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Got balls?

Well, some one thinks they do, check out what they posted in my comments today regarding Audrey getting an iPad: 


Anonymous said...

Just another example of why our country is in the sad financial state that it is in. Everyone wants what they want whether they should have it or not. Not to mention that we have created a nation of narcissists by giving children everything they want. No one teaches kids the value of a dollar anymore or expects them to actually work for something they want. Then they go out into the world expecting all their wishes to be fulfilled without them actually having to lift a finger. It's no wonder so many in this country expect someone else to take care of them from cradle to grave.


Now, don't get me wrong, EVERYONE is entitled/has a right to their own opinion & while I agree with "some" of what Anonymous had to say, I don't agree with all of it.

What really burns me up is that this person took the time to give his/her opinion but didn't have the "balls" to leave their name. 

That being said, this card is for you...


I don't need to defend what my husband did. I also don't need to justify what I post on my blog. But let me just say, if you are going to take the time to comment, own up to what you have to say or don't say it at all. 

Other than that? Have a GREAT day & thanks for stopping by!! Biggrin


Stay-cation in progress...recap of Day 8 & 9 with Audrey...

Day 8:

I can't believe how fast this stay-cation has gone. It seems like yesterday I was picking Audrey up at the airport. time flies...

We tried to keep it low key after our adventures at Out of Africe Wildlife Park but I really had no clue what it was like to go see a Disney movie on OPENING day! We arrived at the theatre 30 minutes early for our movie: 


Little did I know that I should have been there an hour early!! By the time we got up to the window to get our tickets for our selected movie time, we would have been sitting in the front row. Uh, no thank you!! So we purchased tickets for the next show time and waited in line for 40+ minutes. Oh my goodness, there were kids EVERYWHERE!! LOL 

"Brave" was really cute. Cute & LONG. If you have kids, you should go see it. Even if you don't have kids & you like Disney movies, you should go see it.

After the movie, we ran to Old Navy to pick up the her swim shorts that we forgot & dropped by Costco for a few things. Once we got home, she pulled a Friday and started racing to her room to put her swim suit on. She came out and annouced it was "race time."

We all went outside and tah-dah....


Audrey completed the challenge her Uncle set before her & won herself an iPad. DISCLOSURE: Now, about this iPad thing, I just want everyone to know that this was NOT my idea and I did not/do not support giving an 8yr old something this expensive. There I said it. Now I feel better. And, uh, please do not think that just because you can swim across the pool or something silly like that that YOU will be getting an iPad or that we are looking for additional neieces & nephews. Just sayin'... LOL

After the swim challenge we had a little dinner, watched a little tv & then did some stamping. If you would like to see our stamped creations, you can see them HERE

Day 9: 

Not much going on today other than laundry & packing. It's time to ship the little one back home. :( 

We will miss her. She has been nothing but entertaining while here. I am so thankful that my Sis & her Hubby let her come visit! 

See ya all later!

 & Audrey


Parting words from Audrey at the airport...

Scenario 1: there is a young couple sitting across for us kissing & snuggling.
Audrey: that is sooo disgusting
Me: no, it's not. They are in love & being affectionate. Nothing wrong with that.
Audrey: no Auntie, it really is disgusting.
Me: I don't think so. In fact, I wish Uncle Robert would do that with me.
She looks at me with a serious face and says...
"Auntie, if you want him to do that then you need to tell him that!"

Scenario 2: we're talking about her going home
Audrey: well, I need to go home to the people that love me
Me: I love you
Audrey: I know but you know what I am saying. I have to go home to the people that love me and need me.
Me: I need you
Audrey: I know Auntie but you will be okay. (as she pats me on the back)
Seriously people, can you imagine all the conversations I had with this child over the past week???? LOL
Karrie :)
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Stay-cation in progress...recap of Day 7 with Audrey...

Where's Audrey on Day 7? At Out of Africa Wildlife Park in Camp Verde, AZ. Talk about a GREAT privately owned/funded zoo! If you are ever in AZ for vacation, you should definitely make a trip out to see this! Here are some pics from our day...


We started out on an open bus Safari. Prior to boarding the bus we were given treats to give to the giraffes & camel. Audrey was lucky enough to feed the giraffes not once, not twice but THREE times. 


The giraffe knew the guide had YUMMY treats so he came in the bus to get some. It was hysterical!


After Audrey was done petting the giraffe she turned around and said "he's dirty!" and showed me her dirty hand. She wasn't too pleased about that. LOL


A couple of shots of my two favorite yahoo's...


