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July 27, 2008



Karrie, Richard in a hula is a scream! LOL Good luck on the kitties....I keep trying to talk Jay into another pooch to no avail!

Viv (VivLyn)

Very cute!! I love the name..Twinchie! Leave it to Anna to think of it! Poor Richard in a hula skirt but he doesn't look pretty darn cute! Love your bright colors!

Lynda K

LOL! I had a cat that I named "NOT MY CAT". I assumed he was a stray and he would visit for breakfast and dinner...later found out that he actually belonged to a neighbor. Obviously he like MY menu better.

Anna Wight (SweetMissDaisy)

ADORABLE!! You clever, CLEVER girl!! Thanks for playing along! =)


karrie, your cute little duck is just *adorable* Richard's been lei'd! ;) LOVE this!


and BTW, your stitching, holy perfection!

Nancy P.

I've never heard of a twinchie, but I love it!! I'm crazy about those colors!!

Very nice picture of the kitty too. I would want to keep them too, lol!!


Your twinchie is wonderful. I love that duck in the hula skirt. Too freakin' cute.

And I think you should keep all the kittens. They're good for your blood pressure, which gives you a good medical reason for keeping them.


Cute! - What a fun challenge. Your duck is adorable and so is that little kitten. My hubby always says (No) too but we now have 5 cats so you can see how far his (No) went with me!


OMG Karrie! Your card is perfection! Your stitching is the bomb!

As for the kitten! I *heart* her! I would so be feeding them and loving on them (just so they would come and visit me often).


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