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March 08, 2009



Can't believe I'm the first to post. Happy Sunday morning to you. I'm waiting to go to the convention. It doesn't open until 11am. UGH! Anyway, did you by the tree set of unmounteds? It has the tree that u liked of mine. I'm sure u did:)

Was John owl inspired by my hubby, the hairless one? hahaha

Love the kraft combo on the card!


I just love your card and the colors are fabulous. What a creative idea to turn the stamp upside down. You are you so smart for your own good. What's the craziest or wild thing I've ever done...get into stamping, cuz it's really crazy how much time and money you put into it. (teehee) Thanks for a chance at these cuties.

Amy L. Weber

How's this for crazy: I got engaged, planned a wedding, sold my house, quit my job, and moved to a new city all within 3 months. Hey, we were really in love!


Craziest thing I've ever done? I don't know I am pretty straight laced. I always wished I was a little more on the wild side...kind of like john and willy. I guess the crazies thing I have done would be a car roll-over at 100 mph. While that was crazy, it wasn't my fault, I was the passenger. I told you, I'm really boring!

Janet B

Love your card! I really can't say much about wild and crazy---I'm not that kind of girl...wink wink. Unless you consider how much I stamp, and spend on stamping.....k, let's forget that last part. LOL


The craziest think I have ever done. mmmm... There were a lot of crazy times back in college, most of them unmentionable. :) Recent crazy would be packing up my entire life and leaving friends and family beehind to take a job in another state. It worked out really well though, it's where I met the hubby!


Craziest thing? Too many to list, I'll go with this one though. Moved from the Florida Keys to Guam on about a week's notice. New job. New life. It was amazing.


Too cute!

Sharon in NE

Threw up 21 times after drinking purple passion...no that's WAY too embarassing. Um...I got engaged while my parents were in Europe and they had never even met the guy...and I was living at home! Geesh...that was rude of me. But...27 years later, we're still married, so I guess I did okay.

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