Let's Shop!

12 hrs round trip + some CA rain + an antique Hoosier = 2 Happy People

Back in December, my Hubby ran accross a Hoosier listed on Ebay. It was a GREAT deal! The only problem? It was in Anaheim Hills,CA and was listed as local pick up only. Robert & I decided that it was worth the drive. Actually, I decided it was worth the drive & make him see it my way. LOL

So what is an antique Hoosier? Well, I think it would be better to show you, rather than to explain...

This is the whole enchilada...


Here are some detail shots...

You can slide the white enamel top out to twice the size...how cool is that?


The hardware is all original...so pretty...


This is the flour container & spinning spice rack. Yes, we have the spice jars that go in there, just didn't want to unwrap them for the photos (will explain why in a bit)...


The inside of the top...


This is the flyer that explains the many "desireable conveniences" of purchasing a Hoosier, if only it cost $24.95...LOL


Gorgeous spice racks, don't you think?


The gave us their antique Ben Hur spices to put on the shelf below...


The ahhhh-mazing flour dispenser...


They threw in the antique meat grinder too! Such wonderful people!


The drawers are metal to keep the mice/rodents out...clever, huh?


So much storage space, don't you think?


And the last one...


So there she is...beautiful, isn't she? She is even more stunning in person, wait til you see her! 

Are you wondering why she is sitting in our garage? Well...it's because we are in the process of purchasing a BIGGER HOUSE!!! We bought this Hoosier knowing it wouldn't fit in our current home but would DEFINITELY fit in our new house! LOL

That being said, if you notice sporadic posts on the ole blog, you know why. Wink2

Have a happy!!


Oh look, you are wearing your Dorthea shoes...

Excuse me? My what? I have no idea what you are talking about...

That is the conversation I have with my husband anytime he sees me wearing these shoes. I still don't understand the whole Dorthea thing, all I know is...these shoes make my feet HAPPY!


They are my newest Birks and let me just say....they are UBER COMFY!!! They make me feel like I am walking on marshmellows! Sigh... :)


And...they are pretty cute, if I do say so myself! LOL


You should try a pair, you would like them!!