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hi. whatcha doin?

Me? Well, I am sitting here catching up on some of my programs & posting to my blog. Multi-tasking...the story of my life. LOLOL


I decided to participate in some stamp challenges over the past weekend. I really wanted to try out Anna Wight's mixability challenge over at Splitcoaststampers. It is called the "Color it Twice" challenge.

So...I colored Bernard with my copics first & then went over him & did some shading with my Prismacolor pencils. It's hard to tell I did any shading, huh? Good thing Bernard is such a handsome guy! LOL

Regardless of how my coloring turned out, I still like my card. Who wouldn't? I mean c'mon on, Bernard & umbrellas? The perfect saying?'s enough to make anyone smile, especially ME!!

Oh hey, did I tell you that I signed up to get my Copic certification? I am so excited. My friend Dana & I are going next month. Should be a blast! :) 

Okie dokie, I better hit the road. Thanks so much for stopping by!



card deets: 

  • stamps: all from Rosie's Roadshow
  • paper: K & Company, White, Black & Kraft
  • inks: Momento Black & Copics
  • misc: White Gel Pen

Somedays you have to make certain cards...

Cards that really don't leave that warm, fuzzy, feeeling inside. Know what I mean? It's not the card itself, it's WHY you had to make the card. 

A friend of mine, from work, just lost her Mom to Alzheimer's Disease. It was terrible to watch her, watch her Mom disappear. I mean, can you imagine, your Mom, who raised you, loves you, brings you joy, isn't able to recognize you one day? Isn't able to communicate or remember who she was married to, where she lived, what she did for a living or that you are her daughter?

Someone that was so vibrant in so many ways and then BAM within a couple of years, it's all gone. You don't even know if there is someone inside anymore. Are they just a shell? Can they hear me? Terrible, absolutely terrible.

I think of my parents and I am so blessed that they are mine. I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like without them. I love them. Absolutely adore them. Sigh...

Okay, let me show you this card...


My friend Dana came up with the layout and then I did my own thing with it (colors, etc). I love how it turned out but I hate that I had to make it. :( 

WHAN, I am going to go. This post has made me sad & I don't want to be sad. I want to be glad, happy, excited, etc. So I am calling it quits for the night. I hope you all have a wonderful evening. I will see you tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by!



card deets: 

  • stamps: Papertrey Ink & Stampin' Up!
  • paper: Grey, Yellow & Fancy Pants
  • inks: Momento Black
  • misc: Satin Ribbon 

I made birthday cards on time this year...

I just didn't send them out. Dang it anyway. LOL

Here's my sisters birthday card. I actually made this while she & I were having a virtual craft date (FUN!!!!!).


I haven't played with my Odd Bird Planet stamps in 4-EVER!!! They are just sitting there collecting dust. No bueno.

It's really too bad Johanna closed up her shop. I loved these stamps. Do you know...I even had someone email last month asking about one of those adorable gnome stamps?!?! It's a shame, really. 

Random squirrel here...that little dog of mine, Gracie? She is ALL kinds of trouble! She thinks she runs this place. THE NERVE! She jumps up to scour the counters, tries to steal the other dogs food, makes poor Molly share her side of the couch...see what I mean...


Don't you feel sorry for Molly? I do. Poor baby. 

All right, I guess I better get going. I want to get some reading in before I hit the sack. Plus I need to think about what happened on Blacklist last night (LOVE THAT SHOW!). So many little time...LOL

Have a great evening!


boo-yah! i've been busy people!!

I have been hiding in my craft room stamping like crazy! I even snuck out of bed last night and stayed up WAYYYY past my normal bedtime. (It was so much fun. heehee) I was a little tired this morning but it was totally worth it. 

I have a STACK of cards to share, I don't even know where to start...

Hmmm, let's about this one? 


I didn't sew a "stitch" on this card. Can you believe it? This paper from October Afternoon is "da BOMB!!" I embellished it a bit with my pattern tracer wheel but... that's it. I let the paper do all the work for me. BOO-YAH! LOL

Completely off topic here but... aren't DVR's the best invention ever? I mean seriously. No really, seriously! Who doesn't love fast-forwarding through commericals? Uh... I DO!!

