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How many are too many?


When it comes to coffee, I don't think there is any such thing as "too many." Seriously. Just ask my Sis, she will tell you the same thing. LOL

I absolutely LOVE the color combo on this card. That patterened paper from My Mind's Eye is too cute! I also like the layout. Layering the paper & then using the die cut? Nice! I am pretty sure I saw an example somewhere on the internet & that's where I got the idea but it was a couple of months ago and I didn't write it down. (Sorry!). So whoever posted a card similar to this one? THANK YOU!! 

I have a busy weekend this weekend. Need to get the house cleaned PRONTO because the folks are showing up next Saturday. Yes, it will need to be cleaned again before they get here but this weekend I am doing all the nick picky stuff like; cleaning the ceiling fans, wiping down the picture frames, working on the know what I am talking about. All the stuff we women HATE TO CLEAN. Ugh! 

I also need to decorate the house but... I know that will be a solo job because getting Robert to help with that? Totally out of the question. It doesn't do any good to ask either. He is such a bump on the log. Sigh...I need to trade him in for a newer model. LOL

Alright, my day is wasting away. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. If you go out & brave the crowds? May the force be with you!


Thanks for stopping by!



Card Supplies: 

  • Stamps: All from Rosie's Roadshow
  • Paper: Yellow, White, DP from My Mind's Eye
  • Inks: Black Momento & Copics
  • Misc: Brads & QK Circle Die


Bottoms Up!


Cute butts are all the rage right now. You are probably thinking..."what? Is she out of her mind?" Nah, I mean, when you live with this...


The CUSTEST TUSH EVER...butts become all the rage. And duck bums from Rosie's Roadshow? They are definitely right up there with Gracie's tush! LOL

So, I have to tell you... I am suffering from the biggest case of lazies... EVER. I have things I want to do like stamping, crafting, laundry, cleaning the house, errands, etc but when it somes right down to it? I would rather take a nap. Zzzzz.....

Shoot, I still haven't gone grocery shopping for Thanksgiving. Who waits to the last minute like that? Me. Heck, I am not sure I even want to cook. No really, who wants to cook for two people and then go to work the next day? Not me. It seems silly. Cook all day, eat for 20 minutes and then have to clean up a HUGE mess? Just doesn't seem worth it in my eyes. I am tempted to either a. go out for dinner or b. order up some grub from somewhere and then just heat it up the day of. What do you think? What would you do?

Ohhhh, my dryer just buzzed. Guess I better go fold some laundry & put the next load in. I do love me some clean clothes!! :) 

Happy Sunday people!!!




Card supplies: 

  • Stamps: All from Rosie's Roadshow
  • Paper: River Rock, White, DP 
  • Inks: Black Momento & Copics
  • Misc: Twine

Happy Birthday Fly By


You know how poop happens when birds are near? Well, I bought this funny saying from Rosie's Roadshow and knew I had to make this card. I just hope the recipient gets it. LOL

This morning Robert & I got up early and went to see the first showing of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. It was sooo good but I am irritated that they broke the movie into 2 parts. WHY, why do they do that? Oh that's right, just another way to make more money. :(

Anywho, would I recommend the movie? Yep. Definitely! :)

Alright, I think we are off to dinner. When I get back, I am headed back to the office and getting crafty.  YEAH!!!

Hope you have a wonderful evening!



Card Supples: 

  • Stamps: All from Rosie's Roadshow
  • Paper: Yellow, White, Cool Carribbean & BG paper
  • Inks: Black Momento & Copics
  • Misc: White Gel Pen, Label Die, Button & Twine



Calgon took me away & almost didn't bring me back...

Just kidding. I have been busy, busy, busy, lazy and busy. Yep, when I DID have time to post to my blog, I didn't feel like it which is terrible because I have had this stack of cards sitting on my desk for 2+ months "dying" to get posted for all to see. It's shameful really. 


Bernard is busy soaking his weary bones in Calgon right now. I should have put some bubbles in there. THAT would have been AWESOME but alas, I didn't think of that until just now. Perhaps I should re-make the card with some "improvements." Lord knows my coloring would be better. I mean, I DID attend a Jennifer Dove Copic Retreat a couple of weekends ago and learned a TON and had a blast while there.

Time to jump in the shower & get the laundry started. Chores are calling. Plus, I am hoping to get a little crafty this afternoon. Yippee!!

Hope you all have a relaxing Sunday!!



Card Supplies: 

  • stamps: all from Rosie's Roadshow
  • paper: cute little 6x6 pad that I can't remember (sorry), pink, rose red & cool carribean
  • inks: Copics & Momento Black
  • misc: glitter glue, crystal effects