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March 07, 2009



I am ready for the adoption. :) I already have ez-mount for clothing and Promarkers for color. And there are several other birds living in this house so they will have lots of playmates.

Janet B

That horse is just the cutest! Thanks for sharing. Now, on to business--I have decided that I can take on the responsibility of Bubb and Bitty. They'd fit right into the menagerie of a household I have. I'd love to have them join me.

Amy L. Weber

YES I want Bubb and Bitty! They'd look adorable stamped on baby onesies...Thanks for another chance.


I could absolutely provide a forever home to Bubb and Bitty. You see, I already have a few of their siblings at home and I know they would receive tons of attention and have lots of other owls to play with! Grin

Sharon in NE

I could be a very good mommy to them...much better than I've been as a cyber friend. Because I don't go into the cyber world very much any more...sniff sniff...but that's life sometimes. Hey, its my 90 yr old dad and 86 yr old mother who are taking up a huge portion of my free time and get this...their names are "Bob and Betty"...a coincidence? I think not. :D

I would love Bubb and Bitty and ink them and make people happy with them. (I'm talking about the stamps, not my parents.)


Ahh... Bubb and Bitty, are too CUTE... I would be a great new Mommy to them... they will have a nice loving home...

Now about your card, i love the western theme you got going; looks like FUN card! Your creations are starting to grow on me :)


Karrie your card is just to cute and your story is just perfect for the card. It's so sad that Bubb and Bitty are out of control. If they show up over here, I will feed them their favorite food...INK INK INK and more INK. Thanks for a chance.


I already have two empty beds and blankets just their size waiting for them here at my house. Just send them right this way! :)


Bubb and Bitty would definitely be loved and well cared for here in Scottsdale. I have a lovely guest room, they can have it all to themselves. :O)

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