Card Overhaul

Card overhaul complete...

I am liking this version sooooo much better than the first one I made. 





The "after" version looks more balanced. I look at the "before" card & wonder what the heck I was thinking??? I can't even believe I thought that was an acceptable card. BLAH!!! Definitely happier with the new version. 


I am bummed. My stay-cation is coming to an end. BOOO!!!! The pups aren't happy either. They love hanging out with us all day, see...


Who wouldn't want these 3 as stamping companions?? Only thing bad about them when they are like this...trying not to trip over them. LOL

Well folks, I need to clean the house & then I am going to get back to stamping. I still have a TON of cards I want to make before this vacay is over. Wants, needs...maybe I should just take care of my wants??? Mmmm, maybe...

See you all later!

I was learning how to color over the past 2 days...

I know, silly, huh? People who are not crafters, card makers, etc they really don't get it. They say "oh, how nice" like I am out of mind or something. And my family? I think my family gets it but I am not sure. They only care about whether or not they are going to get their card. LOL 


So yes, I spent the last 2 days with my friend Dana, learning how to color with my Copic Markers. What a friggin' blast! I really feel like I learned A LOT! The only thing I had a hard time grasping was faces. Don't worry though, I signed up for another class in April to tackle that! (Seriously hope my girl Dana can make that class too!)

I also learned a lot about myself...

1. I don't like airbrushing. Absolutely no appeal to me. Don't get me wrong, people who do it are amazing and their art is AMAZING, me? Just don't like the feel of it, I don't like the results "I" get. Nothing wrong with that. Just one less thing I have to buy. (My husband will like that!)

2. I am very critical of my work. I am definitely my hardest critic. Things I thought looked bad..other people liked. Maybe they were lying but they had me fooled. LOL

3. I want to get everything right the FIRST TIME. Totally unrealistic. I get that. Like Sherrie said "practice makes perfect. It's okay to make mistakes." I have a hard time with that. I learn something and I want to get it right the first time. Me in a nut shell. I need to let go and be okay with the mistakes. Learn from them. This is going to be a hard one but I am willing to try. 

4. RANDOM: Copic markers are DA BOMB!!! Sherrie Siemans is DA BOMB!! I had a great time with her. Just wish there could have been a little more "one on one" time but we all have to share. :) 

5. I still have a lot of growing to do. I am at the beginning of my creative journey and I am looking forward to what lies ahead. 

Okay, let me show you a crap card and over the next day or two, I am going to work some of my "new" magic on it & see if I can't make it better... A LOT BETTER! LOL


See, not so great but I am not worried. I am going to do a "card overhaul" and make this into something special. Hang with me, okay? 

Alright, I am off to see the Wizard. Have a SUPER day! 

Thanks for stopping by!



crap card deets: 

  • stamps: Vintage a|muse
  • paper: White, Red, Baja Breeze
  • inks: Black Momento & Copics
  • misc: a|muse dies, Ribbon