I am watching the Grammy's from last night and Robin Thicke & Chicago are performing right now. I think Robin Thicke is a STAGE HOG!!! He is singing over the Chicago guys (why are they even on the stage?) & is standing in front of them making sure all the attention is on him. BOOOOOOO! likey. Share the stage man, SHARE...THE...STAGE! 

But Keith Urban? Hello hotty. I would like to run my fingers down your sexy chest, just sayin'... oh geez, I am blushing now...guess I better wrap this up. LOL

Oh my...John Legend is on now {SWOON} he makes the most beautiful "baby making" music. Sigh...

Okay, okay. I gotta go. LOL

I hope you all had a FANTASTIC Monday. See you tomorrow!



card deets: 

  • stamps: all from Rosie's Roadshow
  • paper: October Afternoon, White, Wild Wasabi & Pink
  • inks: Momento Black & Copics
  • misc: Liquid Pearls & Yellow Stickles



Oh Brutus...

You are the cutest thing and sooooooo teeny tiny! Sometimes I find it hard to use such a small stamp on a full sized card. Since I am not a big of 50 layers of cardstock (I actually like to fit my cards into envelopes & mail them) I had to think of some way to make Brutus stand out. 


Did it work? :)

I feel like getting crafty today. I have the fever. My creative juices are flowing & you know when that happens... you need to roll with it. That being said, the whole house cleaning thing is going to have to wait till tomorrow. Who has time for that today when there are so many more FUN things to do right now? :)

Alright, off I go! Have a super day today!



card deets: 

  • stamps: Rosie's Roadshow
  • paper: White, Green, Red & Martha Stewart DP paper
  • inks: Black Momento & Copics
  • misc: QK dies, Corner Rounder, Twine & Button

Sometimes we lose our sweet babies...

My friend Gloria just lost her sweet baby. He was a 17 yr old dachshund. Can you believe that? 17 yrs!! That's so amazing! She obviously loved & cared for him well over the years. Makes me smile just thinking about it. 

He was adorable too. He was all grey in the face. Sweet old man! :) 

Anywho, I made her this card...


I took the little halo & added it to Wally's head. I should have hand drawn a pair of wings on him but I didn't trust myself. I thought I would end up wrecking her card & didn't want that to happen. 

Isn't he the sweetest suspended up on the clouds like that? Sigh...little cutie!

I know my card won't bring back Gloria's sweet baby back but I hope she knows that I care for her, I'm here for her...and most of all...I understand what she is going through. 

Sorry for the sad post but I really wanted to share the card. Will be more upbeat on the next post, promise!!

Thanks for stopping by!


Pssst...all the stamps used were from ROSIE'S ROADSHOW!!!

DIY Snowglobes

Have you ever made these? SOOOOOOO easy! All you need is a jar, E6000 glue, fun stuff to put in the jar & fake snow. Seriously, easiest & cutest gift EVER! I know, I made them this past Christmas!! LOL

IMG_1146My niece LOVES Littlest Pet Shop & snow globes. I HAD to make her one. :) 

IMG_1148This one was a special one for my Sis. Yes, I made a matching one for myself. LOL

Best place to get ideas for this fun project? PINTEREST!!! I spend way too much time pinning. Oh please, don't sit there & try to deny that you don't go on there, you know you do. It is what it is people...a drug! LOLOL

Alright, hope you enjoyed my fun stuff. 

Thanks for stopping by!



Challenge Chicks card for Jan 2014

Starting the year off right, whoop, whoop! 

Anna Wight is still in the mood for winter (even though she was crying a bit over how chilly is was in TX today, LOL) anywho, her challenge was to make a "winter" card. Tah-dah!!!!


I even made a SHAKER card! How do you like them apples?? BOO-YAH!!! LOLOL I am surprised I remembered how. I guess it's like riding a bike, huh? Okay, maybe not.

Alright, I have to finish editing a couple more cards. Will be sharing those this week along with some other fun stuff I have been up to. 

Hope you all have a SUPER evening!



card deets: 

stamps: all from Rosie's Roadshow

paper: die cut card from Creative Cuts & More, white & cool caribbean

inks: black & copics

misc: nesties & QK dies, glitter & acetate