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It's all about the comfort factor...

At least in our house it is. See what I mean...

She always goes straight for the pillows.

Snuggles down...and then snuggles down even more...



But then there is the white one...she usually lays on my side of the bed...

and then this one...she will take any leftover space available...

By the time they are done, there is not much room left for Robert and I. I think our next house will need to a master bedroom large enough for TWO king size beds. LOL

Spoiled brats that they are. I wouldn't have them any other way. Just don't tell Ceasar Milan...he would not agree with me. LOLOLOL


Sharon in NE was in AZ!!

Oh my goodness, I was so excited last night. I FINALLY got to meet one of my FAVORITE online friends, Sharon in NE. She ALWAYS leaves the funniest comments on my blog. I thought I was so special having someone like her visit my blog all the time, turns out she was visiting other blogs on the side. Sniff, sniff.

BUT, she must love me that MOST cause I got to meet her IN PERSON. Neener, neener, neener...LOL


And I let her meet my Sister too...


Let me just tell you...Sharon, is just as FUNNY and just as WONDERFUL in person as she is online. I love her to pieces. I just know that we are going to be life long friends. I can't wait to see her again. I just may have to go visit her in NE, but only if she washes the sheets for me....LOLOL <- total inside joke...heehee

Anywho, I just had to share my excitement with all of you and... uh...make you all a little JEALOUS!! heehee


Time to get a little Woodsy...

Are you ready? It only took me four hours, 4 loads of laundry, a shower, a trip to Costco, Petco, Safeway & something for dinner and oh, the last two episodes of Castle to get my card made. Plus, prior to all this...I had to literally dig my stamp desk out. No, seriously, you should have seen the pile of crap sitting on it. Goodness gracious, the dust had DUST on it! LOL

But the reason for making the card? TOTALLY WORTH IT! SHE is totally worth it...that's right, someone is having a birthday soon, wanna know who? The Kitty Queen herself...Alma from The Cat's Pajamas. YEAH!!! Happy Early Birthday Alma!! WOOT! WOOT!

The TCP DT organized a birthday Blog Hop just for Alma. And since it's time for TCP Tuesday, why not combine the fun? Right? RIGHT! So Amy is challenging everyone to get "woodsy" with their card this week. Here is my take on the challenge...


How fun is THAT? Think it's "woodsy" enough??? heehee

I was so excited to play with my TCP sets: A Beary Good Year & Happy Camper. That bear just gets me...right here...(tapping my chest, can't you see me??) LOL

Anywho, back to the birthday blog should have come to my blog from my girl Toni's blog (Hi Toni!! Love ya Girlie!!!), wasn't her card great by the way??? And I hoped you enjoyed your time here, is now time to scoot your bumm over to Leigh's blog. I am SURE she has something to knock your socks off too. WOOHOO!!

Have fun peoples!! And Alma? Happy Birthday Week, I hope it's the best birthday EVER!!