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March 09, 2009



Today is my 18th Wedding Anniversary.....hard to believe! In some ways it seems way longer (guess the 4 years of dating before hand count for something eh?). I can totally relate to what you've said about you and Robert fitting together, quirks and all. John is far from perfect, but I sure wouldn't trade him for the world. He let's me be "me". haha

As far as the card goes.....my life is a circus everyday! Love the color scheme and the Basic Grey.

Sharon in NE

Fun card! Congrats to the winner of Bub and Bitty...love those names.


Oooh. Bad me. Belated Anniversary wishes. 18? Wow. You must be like me and got married at 8 years old. ;)

That sentiment is my favorite because it just fits life to a "T".

Great card.

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