Cooling off with a rainbow Hawaiian Ice. Looks yummy, huh? She thought so!


This next part was our favorite part of the day, check it out...




This is "Amazonia," she's a Anaconda.Robert & Audrey were freaked out by her. Me? On the other hand? I was excited to get to touch her, suprisingly enough she was silky smooth.  LOL


Now this next exhibit was another one of my favorites. In fact, I think it was a HIT for all three of us...




I mean really, who doesn't love a Prarie Dog??? 


And that's the end of our time at the park...ciao friends!!


More updates to follow, hopefully I will be back later today with the rest. 

See you later!

Newkarriesig& Audrey

Rosie Roadshow Challenge!!

I am so excited that Anna agreed to participate in a Rosie Roadshow card challenge with me. It's been FOREVER since we have done one. :(

Anna came up with a good idea & asked if Audrey wanted to play before she leaves. Since Audrey has been a stamping fool this week I figured she would be all for it. And...she was...

It's a master piece, don't you think? I know, she's ahhhh-mazing, huh???

My card has a swimming know, with all the swimming I have been doing this past week, I thought it was appropriate, see....

Isn't she so sexy in her little red bikini (I hand drew that on her)?? I think she is trying to pick up Richard, don't you?? All I have to say is...thank goodness they weren't skinny dipping! LOL

Make sure to visit Anna's blog & check out her card, I am sure it is FABULOUS!!! 

Thanks for stopping by!

& Audrey 

Stay-cation in progress...recap of Days 5 & 6 with Audrey...

Well, days 5 & 6 were pretty uneventful. We watched a lot of tv, movies, etc. Did some swimming (you know, to practice for the swim challenge today), a little stamping, school work, eating, napping, gaming and even more swimming. (After 12 yrs of living in AZ I have a tan!!LOL)

Like I said, nothing big. I don't even have pictures. Well, I have one, but I am not allowed to share it. Yell at Robert, he is the one being a butt about it. :( 

Any who, I will be back with a recap of Day 7 in a bit. 

Chat with you later, 

 & Audrey

Stay-cation in progress...recap of Day 4 with Audrey...

Day 4 was not as fulfilling as Audrey wanted it to be. I had certain things I needed to get done, the big one? CLEANING THE HOUSE! I can't stand a dirty house, not when I have 3 labs & Robert. I am not saying that I am perfect by any means. I am just saying that...well...I don't know how 3 dogs & 2 people can make such a MESS. LOL

First thing out of Audrey's mouth this morning was "when can I go swimming?" My response was, "Ummm, after you are done with your school work, cleaning your bedroom, taking a shower and I am done cleaning the house & going to Costco." She didn't like that. What can I say? I can't give her everything she wants, whenever she wants. I mean, geez, what am I? Some kind of push over??? :)

So, she started her day with some breakfast & then took a shower. When she was done, she asked if she could walk Libby. Of couse you can! 

Here's the little poser...

I' m sorry, but...HOW FRIGGIN' CUTE IS SHE???? cute, so very, very, cute!

Then came school work...


Not really sure why she felt the need to hide...little stinker!


And then she decided my stamp desk was a better place to work...


I think she had alterior motives and wanted to do a little stamping after her school work...yep, that was it, see...

After stamping came the usual "when can I go swimming? can we go now? how much more before we can go? can Uncle Robert take me?" Since I was still cleaning the house I told her to go beg her Uncle. She did. It took her a couple of times but she finally broke him down. (Please note, in between all the begging & cleaning she DID clean her room.) Here's a little snippet of her afternoon...


As you can see, she is definitely a water girl. Or is that iPad girl? LOL 

We eventually made it to Costco & had some dinner (cooked at home at the request of Audrey). We also did a little night swimming. I don't know about you but after 4 days I am pooped (but in a good way, a happy way). I think Robert is feeling the same way. 

Alright, I am off. Little Miss is making me breakfast this morning. Should be good!

See you all later!

Newkarriesig & Audrey

Stay-cation in progress...recap of Day 3 with Audrey...

Where do I begin? It was such an eventful day!!! LOL 

On Day 3 we went over to my friend Dana's house (she is so wonderful, I love her!!). It's about a 35-40 minute drive so we stopped at Starbucks and picked up a little something, something before we got there. Vanilla Bean Frap for Audrey & Triple iced Grande 2 pump SF vanilla breve latte for me...YUM!

