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March 29, 2008



Great stamps to use with this box!! :) Terry will love it! Fingers crossed for you to get some more stamping time this weekend :)


Yummy! That would be the sweeettteesstt birthday package someone could give - does she make 2 dozen size boxes too? You know we are always feeding the "army" here! hee hee


That is the CUTEST idea! What fun to give somebody a cupcake! Awesome!!!

Julee T.

I like it, I love it, I want some more of it!!!! OMG, MUST have a cupcake box of my very own... it's the coolest! Fabulous, dahling! :)

Julee T.

Okay, chickadee... spill it! I need the EXACT link to where I can buy said cupcake box! I've spent eons trying to find it at Creative Cuts & More(okay, well maybe only 5 minutes - but in computer time that seems like eons, and I'm impatient, ya know!). Are you just showing off and teasing us with something that's not available yet? How cruel!!! LOL ;)


Your yummy cupcakes would be real nice in the cute little box! Have a great weekend!

Sharon in NE

Love that box with the rick rack! I'll get my Sprinkles fix, but I also need my Karrie fix too now. Ugh...yet another addiction. ;)


Too Cute..
I love the single cupcake box.
Great idea!

Sharon in NE

Last night I was tired because I spent the weekend with girlfriends at the Women of Faith. :D! It was so great. But now I am rested and NOW I just re-read and understood what you meant Karrie, m'love. You have the new TCP stamps don't you? You have them in your little hands. How long do we have to wait? hmmmm? Is it some spring ones? Are there very many? You mentioned Fifi. Fifi has had a small role lately, so I wonder what it is that Fifi would be doing? C'mon a little hint. We won't tell Alma. ;)

Dana Florence

Karrie I could eat this cute little box right now! Love it:) So glad you got to play a bit this weekend. Can't wait until we see your top secret stuff.

Nancy P.

YUMMY....a cupcake sounds so good right now! What a sweet little box to put one in!

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