Sweet Babies

Bed ornament?

How am I supposed to make the bed? She won't get off and she keeps showing me her polka dots (belly). She is the laziest Bassett in the world. I think she would stay in bed all day if we let her. I bet she wishes she had a bell so she could ring for her meals. LOL Not going to fight it anymore. Messy bed it is. Enjoy! Karrie

Bottoms Up!


Cute butts are all the rage right now. You are probably thinking..."what? Is she out of her mind?" Nah, I mean, when you live with this...


The CUSTEST TUSH EVER...butts become all the rage. And duck bums from Rosie's Roadshow? They are definitely right up there with Gracie's tush! LOL

So, I have to tell you... I am suffering from the biggest case of lazies... EVER. I have things I want to do like stamping, crafting, laundry, cleaning the house, errands, etc but when it somes right down to it? I would rather take a nap. Zzzzz.....

Shoot, I still haven't gone grocery shopping for Thanksgiving. Who waits to the last minute like that? Me. Heck, I am not sure I even want to cook. No really, who wants to cook for two people and then go to work the next day? Not me. It seems silly. Cook all day, eat for 20 minutes and then have to clean up a HUGE mess? Just doesn't seem worth it in my eyes. I am tempted to either a. go out for dinner or b. order up some grub from somewhere and then just heat it up the day of. What do you think? What would you do?

Ohhhh, my dryer just buzzed. Guess I better go fold some laundry & put the next load in. I do love me some clean clothes!! :) 

Happy Sunday people!!!




Card supplies: 

  • Stamps: All from Rosie's Roadshow
  • Paper: River Rock, White, DP 
  • Inks: Black Momento & Copics
  • Misc: Twine

Slug Sunday at its best...


I am sorry but is Chewie too cute or what? The little weasel has wormed his way into our hearts & we can't imagine the Sweet Baby Gang without him. Sooooo glad we couldn't part with him. Sometimes being a titty baby when it comes to animals is a-o-kay! 

And then there are these 2 yahoo's...


Adorable. Nuff said. 

Enjoy your Sunday!



Challenge Chicks: Halloween in July

I dusted off my stamps this weekend & got busy!

Started my warm up with my friend Dana yesterday to get my MOJO flowing again and then did a little more stamping today. Wouldn't you know it, today is the first Sunday of the month, know what that means? A new Challenge Chicks stamp challenge...just what I needed!! 

Since I already had my Rosie's Roadshow stamps out, I went crazy & whipped something up. 


Can't go wrong with Rosie's!! :) 

On a side note... this one hasn't left my side today...


We had to take the poor thing to the ER Vet on the 4th. The little rascal found some bones & ate them!! We have no idea where she found them. Anywho, she had me up at 2am on Friday and I could definitely tell something was wrong. She was restless, crying/whining, stretching, vomitting and in obvious pain. I was at a loss at what to do for her, so after a couple of hours we decided to take her in. 

Too much $$$ and a follow up visit later... she is back to normal (other than she wants to be close to her mommy). She has been my personal posse for the past couple of days. LOL

I am just thankful she is okay!! Whew! 

Thanks for stopping by, I have missed you!



Card Stuff: 

  • Stamps: All from Rosie's Roadshow
  • Paper: Wicked from My Mind's Eye, Black & White
  • Inks: Black Momento, Copics & Always Artichoke for the clouds
  • Misc: Cloud stencil from Rosie's Roadshow, Copic Multiliner, Sizzlet Round Tag die, QK Pinking & Circle Dies, Button, Twine & Stickles


Move over Molly...

We only have sitting room for 5 between the couch & 2 chairs in the living room. Since we have 4 dogs & there are 2 of us, some dogs need to buddy up...


Molly +


Gracie = 


tight sleeping spaces! LOL

I just had to share. And yes, the leather chair is a complete disaster because we let our dogs get on our furniture. I am okay with that. They are happy, we are happy, that is all that matters. Right? RIGHT!

Enjoy your Sunday, I know we are! :)



Card overhaul complete...

I am liking this version sooooo much better than the first one I made. 





The "after" version looks more balanced. I look at the "before" card & wonder what the heck I was thinking??? I can't even believe I thought that was an acceptable card. BLAH!!! Definitely happier with the new version. 


I am bummed. My stay-cation is coming to an end. BOOO!!!! The pups aren't happy either. They love hanging out with us all day, see...


Who wouldn't want these 3 as stamping companions?? Only thing bad about them when they are like this...trying not to trip over them. LOL

Well folks, I need to clean the house & then I am going to get back to stamping. I still have a TON of cards I want to make before this vacay is over. Wants, needs...maybe I should just take care of my wants??? Mmmm, maybe...

See you all later!

Bringing Sexy, oops, I mean Simple, back...LOL




I don't know how much more simple this card could be. I had some K & Company paper scraps leftover from a few cards I made & whipped this one up. I really miss vintage a|muse stamps. Not that the new stamps aren't nice but the old ones? Loved them. A lot. 


Robert & I decided we were going to get all our chores done today & then have a lazy day tomorrow. Well, we just started our 3rd movie & we are still in our pajamas, what does that say? Ummm...LAZY. But it's not just us..nope...Molly is in her chair snoring, Bailey is taking up the other half of the couch with her legs crossed & passed out cold, Libby is curled in a ball on her dog bed & Gracie? Well, a picture is a thousand words, isn't it? 

Photo on 2-8-14 at 12.14 PM

I know the picture isn't the best but I didn't have my camera handy & had to take this using Photo booth on my laptop.

As you can see, she is as modest as ever. LOL Funny little dog.  

I guess I better get back to being lazy, hope you have a great Saturday!

Thanks for stopping by!



card deets: 

  • stamps: Vintage a|muse 
  • paper: White, K & Company
  • inks: Black Momento

I made birthday cards on time this year...

I just didn't send them out. Dang it anyway. LOL

Here's my sisters birthday card. I actually made this while she & I were having a virtual craft date (FUN!!!!!).


I haven't played with my Odd Bird Planet stamps in 4-EVER!!! They are just sitting there collecting dust. No bueno.

It's really too bad Johanna closed up her shop. I loved these stamps. Do you know...I even had someone email last month asking about one of those adorable gnome stamps?!?! It's a shame, really. 

Random squirrel here...that little dog of mine, Gracie? She is ALL kinds of trouble! She thinks she runs this place. THE NERVE! She jumps up to scour the counters, tries to steal the other dogs food, makes poor Molly share her side of the couch...see what I mean...


Don't you feel sorry for Molly? I do. Poor baby. 

All right, I guess I better get going. I want to get some reading in before I hit the sack. Plus I need to think about what happened on Blacklist last night (LOVE THAT SHOW!). So many things...so little time...LOL

Have a great evening!