Exploring Arizona


Well, I am back from a little Christmas/New Year sabbatical. Did you all have a wonderful Christmas & Happy New Year? I sure hope so!

My Christmas was uneventful but New Years was GREAT as my parents came down for a visit. You all know how much I love my parents so ANY time with them is a GREAT time!! :) 

We even ventured out and checked out Watson Lake up by Prescott, AZ. Look how gorgeous the rock formations were...

A close up...

And a semi-full view of the lake...

Amazing, huh? It was so quiet there, until someone came with their screaming toddlers, but we don't need to go into that. LOL 

Anywho, the weather was perfect (if you couldn't already tell by the pictures) and we had a yummy family picnic. It was a wonderful day!

So, do you want to see a card or should I wrap this post up? LOL Nah, card it is!

I made this card for a special friend (she loves western stuff) and had to wait until she rcvd it before I could post it. 

Sweet little thing, huh? I think so. 

Card deets: 

  • Stamps: a-muse
  • Paper: Kraft, Natural, DP is now a mystery to me (I will have to go through my paper to find it, sorry about that)
  • Inks: Brown, Watercolors & Waterbrush
  • Misc: Ribbon, Button, Twine, Spellbinders & QK Dies

Anywho, hope you enjoyed my post & hey, THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!!!


My Sister was complaining that I wasn't posting enough...

while my parents were here. She, of all people, should know how "on the go" my parents are. They are similar to her husband in that way. Except her husband is, like, 10 times WORSE. LOL

Anywho, I thought I would appease her a bit and post some pics of our trip to Jerome, AZ.

We took the scenic route up there through Wickenburg, AZ and the back part of Prescott, AZ. It was a beautiful drive however I will NOT be driving that again anytime soon. Prior to entering Prescott you see this view...


Yes, the man in the blue coat is stationed there so that you can take pictures over his back. JUST KIDDING! That is my Dad, he is only available to me. But for the right price, I could loan him to you but only for a very short period of time. I like to keep him to myself. It is almost a little too much sharing him with my Sister & Brother. LOLOL


Just outside of Prescott you see these beautiful rock formations...


Here is a better shot...


Gorgeous, huh? I know. They even had HOUSES built in and around these rocks formations, it was AMAZING!!

So now, after 155 s-curves in an 18 mile stretch (yes, I am telling the truth about that!), you descend upon the little town of Jerome...



We were only able to explore one street before our stomachs started growling. We decided to eat at the Haunted Hamburger...


Yes, that is my Dad peeking his head out of the door way there. LOL

Let me just tell you, this joint had the BEST hamburgers EVER. If you ever get a chance of eating here...DO IT!! You will not regret it. And...and...they have the BEST carrot cake too! Crikey, I can't believe I am going to admit this...but...it is better than MY carrot cake. That's right, I make a mean carrot cake but their carrot cake was ohhhhhhhh sooooooooo DELICIOUS! It is making my mouth water just thinking about it! YUMMMMMMM!!!!

Here are some more pics...


I took the above picture out of the back windows of one of the shops we were in. Not really sure what building I am shooting, but I loved the way the window framed the building.

Here are some chocolates made out of...GLASS...wild, huh?



They look good enough to eat, huh?


Okay, one last picture...this is me and my mom (step-mom) Barb, standing out in the snow after lunch. I was hiding my camera in my jacket which is why I look even larger than normal...LOL


Do you see all the snow falling?? It was AWESOME!!

I have to say...I loved every minute of the day. It was perfect other than we ran out of time and didn't get to see everything this little town had to offer. I will definitely need to go back there. 

So there you have it Pancho...happy now? LOL

See you later,


Chihuly at Night...

I have to say...I can't get enough of the Chihuly exhibit over at the Desert Botanical Garden. It looks completely different at night...check it out...

I should warn you now...this will be another LONGGGGGG post!


I love how you can see the sun sculpture behind these...


My favorite blue ball again...


How wild is this?


Did I mention it took 12 days, 9 guys and 1200 pieces of glass to put this exhibit together?
Did I also mention that the piece below is STILL my favorite? It is even more beautiful at night...


Still with me? Only a couple more, I promise...


Thoughts on these??? LOL


So what do you think? Is it something that you would go see if given the opportunity? I would DEFINITELY go see it again. Yeppers.

Okay, now I REALLY need to go clean the house...

See ya later...

Chihuly Exhibit at the Desert Botanical Garden

In my last post I mentioned how we checked out the Chihuly Exhibit at DBG in the afternoon, here are some of the highlights from the day (be prepared, this is a LONG post)...


 I love these blues...


Who wouldn't want a glass ball like this in their backyard?


What about some various reds/oranges?


I complain about the heat & the scorpians here in AZ all the time but the cacti & succulents here are AMAZING...




This was the most BEAUTIFUL piece...and not just because I am partial to the blue...



One of my most favorite people in the ENTIRE world...


Do you think these could pass for alien fingers??? heehee


Ummm, all I am going to say is that I had VERY dirty thoughts about these...things that make you go hmmm....LOL


This is actually one of the first pieces that you see when you walk into the garden...


This is one of my FAVORITE pictures from the entire day...I may have to print & mat this one...


This blue ball was INCREDIBLE...


This is another one of my favorite pictures....sigh....


I know this was a LONNNNNNGGGGGG post but these are just a small sample of all the beautiful things to see at the AZ Desert Botanical Garden. It you get a chance, make sure you stop and visit the garden, you'll be glad you did. Seriously! :)

See you Peeps tomorrow!