Audrey was ready to rock n roll the minute we arrived at Dana's house. I had to rein her in a bit and make her do her school work first. No work, no play, that's my motto when it comes to this youngster! :) 

She finished her work in a flash & wanted to start she is hard at work. Yes, I even let her use my Copic Markers...(what was I thinking???????? LOL)

She was making a card for her Uncle Robert, here's the finished product: 

Didn't she do a great job? So proud of her!! :) 

But stamping wasn't going to be enough for this one. Oh no, she was hoping MacKenzie (Dana's daughter) would give her swim lessons. She had to wait until MacKenzie finished the chapter in the book she was reading & then it was on!

She even got daring & jumped off the waterfall...

I honestly think she is going to get that iPad at the end of the week. Seriously. 

After a couple of hours she FINALLY got out of the pool and "gamed" with Steven on the iPads. It was funny. She even made a fort out of his bunk beds.. She was on the top bunk & Steven was on the bottom bunk. You could barely see her up there...

Dana & I continued to stamp until it was time for us to hit the road. Not less than 5 minutes on the road & Audrey was passed out in the seat next to me. When we got home, she went straight to the couch...

Her Uncle Robert couldn't help but antagonize her...

Gotta love that! 

Overall? It was an absolutely FANTASTIC day! I can't thank Dana & her kids enough for having us over & entertaining us. It truly was a perfect day!!

See you all later!

 & Audrey


Stay-cation in progress...recap of Day 2 with Audrey

Day 2: 

We started the day off with a healthy breakfast of oatmeal...and the iPad...

I think she has an iPad problem. She is obsessed with it. Much like her Auntie. LOL I have to admit, I am doing really good at sharing. My parents would be so proud! :) 

After breakfast we slummed around the house for a bit, Audrey watching "Jessie" on the Disney channel & Robert & I watching Deadliest Catch. After about an hour she had enough and wanting to go swimming. I told her we couldn't go swimming until we got our shopping done. (You see, prior to Audrey even coming she made sure I knew that she needed a new bathing suit. And, uh, who am I to deny her that? I mean really. Isn't that my job as an Auntie???) So off to  ONlogo_big

we went. We struck gold because I happended to have a 30% off coupon for my entire purchase. Woot, woot!! Two bathing suits, numerous pairs of shorts, shirts & some new capris and we were out of there. WHEW!! That girl can SHOP! She almost took me to the bank! YIKES! LOL 

After shopping, we headed home & went swimming. This little girl LOVES the water. It's almost impossible to get her out of the pool. Especially when her Uncle Robert tells her...wait for it..."Audrey, if you can swim to the other side of the pool & back by Friday, I will GIVE you my iPad." WHAT???? I know, I just about fell over. Did he really just say that? I was in complete shock. Seriously. I mean, sheesh, what's a girl got to do to get an Uncle like that? And then, does he really know what he is in for? He has two other nieces and a nephew. Does that mean 3 more iPads in our future that we have to purchase? Crikey. I could honestly throttle him right now. UGH! Any who, Audrey was THRILLED and wanted to stay in the pool and "practice." I ended up turning into "mean Auntie" and forced her to get out of the pool. She was not happy with me and let me know that. We had to have a little "talk" because of it. By the end of the conversation she was saying what I wanted to hear "Aunite, I am sorry for being a brat." Yes, I made her say that. LOL

So then the girl was starving. She proceeded to go in the house & start pulling things out of the fridge for dinner. I thought she was going to cook for us. Nope, not gonna happen. She wanted us to make a burrito. Well, the amount of food she pulled out was only for one person so I had to go to the grocery store. I told Audrey that she needed to pull out one of her readers & read to Uncle Robert while I was gone. "Okay, Auntie!" was the response I rcvd. Off to the grocery store I went. Shop, shop, shop & then I am back home. I walk in & the tv is on. I look at Robert and say "where's Audrey?" His response, "Well, she said was tired & wanted to lay down & take a nap so she is on the couch right now. She's probably watching tv." I think that is where my eyes rolled back in my head and I lost it. I yelled at them both. Audrey for not doing what I asked her to do and Robert for being the irresponsible adult. UGH!! This is one of the reasons why Robert & I will never have kids. Sigh...

Needless to say, Audrey learned the definition of "consequences" that evening. No night swimming for her. She was devastated. There were tears, running to the bedroom & doors shutting (almost slamming but not quite). She was in there for about 30 minutes. After that episode it was a pretty uneventful evening and everyone hit the sack early. 

I have to admit, I was looking forward to the next day to see what else was in store...LOL

Until then...

A bientot!

Newkarriesig   & Audrey