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July 21, 2008


Viv (VivLyn)

How cute!

Dana Florence

OMG!!! I just about blew coffee.....she is just hysterical! What is her name??? Mona? lol I do believe she was made just for you with her cup o' joe in her hand. Too funny! Love the frame, button and all the extra touches. Great job!

We need to stamp before I forget how! Happy Monday to you.


What a riot! Your mornings are even worse when you have to share an air mattress with a wee one! Nothing like learning to "snuggle" all over again with a bed hog! Those cups of coffees really do come in quite handy...hee hee


I also see a theme of mornings here - what can we expect tomorrow - a bathtub? LOL How about a penguin shaving it's legs???? hee hee


Love it, Love it, LOVE it!!!

Angela (SCS monkeymama)

Darling card---love it!


I love this, it is much like how I feel in the mornings. Great card. TFS

Sharon in NE

Morning? Heck...that's me all day....snicker snicker. Actually, I could, if I wanted to. You know I do work f.t. from home...jelly? Oh yeah...

Okay, don't hate me...its bad enough I'm beautiful. In fact, that really is a remarkable resemblance to me. Its a cross between this hot little number and Cordelia. snicker snicker

The card is perfect. I love it!

Nancy P.

OMG...freakin' out a little over this!! What can I tell you girl, you do AMAZING things with these penguins, I tell ya! Love the frame, love the steam from the cup, the ribbon....oh my...have to love the way you did that!


She is just so stinking cute Karrie! I love everything about this card!


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