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July 13, 2007



Ok, so I know you are disappointed I didn't post last night. I had to watch Thunderpants with my sweet little boy and snuggle. I wouldn't recommend the movie by the way! LOL I absolutely love this little dude. Anna you rock, Sista! You rock too Karrie. Thanks for coming over, even if your stay was a bit short. Thanks Robert...I was going through stamping withdrawals:).


Hi Karrie!
Super cute card as usual...just thought I'd stop by and see what you've been up to! I can't believe how little time I've had to look at stuff with all 4 kids at home. Summer is busy! Hope you're having a great one...

Sharon in NE

That is SO cute. The flip flops by the happy summer is perfect. But then again, could a penguin wear flip flops? I mean, flip flops drive my toes crazy and it makes me sad because they're so cute (flip flops, NOT my toes), but I can't wear them because I swear my toes must be webbed or something. Which makes me think the penguin wouldn't like them because HIS toes are webbed. So...it makes sense that the flip flops are off to the side, because they drive HIM crazy too....
...maybe I should cut back on my caffeine...

Stefanie A.

You are a sweetheart and I LOVE visiting your blog daily(sometimes twice daily!)to see what you've created and what's going on in your world. Thanks for sharing yourself and your creativity with all of us!

Julee T. (Shadowcatcher)

Love this card. This penguin just makes me smile! Love the colors and his adorable little flip flops!

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