Sweet Babies

It's been awhile...

Sorry for my absence but there is a little fur ball that has been taking up all of our time, see...


Gracie loves to nap with her Daddy. (They have something in common! LOL)

Gracie also loves her Daddy's shoes...


The fact that she was able to haul that big ole shoe up her little stairs onto the bed is a HUGE feat! So big that it tired her out & she has to take a nap! LOL

She is all kinds of fun! We are so happy to have her home with us. :)

I have a bunch of things to do today, one of which is making a bracelet. Will show pics of it when I am done. I also have to make a couple of Christmas cards. Maybe I can get caught up on a few challenges? Will be sure to post them when I am finished. 

See you all later, thanks for stopping by!



Oh Gracie...

A bunch if slugs...
Do you see how fat my baby's belly is?? LOL

image from http://stampgirl.typepad.com/.a/6a00d8341c6db153ef019b001e08ec970d-pi

My Sister threw a tape measure down next to her... 37 inches from head to tail...she's not so little anymore...

image from http://stampgirl.typepad.com/.a/6a00d8341c6db153ef019b001e08f3970d-pi

My Sis said she came close with her phone & Gracie automatically rolled over...LOL

image from http://stampgirl.typepad.com/.a/6a00d8341c6db153ef019b001dca34970b-pi

Such a cutie!!!

Only 22 more days!! Yippee!!!!

Thanks for sharing in my excitement!!
Karrie :)

It's getting closer!!

I can't wait till she arrives. Just a little over a month & she will be here. SO EXCITED!!! I am sure my Sister is anxious for Gracie to go home too. I know it's a lot of work having a puppy in the house. And with all my Sis has going on? I am sure she has been counting the days as well! LOL 

The above pic of Gracie was taken in my Sisters pumpkin patch. So fitting for the upcoming holiday, don't you think?? :) 

Thanks for stopping by!


Gracie Mae...


I am counting the days till you get here. Your Daddy & I are so excited!! We can't wait for you to meet Molly, Bailey & Libby. I am sure that you are going to hit it off with them. I am also sure that I will lose sleep & be pulling my hair out having a puppy in the house again. You will be worth it though. SOOOO worth it!

I love you little "loco," rub my belly, short legged girl!


Mama xo

I am a month behind...

on my Challenge Chicks cards. Last month (August) was flowers. I actually made 3 cards for the challenge (last month no less) but didn't get them posted in time. BOO!

Then this month comes along and I had to start on the new challenge. What's the new challenge you ask? Make a card with die cuts. WHO DOESN'T USE DIE CUTS??? Seriously? I am ALL OVER THAT! So here is my September challenge card...

Kinda plain, kinda western, kinda fun. I like it. I had fun making it too. Used some supplies that I forgot I had. Woot, woot!

I'll post my August cards over the next couple of days. Make sure to stop by & check them out, okay?

Alrighty, off to make a couple of more cards. YIPPEE!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Card deets: 

  • Stamps: Southern Sass from a|muse studio
  • Paper: Red & Sasparilla by October Afternoon
  • Inks: Red & brown
  • Misc: Coffee Shop Glimmer Mist, Brad from SU!, Ribbon, QK die cuts & Pinking Circle Nesties

And because I can...

Only 61 days & 15 hours till this little darling comes home...


So many things on my mind...

Especially this one (see below)...

image from http://stampgirl.typepad.com/.a/6a00d8341c6db153ef0192ac7ca270970d-pi

I am missing her (Little) something fierce today. It comes & goes. I was, we were, so lucky to have her. I wish she was still here.

Let's talk about something else...
Like how much of a mess my house is right now! UGH!!!!! It is driving me CRAZY!!! There is dust everywhere! I have a love/hate relationship with home improvements. I love the out come but hate the process getting there. It is going to take me WEEKS to clean this beast of a house. I am not looking forward to it.

I am doing laundry today & trying to get some stamping done. Since it is a waste of time for me to clean the house right now (why do twice the work when they aren't finished yet, right?) I might as well keep myself busy doing something other than watching tv. Send me some creative vibes would ya?? Thanks!!

Alright, off to the office. See ya later!!

Karrie :)
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Gracie Mae's story...

It was  the morning of June 28th. I was playing on the internet, killing time at home since my flight to Montana wasn't leaving until later that afternoon. I had been missing Little, my basset hound, something fierce and decided to look at basset puppies on puppyfind.com . Just looking at the pictures would sometimes make me feel better, other times, it would make me miss her more. I had no intention of getting a puppy. None.

Robert and I had come to grips that we were going to wait the required 7 mos before we got another one. We just couldn't go through the heart ache of losing another puppy. Emotionally we were both spent. Still are. We think of Little all the time. We still cry over her. She was such a joy in our lives. I have to stop reminiscing as it is starting to make me tear up. Yep, there goes a couple of tears. Sorry. Let me pull myself together. 

Okay. I think I have a grip now. 

So, I was looking at puppies. I had clicked on a couple of postings and then went back to the main page. Every time I would go back to the main page, it would refresh with new listings. This happended 4 or 5 times. And then I saw this...

and I had to know more about her. So I went through all her pics...

and let's not forget this one...

I absolutely wanted to know more about her even though I knew it wasn't time. I still had 4 months to go before I could have a puppy. I KNEW THAT. And then I saw her birthday date. May 5, 2013. Exactly 1 month after we lost Little. 1 MONTH. Then I saw where she was located...Oakley, CA. She was in the town right next to my sister. MY SISTER. I had to call on her. I had to. I had to call my Sister. Was this a sign? Was I supposed to have her? My head was spinning with crazy thoughts. I called on her. No wait, Robert called on her first but the breeder didn't answer her phone. Robert left her a message. She called back and I talked to her. She was still available. I looked at Robert and asked "Is she the one? Is this meant to be?" I can't remember if I waited for his answer or not. I had to call my Sister. I had to see if she would take her & keep her for me. She had offered before but I didn't feel right about it. But this, this could be the one!! My wonderful Sister didn't even skip a beat. "Yes, I will keep her for you until you can have her. I just can't pick her up until after Montana." 

I... WAS...DYING!!!

I called the breeder back and it was a go. We made all the arrangements, including arrangements for when my Sister could pick her up and the rest is history. I was so excited, I was crying. Complete tittybaby, yep, that was me. She WAS the one. She WAS the one we were supposed to have!!!

So now my Sister has her and I am on pins & needles until I can see her. Hold her. Love her. I will get to meet her for the first time on August 30th. I am beyond excited! This month cannot go fast enough!!

My niece is acting as her Nanny. Feeding her. Carrying her all over the house. Sometimes making sure she gets outside to go potty. And face time. We do a LOT of face time!! LOL

She also sends me the cutest pictures of Gracie (altered of course). Like the one above. How cute is that? Gracie Mae touching noses with her Aunt Chloe (Little's sister). That picture makes my heart flutter. SO CUTE!

And then my Sister sent me this one this past week...

Chloe & Gracie sharing a bed while watching Trina do her farm chores. LOL 

I am all twitter-pated to say the least. So is my husband. She is going to be good for us. I just know it. 

I also know that she never will & never could, replace Little. She is firmly in our hearts. We will continue to miss her & think of her but maybe, just maybe, Gracie can help ease the pain. That is what I hope for, yearn for. Until she arrives though, I will continue to count the days and look forward to my next picture, face time, update, etc from my Sister & my babys' Nanny. LOL 

Hope you enjoyed Gracie's story. Thanks for stopping by!