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October 26, 2007


Sharon in NE

You made me laugh out loud which is a rare thing for this time of morning. You ONLY want me to have a blog so you can harass ME, but obviously you're doing a lovely job this way. Besides, I can't have a blog. I am not an INITIATOR of conversation, I am a responder. Actually I only respond after 10 am, anything before 10 gets answered with a grunt. Who wants to read a blog with silence and grunts? Or my deep questions like, I wonder what Karrie is making right now? Why, if she's so good at math is she also so creative? (This question I've been struggling with since I found out I'm dominant left brain meaning logic, math and science thinking as opposed to right brain, the creative side. sniff)
And finally, is Happy Stamper Nancy really that nice, as in as nice as ME? Maybe we should have a "nice-off" :D Okay, I just wasted all my thoughts for future blogs right here. tsk tsk The brain is all drained from whatever little creativity it possessed since the stupid math and science stuff is taking it all up. (big sigh) My solace comes from knowing that I drive Karrie crazy since I don't have a blog...:D


It is too early to have to think of 7 things...I will think on it! ;0)

Dana Florence

Oh, I love the snowflake card! Maybe I'll have to pay Julee a little visit!

The other card I thought was fine in the original form......don't really know what your problem is. hee, hee

Sharon in NE......YOU NEED A BLOG!

Dana Florence

p.s. Sharon, you can borrow mine because i don't use it.

Linda (LSN on SCS)

Yikes...you tagged me? Guess I better get my arse in gear (along with all my other body parts). Being sick sucks!

Well...I guess I'll have a post of sorts on my blog tomorrow! LOL!


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