Cock a doodle doooooooooo
Sometimes even Wonder Woman needs a day off...

Card overhaul complete...

I am liking this version sooooo much better than the first one I made. 





The "after" version looks more balanced. I look at the "before" card & wonder what the heck I was thinking??? I can't even believe I thought that was an acceptable card. BLAH!!! Definitely happier with the new version. 


I am bummed. My stay-cation is coming to an end. BOOO!!!! The pups aren't happy either. They love hanging out with us all day, see...


Who wouldn't want these 3 as stamping companions?? Only thing bad about them when they are like this...trying not to trip over them. LOL

Well folks, I need to clean the house & then I am going to get back to stamping. I still have a TON of cards I want to make before this vacay is over. Wants, needs...maybe I should just take care of my wants??? Mmmm, maybe...

See you all later!