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Saturday morning yard work...

This morning I decided we weren't going to be lazy bums and that things were gonna get done around the house. I cleaned half of the house and then told Robert we needed to head outside and get the yard done before it got too hot. He put it off for a few minutes and then decided he was tired of hearing me nag him... LOL 

This is how he is handling the aftermath of this mornings yard work...


As you can see, he is not the only one who is beat...LOLOLOLOL

Meanwhile, I am finishing this quick post to my blog, moving laundry, mopping the kitchen and running the vacuum through the last room. I'm almost done, I can see the light...I can see a nap for myself, I can see a movie in my future, I can see stamping...ahhhh, THAT's the life!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!


Is it just me?

I think it might be. It seems like everytime I go to catch up on my favorite blogs in my Google Reader account, all the cards look the same. I find myself scrolling at dangerous speeds because everyone is either: 1. using all the same stamps *or* 2. everyone is using everyone else's idea on their card. I mean, if I were to "CASE" a card tonight, I wouldn't even know who to give credit for it. Sheesh!

And, uhhhh, what the heck is up with the 50 million layers on a card? People, THIS is why the post office is going one can afford to mail their hand-stamped cards anymore! LOL

I think it's back to the drawing board for me. I am going to start over, start fresh. Get back to the basics and go with "Simple & Clean." Yep, I think so.

Alrighty then, getting out my pencil & paper, drawing up some simple sketches & then I will be back later this week with the "NEW ME!!"