Let's Quilt!

Quilts for my Moms...

This past Christmas I made a few quilts as presents. This was the one I made for my Mom...

Holiday2012 049
The colors were so yummy!! 

And the little gem below was the quilt I made for my Mother-in-law...

Quilt 001
Isn't her dog, Rosie, cute?? She's such a tiny little thing compared to my 4 yahoos!! LOL

(Psst...this is my 3rd post in a row!! LOL)

Alright I think that is enough excitement for today. 

Thanks for stopping by!


The last of the Halloween cards...

for now. LOL 

I love this card. The background paper, the simplicity, everything about it. I may have to add it to my card hoarder collection. Oh c'mon, you know what I am talking about. I am sure you have a stash similar to mine. LOL

Card deets: 

  • Stamps: All from A*Muse Studio
  • Paper: Black, White & background paper from K & Company
  • Inks: Ornage & Black Chalk Inks (yes, I have been loving my chalk inks lately!! LOL)
  • Misc: All dies from A*Muse Studio, Halloween Twine & Sewing Machine


So yesterdays activities did NOT involve a movie. Nope, Robert took his mid-morning nap & that plan went right out the window. I am telling you, the guy could sleep the day away with all his naps! UGH!

Anywho, I kept myself busy. I put together my quilt basting wall in our single car garage.

This will make it 10x easier for me to baste together my quilts by myself. I can't wait to take it for a test drive!! 

I also finished 2 quilts and started making some quilted drink coasters for the living room. Today I am planning on seeing that movie (unless more napping takes place) and maybe stamping & quilting. Yep, I think it's going to be another fun/relaxing day. I do love stay-cations!!

I think that's a wrap for now. My stomach is growling so I better get something to eat. 

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL day & thanks for stopping by!


Because I can & I want to...

I had to cut a section of my backing off the quilt because it was too big. I couldn't let the discarded piece go to waste. Soooooo... I MADE A TABLE RUNNER!!! (I feel so crafty, I don't know what to do with myself. LOL)

Check it out...


Detail shots...


I love the stitching I used for the binding on this one. I wish I would have thought to use this on the quilt!!



Right now I have the table runner up on my kitchen counter because my dining room table is COVERED in quilting stuff. It is too funny. Perhaps I need a sewing room now?? LOL

OH! Before I forget, I will try to get the quilt pattern on the ole blog this weekend. I have to do a little scanning & such to make it work, so be patient with me. But I will do my best to get it posted THIS WEEKEND.

You will definitely love how easy & fast this quilt comes together!!

Alright, I am off. Have a SUPER night!


Shabby Seam Quilts are in!!


I went to a Quilt class all by my lonesome on Saturday and made this quilt: 


Here are some detail shots: 



And one more...


HOW CUTE IS THAT??? I absolutely love it. And it was sooooo EASY!!! I am going to be making my second one in the next couple of days. Before you know it, I am going to have a trunk load of quilts. I might even make some for gifts! 

Anywho, I hope you enjoy it!

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Where ya been?

Hiding. Working. Sewing. Reading. Cleaning house. Laundry. Errands. You know...life in general.

I did finish a project though...something I am sooooo proud of! Check it out...


As you may remember from this POST, I did all the cutting and the sewing and completed the front panel. I had my quilt instructor do the quilting though...here is a couple of detail shots of what she did...


Isn't that pumpkin colored thread perfect??



The back REALLY shows the quilt pattern...


Gorgeous, huh? I think the pattern goes perfect with my fabric/theme, don't you??

And a finished quilt wouldn't be complete without someone to test drive it, right? LOL


I finished hand sewing the binding on yesterday. Oh my goodness, my hands are ACHING!! I don't think I will EVER do that all in one day again. LOL I do know that I will DEFINITELY be making more quilts though. What a sense of accomplishment when it is all said and done. It brings a smile to my face just looking at it. 

Anywho, hope you enjoyed seeing my finished project. Thanks for stopping by!