mostess...she has an inspiration challenge ready and waiting for all of you. Wanna see it??? Tah-dah!!!!

TCP Inspiration for Blog Hop

How fun is THAT? LOOOOOOOVE IT! I jumped on the circle bandwagon and came up with this:


How bout them apples??? What do you think? Too many circles? Nah, no way!! And those bunnies? A-DORABLE!!! I am in looooove! And wait til you see what else I made with the new stamps! You will have to wait til later in the week to see those FAB creations!! :)

Okay, okay, so, about the BLOG HOP portion... here is the order of things...

Toni <- START HERE!!




Karrie <- hey, that's me!!






and the Kitty Queen herself...Alma!!

So hurry, play, blog will love all the samples, I know I do!!

Thanks for stopping by!


Sportin' a new do...

FINALLY! I haven't had my hairs cut since July of last year. YIKES! And my hair grows like a friggin' weed! UGH!!

Anywho, my sister's hairdresser, Jessica, hooked me up yesterday. (THANK GOODNESS!) My hair is now short & sassy again and I LOVE IT!


Photo on 2010-04-07 at 10.12

It hangs a little longer in the front. I think she called it an a-line cut. Fun, FUN, FuN!!!

Alright, well, I am off to Joann's to get some fabric so that I can make a cover for my NOOK and a new cover for my iPod. I figure I should take advantage of the fact that my Mom is here and can help me if I need it.

Anywho, I am off like a prom dress. Still need to get a tan too...YIKES!

Thanks for stopping by!


I made it...

Yeppers. So excited to see my family & spend time with them this week. There is so much going on right now. This week is going to be PACKED full of fun and WORK. Can you believe that? What kind of vacation involves work? My family thinks this is acceptable. What the heck? I am going to need to go home just to get a days rest. LOL

So this is how my week is going to go...

  • Sunday...HAPPY EASTER!! I think we are headed out to breakfast this morning & then we are hooking up with the family later. My Mom also needs to fit me for my bridesmaid dress and we need to get some sewing stuff for the dress.
  • Monday...I am helping my Sister paint her "new, old house." My Dad thinks he is getting out of manual labor but I have news for him! LOL
  • Tuesday...I am getting my hair cut & I need find a tanning salon and even out my farmers tan. It looks like I have a sun necklace and am wearing long gloves that go up my arms. Won't that look "hot" in a sleeveless bridesmaid dress? heehee
  • Wednesday...more painting...
  • Thursday...I am hoping my Sister & I can sneak off to San Francisco and enjoy a day together. A little "us" time.
  • Friday...rehearsal luncheon with the wedding party and mani, pedis for everyone.
  • Saturday...the big wedding day. My brother is getting hitched again. This time, I think he has it right. Kathryn is a keeper. So happy for the both of them!
  • Sunday...flying home. I will be so exhausted from the week of fun & manual labor that I am going to need a day to re-coup. I may be sick on Monday...just sayin'...LOLOL

I am sure there will be some drama in there too but I am hoping it will stay to a minimum.

Alright, I better get ready. Hope you all have a FUN & Happy Easter!!

Thanks for stopping by!