Because I can...

Stars, stripes & cute shoes!

What more could you ask for, right? 

I know I am a little late with a 4th of July card but as soon as I saw this little stamp in my drawer and this GREAT layout (found it on Splitcoaststampers), I had to make this card...


Isn't that little sweetie the cutest? Rosie's Roadshow stamps ALWAYS bring a smile to my face!

Anywho, Happy 4th of July, a couple of days late. LOL

On a random note... I got some new Keens today!!! Oh my, they are so FUN and they are going to go GREAT with jeans and everything else in my closet, see...


Oh yeah, you know you want them!! LOLOLOL 

Shoot, it is way past my bedtime. I better hit the sack. Catch up with you tomorrow. I still have a bunch of RR cards to show you. YIPPEE!!!

See you later gator!


Card Stuff: 

  • Stamps: All from Rosie's Roadshow
  • Paper: White, Navy, Red & Red Chevron from a-muse studio
  • Inks: Black Momento & Copics
  • Misc: Pinking & Label Nesties, Button, Bakers Cord & Sparkle pen


Historic vehicle?

So... I am driving home tonight and see this Honda CVCC in front of me. I can't help but think fondly of my old Honda CVCC I had in high school. It looked almost exactly like this except it was brown, had regular tires and the windows weren't tinted.

Anywho...I take a look at the license plate on the car in front of me and it hits me that it's a Historic Vehicle plate. What the heck? Are you kidding me? I started laughing and then a thought almost made me choke....

image from

Does this mean I am historic too??? LOL

Thanks for stopping by!!

Karrie :)
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Got balls?

Well, some one thinks they do, check out what they posted in my comments today regarding Audrey getting an iPad: 


Anonymous said...

Just another example of why our country is in the sad financial state that it is in. Everyone wants what they want whether they should have it or not. Not to mention that we have created a nation of narcissists by giving children everything they want. No one teaches kids the value of a dollar anymore or expects them to actually work for something they want. Then they go out into the world expecting all their wishes to be fulfilled without them actually having to lift a finger. It's no wonder so many in this country expect someone else to take care of them from cradle to grave.


Now, don't get me wrong, EVERYONE is entitled/has a right to their own opinion & while I agree with "some" of what Anonymous had to say, I don't agree with all of it.

What really burns me up is that this person took the time to give his/her opinion but didn't have the "balls" to leave their name. 

That being said, this card is for you...


I don't need to defend what my husband did. I also don't need to justify what I post on my blog. But let me just say, if you are going to take the time to comment, own up to what you have to say or don't say it at all. 

Other than that? Have a GREAT day & thanks for stopping by!! Biggrin