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Take a deep breath...

it's time to blow out the candles...


This funny little guy is from Art Impressions. You can purchase him by himself or in a set with the saying. I bought the set in case you are wondering. LOL

So... initially I stamped the image to practice coloring. And then I made mistake after mistake and started covering them up. (C'mon, we've all been there.) I will admit, the puff paint on the cake is covering up some red that ran out of the lines. LOL 

Any who, I hope you enjoy the card & your weekend!!



Bed ornament?

How am I supposed to make the bed? She won't get off and she keeps showing me her polka dots (belly). She is the laziest Bassett in the world. I think she would stay in bed all day if we let her. I bet she wishes she had a bell so she could ring for her meals. LOL Not going to fight it anymore. Messy bed it is. Enjoy! Karrie

Happy Day!

It's Monday!! Are you ready for work? Amanda from Rosie's Roadshow is. She looks so makes me want to poke her in the eye. LOL



Pretty excited about this week. My nephew is graduating High School so I am headed to the Bay Area for the weekend. Can't wait to see him and my family. a bonus, my niece is coming home from Hungary so I will be able to see her as well. SO EXCITED!! 

Hoping you have an amazing week!




Some days require a card & flowers....

My friend at work certainly needed/deserved them today. Ü 

Card&flowersI ran out to my back yard this morning & snipped her some flowers and then grabbed a card out of my stash for her. Madge from Art Impressions fit the bill. Here's a close up...

Aimadgeand the saying inside? Well, it almost made me fall out of my seat laughing when I stamped it in the card...

SayingI mean, really? How appropriate! LOL


Karrie Ü

Smile while you still have teeth...


I should have sent this card to my step-brother for his birthday. He's getting up there in years and well...I am sure he is going to start losing his teeth soon. LOLOLOL Sorry Robert, I couldn't help it. Love you! :) 

Found this FUN stamp on Ebay; it's from Art Impressions but it is only available at AC Moore. WHAN!! We don't have AC Moore here in AZ. DOUBLE WHAN! Didn't stop me from buying it though! heehee