Introducing...Nellie, the NDS goat!!

This is my new goat. Isn't she the cutest? My team at work adopted her from my Sister and are paying goat support for her so that she can permanently stay on my Sister's Micro Ranch. I have to admit, I am just smitten with her. So much so that I called my Sis yesterday and told her that she needed to take pictures of my goat & send them to me. What a demanding Mom I am. LOL

Want to see what else is going on at my Sis's micro ranch? All you have to do is "LIKE" her on Facebook. Here is a link to her page: Red Boot Micro-Ranch 

Go on, check her out, you know you want too!! :) 


Speaking of my Sister, I have been getting a box of goodies put together to send her. One of the things I put in there is this set of magnets that I made for her out of bottle caps, check it out: 

Aren't those great? I think she will like them. 

Craft deets: 

  • Bottle caps, vintage style milk caps (you can find them HERE; I bought them from Jilly Bean Kids), magnets & Diamond Glaze. 

This is seriously the easiest craft EVER and cute magnets? Uh hello, YES!!! LOL

Okie dokie smokies, I better get my tush in gear. Have a happy Tuesday!

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Oh, before I go, you know the Community Service I participated in on the 14th? Well, here is a hole LOAD of pictures from that day : CLICK HERE As you can see, it was an INCREDIBLE day!! :)