boo-yah! i've been busy people!!
Somedays you have to make certain cards...

I made birthday cards on time this year...

I just didn't send them out. Dang it anyway. LOL

Here's my sisters birthday card. I actually made this while she & I were having a virtual craft date (FUN!!!!!).


I haven't played with my Odd Bird Planet stamps in 4-EVER!!! They are just sitting there collecting dust. No bueno.

It's really too bad Johanna closed up her shop. I loved these stamps. Do you know...I even had someone email last month asking about one of those adorable gnome stamps?!?! It's a shame, really. 

Random squirrel here...that little dog of mine, Gracie? She is ALL kinds of trouble! She thinks she runs this place. THE NERVE! She jumps up to scour the counters, tries to steal the other dogs food, makes poor Molly share her side of the couch...see what I mean...


Don't you feel sorry for Molly? I do. Poor baby. 

All right, I guess I better get going. I want to get some reading in before I hit the sack. Plus I need to think about what happened on Blacklist last night (LOVE THAT SHOW!). So many little time...LOL

Have a great evening!