Thanking my lucky stars...
Missing you already...

Welcome, Little One

I haven't stamped in FOREVER (too much going on, will fill you in later) but one of my co-workers asked if I could whip her up a baby shower card and I said..."sure, no problem." As soon as the words were out of my mouth I began to wonder if I had over committed myself. I know, you are can this girl over commit herself with ONE CARD but for me? THE STRUGGLE IS REAL FOLKS!! LOL

It took me 2 hours to make it...crazy, I know, but I had to color the same image 3x because it wasn't "just right." By the time I finished the third image I was happy with it. I probably could have made some minor color changes but overall, after not stamping for 6+ months, I liked what I saw.



All the stamps I used are retired (sorry) from The Cat's Pajamas. It's fun to pull out the old stuff!! 

Hoping to play with my stamps again soon. Keep good thoughts for me!

Thanks for stopping by!