My Favorite Things

Better latte than never, right?

RIGHT! You guys know I have an obsession with coffee, right? Well, when I saw the new My Favorite Things stamp set "Coffee? Tea?" I knew it must be mine. As should ALL stamps related to coffee. Seriously. I am not kidding about this...LOL


How bout' them bright colors? Aren't they fancy? Love it! It's like... BAM! Here I am!! LOL

That FUN ribbon is from The Cat's Pajamas as well as the button. Did you know that TCP has embellishments now? They DO!! Tell me, why does all the really cool stuff come out (aside from the uber cool stamps!) after I get released??? Sheesh! LOLOL

So back to the card, yes, yes, I am still using Cool Caribbean. C'mon, that really was one of the BEST colors SU! ever came out with. You know it, I know it, they know it... I am just sayin' that they should have kept it around, that's all I am sayin'... 

Alright, I am off like a prom dress. Happy Friday Peeps!

Baker out.