Burnin' Rubber

She strikes AGAIN!

YES! I stamped and it felt GOOD! Like wrapping up in your favorite blanket on the couch with your favorite movie...mmmmmm...yahhhhhhhhh!!!! LOVE THAT!

Did I tell you that I have birthdays coming out the..."blank"...right now? Yikes! I have to make three more cards by the end of the week. Double YIKES!! No pressure or anything, right? LOLOL


I pulled out one of my favorite SU! sets for this card. Every stamp in Birthday Banter cracks me up. And yes, on the inside of the card I used the saying, " I know how much women your age enjoy a floral moo-moo! Happy Birthday!" I mean, c'mon, who wouldn't bust a gut reading that? Right? RIGHT!

Shoot, look at the time, I better jet, I need to take the bad, bad, girl for a walk this morning. heehee

Thanks for stopping by!!!


I did it...simple & fast

but it's a card none the less, right? RIGHT! It can only get better from here, right? RIGHT! I even had a little inspiration, see...


I bought this cute monkey for my niece, Audrey. Cute, huh? I know. Just like her.

Here's a close up shot of the card...like I said, SIMPLE...


Even though it's not some "great" work of art, I think she'll like it. She loves me like that.

Alrighty then, first card down...more to come. I mean, why stop now, right? RIGHT!

See you later alligator! And hey, thanks for stopping by!