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It's HER birthday today...

She is 7. She is funny...entertaining...sweet when she wants to be...obsessed with Little Pet Shop...gets me right here -> Xlove_blinkhart when she says "Auntie"...loves to talk on the phone...artistic...loves to SING...likes shoes...loves the song "Ring of Fire"...makes me laugh...loves her family like you wouldn't believe...the list goes on...

And today? Well, today is her HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


So without further ado...

Hapbirthdays Audrey!!!!

I hope you have the BEST birthday ever!

Love you sweetie!!


She strikes AGAIN!

YES! I stamped and it felt GOOD! Like wrapping up in your favorite blanket on the couch with your favorite movie...mmmmmm...yahhhhhhhhh!!!! LOVE THAT!

Did I tell you that I have birthdays coming out the..."blank"...right now? Yikes! I have to make three more cards by the end of the week. Double YIKES!! No pressure or anything, right? LOLOL


I pulled out one of my favorite SU! sets for this card. Every stamp in Birthday Banter cracks me up. And yes, on the inside of the card I used the saying, " I know how much women your age enjoy a floral moo-moo! Happy Birthday!" I mean, c'mon, who wouldn't bust a gut reading that? Right? RIGHT!

Shoot, look at the time, I better jet, I need to take the bad, bad, girl for a walk this morning. heehee

Thanks for stopping by!!!


I did it...simple & fast

but it's a card none the less, right? RIGHT! It can only get better from here, right? RIGHT! I even had a little inspiration, see...


I bought this cute monkey for my niece, Audrey. Cute, huh? I know. Just like her.

Here's a close up shot of the I said, SIMPLE...


Even though it's not some "great" work of art, I think she'll like it. She loves me like that.

Alrighty then, first card down...more to come. I mean, why stop now, right? RIGHT!

See you later alligator! And hey, thanks for stopping by!


12 hrs round trip + some CA rain + an antique Hoosier = 2 Happy People

Back in December, my Hubby ran accross a Hoosier listed on Ebay. It was a GREAT deal! The only problem? It was in Anaheim Hills,CA and was listed as local pick up only. Robert & I decided that it was worth the drive. Actually, I decided it was worth the drive & make him see it my way. LOL

So what is an antique Hoosier? Well, I think it would be better to show you, rather than to explain...

This is the whole enchilada...


Here are some detail shots...

You can slide the white enamel top out to twice the cool is that?


The hardware is all pretty...


This is the flour container & spinning spice rack. Yes, we have the spice jars that go in there, just didn't want to unwrap them for the photos (will explain why in a bit)...


The inside of the top...


This is the flyer that explains the many "desireable conveniences" of purchasing a Hoosier, if only it cost $24.95...LOL


Gorgeous spice racks, don't you think?


The gave us their antique Ben Hur spices to put on the shelf below...


The ahhhh-mazing flour dispenser...


They threw in the antique meat grinder too! Such wonderful people!


The drawers are metal to keep the mice/rodents out...clever, huh?


So much storage space, don't you think?


And the last one...


So there she is...beautiful, isn't she? She is even more stunning in person, wait til you see her! 

Are you wondering why she is sitting in our garage?'s because we are in the process of purchasing a BIGGER HOUSE!!! We bought this Hoosier knowing it wouldn't fit in our current home but would DEFINITELY fit in our new house! LOL

That being said, if you notice sporadic posts on the ole blog, you know why. Wink2

Have a happy!!


Oh look, you are wearing your Dorthea shoes...

Excuse me? My what? I have no idea what you are talking about...

That is the conversation I have with my husband anytime he sees me wearing these shoes. I still don't understand the whole Dorthea thing, all I know is...these shoes make my feet HAPPY!


They are my newest Birks and let me just say....they are UBER COMFY!!! They make me feel like I am walking on marshmellows! Sigh... :)


And...they are pretty cute, if I do say so myself! LOL


You should try a pair, you would like them!!


So long pretty lady, hello sexy mama!!

After 7 wonderful years together, my "Pretty Lady" aka Starbucks Espresso machine, took a dump. I was torn up over it, she was GREAT! She was reliable! She was, well, she was my constant companion...sigh...

But now? Now, Pretty Lady has brewed her last espresso...I will miss you...xoxox


I was absolutely heartbroker, I mean really, what was I to do? I HAVE to have coffee in the morning...I HAVE to hear the grinding of fresh beans...the smell of fresh espresso brewing...the frothing of milk or half & half...I just HAVE TO!

So...(before I had heart failure) in walks Sexy Mama...


I have to admit...she makes my heart skip a beat...


She grinds & brews some INCREDIBLE espresso...


And she froths to new best friend and I LOVE HER!!! Please...don't ever leave me Sexy Mama!! LOL

May your day be filled with delicious coffee!!


The list...

Everyone does it...well, almost everyone does...right? RIGHT! I am no different. (Other than the fact that I am throwing this out there for all to see. LOL)

So this year, instead of making New Year's "Resolutions"...I am making a list of things I would LIKE to do...

For instance, I would like to (in no particular order):

Purchase a new home, a bigger one

Visit lot 16 with my friend Eliza

Put 10% of our net pay into savings...and try not to spend it...hahaha

Lose 50-75 lbs

Walk the dogs more

Work with Libby in hopes to make her a good, good girl instead of a bad, bad one

Take more pictures

Visit someplace I have never been before

Workout 3 times a week

Allow myself to stray from my eating plan twice a month but ONLY twice a month

Find my mojo & see if I can't get creative again

Complain less about work

Enjoy my marriage, not that I don't, because I do...I just want to enjoy the little things more, does that make sense?

Spend more time with my parents

Be more frugal

Blog more

Follow through more, both at work & at home

Figure out a routine during the week that leaves me with more time on the weekend rather than cleaning & runnng errands Saturday & Sunday

Cook more at home, try new recipes

Send out more cards to let people know that I am thinking about them & care about them

RECYCLE! (Babe, I need you to make me that recycle bin...PRONTO!! LOL)

Send out birthday & Christmas cards before the "big day" rather than after...(wht a concept!)

Have a romantic get-a-way with my husband (anyone want to dog sit for us??)

Have a party for no reason other than to spend time with great friends & family

Get to know my brother, sister-n-law & niece better. I know that sounds wierd... but it's true!! I can tell you anything you want to know about my sister but not my brother. How crazy is that? Silly, just silly I tell you!

Purge. Get rid of all the stuff we don't use.

Get a fishing license & actually use it. How fun would that be?

Work on getting off some of the medication I am on. (I think losing weight will help with this)

I think that's it for now. It seems like a lot but when it comes right down to it? It's not much. Not when there is 365 days a year, right? RIGHT!

So, uh, what's on YOUR list? Do share, I would love to hear from you!!

Have a happy!