Giving Back

Stay-cation in progress...recap of Day 1 with Audrey...

The day started with Audrey's Mom texting a couple of pics of Audrey waiting in the airport...

She arrived in AZ in no time & the adventures started. First stop? My work to pick up my laptop & "stuff" so that I could work at home for the day. Audrey put herself to work immediately by sweet talking the guards & getting her own security badge for the building.  (HAM!!!) When we got upstairs she took out my iPad & starting taking notes (yeah right...):

Once we gathered up my "stuff" and Audrey played the "shy" card with everyone we were off. (By the way, she just told me her burps don't taste bad today...uh huh, okay...) Nex stop? Home. I had to get her situated & then get started on my work. Ohhhhhhh no, that is not what SHE had planned. I swear, I think she was ripping off her clothes the minute she walked in the house. All she wanted to do was go swimming. I figured it would be okay to let her get in a few minutes of swimming before I started my work...45 minutes later I am having to force her out of the pool. Goodness gracious! LOL

We get inside, she changes clothes & sits down to watch the Disney Channel while I am working. After a 30 minutes she comes in & says..."boy, I sure am hungry." Well, guess I better feed her, don't you think? Off to In-n-Out for a cheesburger, fries & shake. Now that she has a fully belly, the 3 am wake up call finally hits her & she passes out on the couch...

I had to wake the poor thing up so we could go to dinner & bowling for my Junior Acheivement team event. She was a real trooper even though she was exhausted. The only thing she wanted to eat was a fruit smoothie. Since I am her Auntie & not her Mom, who was I to deny her that???

She looks like she is ready to fart & fall over, huh? I know.

Before I knew it though, she was the star of the show. This all started at the bowling alley...


This is my team all decked out for our Hula-bowl-a-thon. As a team we raised $2124, that was the highest amoutt raised out of all the teams in our group, YAHOO!!!!! I was so proud! I can't thank all of you enough for donating to this wonderful cause!!


Toni, one of my co-workers won a prize for getting 3 strikes in a row. Some how, Audrey talked her into to letting her pick out & keep the prize. See...


And a little Auntie / Niece photo op...


The last hour of bowling Audrey kept asking if and when we could leave. You see, she had alterior movtives...she wanted to do a little night swimming. It's hard to say no sometimes. Needless to say, we went night swimming. :)

After swimming came a chapter from Charlotte's Web & then off to bed. It was a long day. Our official sign off time? 11:23pm.

I think she is having a blast. I am looking forward to what today has in store. Until tomorrow...


Newkarriesig  & Audrey

Could you, would you, pretty please, help me out???

Dear Friends, Family & Super Cool Online Acquaintances,

I am participating in the Junior Acheivement Hula Bowl-A-Thon to support educational programs for Arizona's kids (our bowling team name is "Got Gutters?" how funny is that????). Seriously though, for every $36 I raise, I will provide Junior Acheivement educational programs to one child for an entire school year.

PLEASE support my fundraising efforts by making an online donation. Payments can be made using Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. It is quick, easy & secure! After your payment has been successfully received, an electronic receipt will automatically be sent to your email inbox (that way you can write it off on your taxes!! Ü)

Just click on the link below to visit My Donation Page & make a donation. PLEASE? Pretty PLEASE? You know you want too! It's for the KIDS!! And...I will love you FOREVER, PROMISE!!! Ü

Click HERE

Junior Achievement of Arizona has been educating K-12 students about entrepreneurship, work readiness, and financial literacy since 1957, and this year JA community volunteers will teach over 83,000 students in Arizona! Visit for more information.

I can't thank you enough!! You are truly amazing, kind & generous!!

Thank you again!

Karrie Ü

And...she stamps...

I know it's past Easter but I wanted to take a minute & share the card I made...

I didn't get a chance to send it out to anyone. Perhaps next year? You know how I roll. LOL 

Card deets: 

  • Stamps: Spring has Sprung from Whipper Snapper Designs
  • Paper: Card base from Memory Box & White for the bunny
  • Inks: Tuxedo Black & Copic Markers
  • Misc: Ribbon

I am slowly working on getting back into stamping. It is a slow process for me only becuase I have had so much going over the last 6 months. I am definitely feeling the need to be more creative though. 

So what have I been up to? Well...

I started a new position with my current employer. I don't want to go into too much detail but I will tell you was a PROMOTION (yeah!) and I am working less OT with a LOT less stress! (Double YEAH!!)

With my new position came a new manager, one that I have previously worked with and absolutely adore! She is determined that not only will our dept be FUN but that we will give back to the community (I love this!). That being said, my entire team went out & participated in "Rebuilding Together." Our mission? To revamp a community garden & chicken coop near a Senior Housing project. My team was in charge of tearing down the old chicken coop, moving in the new one & then painting it red with white trim.

Now, please keep in mind, we were not the only people working on the chicken coop. It was very difficult for me/us to just "let things happen" & not instruct others on what to do, tell them where to move this or that or how to paint. Or say " Hey lazy, you feel like participating or do you want to just continue to sit there looking pretty?" LOL

Enough with the small talk, here are some photos of my/our day...

This is the new Chicken Coop (I wish I would have taken a pic of the run down shack/ghetto dive the two birds were living in prior to their pretty new home...


I was amazed at the detail the contractor put into building this coop. I had to take plenty of pics so that my Sis could see every angle. What do you think Pancho? Pretty cool, huh?? :) 


Cluck, cluck... I love my new home!! :) 


When we started there were only two chickens. By the time we left, they had added 10 more chickens to the coop. The Seniors were THRILLED and couldn't stop saying how excited they were. FRESH EGGS!!


Here is a photo of my silly team...

 From right to left: Cathy Jo, Toni, Deaun, Sue & ME. 

Edited to add: You can see more photos of this FUN & REWARDING day HERE

I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed my day. The fact that we were giving back to the community & doing it together, as a team, really touched me. I can't wait for our next project/community service. Had I known what a high it was to do something like this, I would have started doing this a LONG time ago!! If you are on the fence about community service, jump off & get busy. It truly is a WONDERFUL feeling!! 

So that's it for now. I'll be back soon with another card & some more updates on what's being going on around here. Thanks so much for stopping by! I missed you!