> Odd Bird Planet

Happy Birthday!
Standing out...
Thanks a Birdie Bunch!
Sweet as can be...
Black & Kraft
Sweet dreams...
Le Twit
Chicks Dig Me!
Just Beak Cause
Auntie Stu
Gnome Sweet Gnome
la chirpe
Oh nuts, I forgot...
Sometimes, I can be such a birdbrain...
The only way to ice skate...
Got wind?
You are tres' kind!
Tah Dah!
Santa Stop Here!
Just a little bit Naughty
Snow is Glistening
No Peeping!
Holiday Sweetness
Owl Love you Forever
Snow is Glistening
Thanks a Birdie Bunch!
Thanks a Birdie Bunch!
Edgar and Miss O
Bird Gnome
Gnome in a teacup
Skating Gnome
We're havin' a Hoot down!
You make me all twitterpated!
So many chicks, so little time...
I love you to the moon and back!
Put on Your Birthday Hat: JustJohanna
Just Johanna
Hatted Chicklet: Just Johanna
Just Johanna
Just Johanna