Naughty or Nice Challenge #1
Cream in my coffee?

Bringing Sexy, oops, I mean Simple, back...LOL




I don't know how much more simple this card could be. I had some K & Company paper scraps leftover from a few cards I made & whipped this one up. I really miss vintage a|muse stamps. Not that the new stamps aren't nice but the old ones? Loved them. A lot. 


Robert & I decided we were going to get all our chores done today & then have a lazy day tomorrow. Well, we just started our 3rd movie & we are still in our pajamas, what does that say? Ummm...LAZY. But it's not just us..nope...Molly is in her chair snoring, Bailey is taking up the other half of the couch with her legs crossed & passed out cold, Libby is curled in a ball on her dog bed & Gracie? Well, a picture is a thousand words, isn't it? 

Photo on 2-8-14 at 12.14 PM

I know the picture isn't the best but I didn't have my camera handy & had to take this using Photo booth on my laptop.

As you can see, she is as modest as ever. LOL Funny little dog.  

I guess I better get back to being lazy, hope you have a great Saturday!

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card deets: 

  • stamps: Vintage a|muse 
  • paper: White, K & Company
  • inks: Black Momento